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How to Draw a Caterpillar in 11 Easy Steps

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Caterpillars are insects that turn into butterflies. This insect has 3 body parts, the Head, Thorax, and lastly the abdomen. It has also two antennae. The head is in front of the body, where we can see the antennae and the eyes. The thorax is in the middle part of the body between the head and the abdomen, and the abdomen is the end tail of the body. 

When we look at the caterpillar, we tend to say that they have many legs, but the truth is they have only 6 legs. The other legs that we saw are what we called proleg or false legs. The prolegs have tiny hooks on the end which help the caterpillar in walking and climbing.  

Caterpillars have a lot of different colors. They usually have the same color as their habitats or home. They try to blend in to protect themselves from the birds or other animals. Most caterpillars are herbivores, which means they only eat plants, including the leaves and the fruit. Caterpillars are found everywhere, on the beach, forest, and more. They live for around 2 weeks or a month before they turn into a butterfly. They don’t even have teeth. They chew from side to side instead of up and down not like other animals.If you love to have your kind of caterpillar, this simple step-by-step tutorial will help you. Please prepare a piece of paper, pencil, eraser, and coloring materials. Are you excited to unlock your new skills?  

Step 1: Start the Head

For step 1, let’s draw the head of your caterpillar. Draw a vertical oval shape on the left portion of your paper. This head looks like an egg of a chicken. You can use drawing materials to get the perfect oval shape.

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Step 2: Draw the Eyes

This time let’s work on the eyes of your caterpillar. Inside the head, upper left and right, draw a circle on both sides. This will serve as your guide in drawing the eyes later. Make sure that the two circles will overlap the edges of the head.

Step 3: Add the Antennae

One of the cutest things about the caterpillar is its antenna. . Which is located on the top of the head of your caterpillar. Now, let’s get started. Draw two diagonal lines, the other diagonal line is extending outward going left and the other is extending outward going right. These two diagonal lines must be 2 inches longer and add circles in each on the top of it.

Step 4: Complete the Facial Features

Let’s add the facial features of our caterpillar. Inside the guide eyes that you’ve drawn earlier, draw a shaded crescent shape in the lower part of the guiding eye. See the given image to be guided. Then for the mouth, draw an inverted letter C facing upward.

Step 5: Start the Thorax

The thorax is part of the caterpillar’s body that is divided into three segments. These segments look like a half-circle or a letter C. Draw two half-circles under the head of your caterpillar. Make sure to connect the half-circle to the head.

Step 6: Draw the Abdomen

Let’s draw another set of half-circles for the abdomen of your caterpillar. Add another half circle on the left lower side of the last half circle that you’ve drawn earlier. Then put another half circle on the upper portion of the last half circle that was made.

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Step 7: Add more Abdomen

Let’s continue adding more segments of the abdomen part of the caterpillar. The abdomen is going upward. So, let’s add another three segments that are going upward. Put the half-circle on the upper part of the last segment that you’ve drawn earlier and add the two-half circle on the upper part of it.

Step 8: Add More Details

This time add two segments are preparation for the next segment going downward. To do this add a half-circle by connecting them to the middle part of the last half circle that you made earlier. Check the step 8 image if we are on the same page.  

Step 9: Add More Details

These three segments are now going downward. Draw a half-circle a little smaller than the previous half circle that you’ve drawn earlier. Again, these segments are going downward. You must draw the half-circle in the lower part of the half-circle that was made before.

Step 10: Complete the Abdomen

Let’s complete the abdomen of your caterpillar. In step 9 we do small segments, now let’s make our segments smaller than we do in the previous step. These segments are still going down and the size of the half-circle going smaller and smaller.

Step 11: Finish up!

Congratulations! Your caterpillar is smiling at you because You’ve unlocked another skill. Now the only thing left is to color your caterpillar. As I’ve said in the introduction, caterpillars have different colors. The colors will depend on their habitats. So, that will serve as your guide in choosing the color for your caterpillar. Enjoy coloring your caterpillar. Be happy!  

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