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How to Draw a Clay Jug in 6 Easy Steps

How to draw clay jug in simple step.

Did you know that clay jugs are used by the ancient people because these jugs are used to carry their water or store their food? Now, let’s talk about the benefits of drinking water from a clay jug. The concept of drinking from a clay jug is not new but an old and traditional concept. As we have heard “Old is Gold” and clay jugs are no exception. Storing water from a clay jug help keeps water cool naturally. These are some benefits that we could get if we drink water from the clay jug: It improves metabolism and virility, maintains proper PH balance, prevents sunstroke, and many more.

Scientists also claim that storing water from clay pots is the best way to store water. So if you want to stay cool and healthy, go and draw your own clay jug.

Drawing Clay jug in few simple step.
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper
  • Pencil or Marker


Step 1: Draw the Outline

First step in drawing a clay jug.

Begin your drawing by sketching the outline of the jug’s base, body, and mouth. Start the outline by sketching a vertical line in the middle of your paper. Then, draw two horizontal lines on the upper portion of the vertical line. These lines should cross the vertical line and has an inch distance between the two horizontal lines. Then, another set of two horizontal lines, near the middle part, and lastly add a short horizontal line near the bottom part. 

Step 2: Start the Body

Second step in drawing a clay jug.

The outline will serve as the guide in making the parts of the jug. Start sketching the body from the upper, left horizontal line going down. Then, do the same on the other side. This is the combination of slanting and curved lines. In this case, You can make your shape for your jug but you can also copy the image above. Connect the horizontal below by making a short vertical on the bottom part.

Step 3: Add Details on the Top,  Middle, and the Bottom

Third step in drawing clay jug.

Let’s work on the cover of the jug, draw the oblong shape on the upper portion then, another oblong shape that will overlap with the first oblong. Make sure that the oblong will fit the upper body part of the jug. For the base, draw another oblong shape on the bottom part of the jug. Then, draw the holder of the cover by adding a small circle on the top center part of the cover. The small circle will overlap a little with the upper portion of the cover.  

Step 4: Remove the Lines

Fourth Step in drawing clay jug.

Let’s begin erasing the lines on the bottom part. Erase the lines inside the body of the jug including the vertical line in the middle and the horizontal line. See the reference image for you to be guided of what are the things that you have to erase. 

Step 5: Draw the holder and Spout

Fifth step in drawing clay jug.

In Making the handle, just simply draw a long curved line on the left side of the jug. For the spout, draw a long curved line with a pointed tip. The bottom part of the spout will overlap with the lower right portion of the body. 

Step 6: Finish up!

Sixth step in drawing clay jug.

For the final step, just draw a short curved line inside the long curved line that you’ve drawn for the handle. Then after that,  draw a curved line same as the first curved line for the spout. Make sure that the curved line will overlap with the lower, right portion of the jug. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

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