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How to Draw a Bus in 12 Easy Steps

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One of the things parents and teachers need to introduce to children at a young age are the different forms of transportation. And, when I was young I loved learning about these. I was especially interested in buses since they are the most popular transportation all over the world. Many people who cannot drive cars yet use buses to get around. Buses make it easy for everyone to get where they want to go.

The best thing about buses is that they are composed of easy shapes and this makes them the best starting point for a child to start with art and drawing.

Step 1: Draw the Body

Begin by drawing a long, horizontal rectangle. Just imagine your cereal boxes, Dollar Bills, or even cellphones to have that idea of the rectangular shape. This will be the body of your drawing and will serve as the foundation of all the parts of the bus.

Step 2: Add the Nose

On the right side of your first drawing, add a small rectangle that will serve as the front most part of the bus. This part of the bus houses a lot of important parts of the bus. This part is where your headlights and signal lights are placed. It also has engine parts inside it. 

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Step 3: Blunt the Edges

After creating the first two shapes, we now then add a curve to each pointy edge. This makes our bus look good because it creates a smoother design. We don’t like our vehicle to be a bit pointy and sharp right? So arch them a little.

Step 4: Erase Extra lines

Now that we’re done with the arches, let’s erase the extra lines. We need to emphasize those curves that we wanted to see. So, make sure to erase the pointy edges on our bus. Did you know that these curves do not only help to keep the bus safe for people but also help the bus run faster and steadier? This is actually a very practical design!

Step 5: Add the Wheels

Simply add 2 small circles on the bottom part of the rectangle, make sure they are aligned with one another to make it look pleasant. Also, make sure that half of the circle is overlapping the body of the bus and half of the circle does not.

Step 6: Erase More Lines

Just to make it looks graphic, wipe off extra lines inside those tiny circles. It looks better you’ll see.

Step 7: Add the Driver’s Side Window

Now let’s start making the windows! We do this by adding a square shape that has blunted edges on the head of the bus. Make sure you draw this shape at the upper left corner of the body of the bus. Also, make sure you leave a little bit of space at the edge.

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Step 8: Add the Passenger’s Window

Detail the bus by adding several boxy shapes that will serve as our passenger’s window. Make sure that these boxes are smaller than the first window that we’ve drawn, just like how we see them on the streets. In this tutorial, let’s draw four windows! Place them side by side equally distanced from each other. Also, add a tiny circle inside those wheels to reinforce the hub cap form.

Step 9: Create a Hole for the Wheels

Our wheels cannot circle round and round if the body of the bus gets in the way. So, let’s create a hole for our wheels! Fun fact, long long time ago humans created wheels from cutting large trunks of trees. Some were also made of stone and clay.

Step 10: Attach the Bumpers to the Wheels

Now let’s add more design and accessories to our bus drawing. We do this by adding the bumpers. Start by drawing a short, narrow rectangular shape on both ends of the bus. Again, make sure these shapes are not pointy and sharp to make your bus safe. Because the bumper actually serves as a protection of your bus.

Step 11: Add the Lights

Our bus will never be complete without adding the lights. We do this by creating a tiny curved outline on the lower front and upper back part of your bus. Make sure you don’t forget this part of the bus because it helps your driver see on the front and helps other drivers see your bus at night.

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Step 12: Color it Up!

Colors can be used in your sketches to create a radiant appearance of your artwork, so don’t be afraid to add color to your art. It will definitely look pretty because it is your masterpiece! After that, show it to your family and friends to let them know that you have made a perfectly drawn bus! Congratulations!

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