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How to Draw a Brontosaurus in 12 Easy Steps

Apatosaurus is another name for Brontosaurus. Brontosaurus is a Latin for “Thunder Lizard.” They existed roughly 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic period. Brontosaurus was one of the largest beasts that had lived. Did you know that Brontosaurus is a plant-eater, but they ate the food without chewing it? There are what they called gastroliths in their stomach that was used to digest their food. This creature is slow when it comes to moving because of its weight.

Since you already know the short facts about brontosaurus, this time you will show talent to us by drawing your own brontosaurus.

Step 1: Draw the Head and the Body

Brontosaurus has a small head and a big body. Let’s start with the head, draw a small oblong shape on the upper left portion of your paper. For the body, draw a big oblong shape on the lower portion of your paper. 

Step 2: Draw the Eye Guide

This time we will draw the eye guide of your brontosaurus. On the upper portion of the head, draw a not so big circle on the right side. On the opposite side, draw a circle that is smaller than you draw earlier. This last circle will overlap with the other circle and go beyond the head.

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Step 3: Add Details and Remove Extra Lines

On the lower portion of the head, draw a curved line from the left side to the opposite direction.Then, let’s clean the eye guide by erasing the lines inside it. Again, make sure to erase the extra line inside it.

Step 4: Draw the Eyes and the Mouth

Now, let’s draw the eyes and the mouth of your brontosaurus. Add a shaded crescent shape inside each eye guide that you made earlier. Then, draw a big letter C facing upward on the lower portion of the head.

Step 5: Add the Neck

Brontosaurus has a long neck. Draw a vertical line, from the lower portion of the head going down to the body. On the opposite side, draw another vertical line from the right side of the head going down to the body. If you want a longer neck, you can adjust the body of your brontosaurus. 

Step 6: Add the Tail

Same with the neck, the tail of the brontosaurus is also long because this helps them balance with the long neck. Now, let’s draw the neck on the lower right side of the body. Draw a long curve letter V that has a pointed tip facing upward. Again, you can make the tail longer if you want.

Step 7: Remove Extra Lines

The next thing that we need to do is to remove lines that separate the neck and the tail from the body. Now, erase the lines that separate the tail and neck from the body. Make sure that all those parts must still connected.

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Step 8: Draw the Legs

Now let’s draw the first two legs of the brontosaurus. To draw the leg, draw two vertical lines and then enclosed it with a horizontal line. Draw the first one in the lower-left portion of the body and on the opposite side draw the second leg. 

Step 9: Complete the Legs

Let’s complete the legs by adding the two missing legs in the brontosaurus. In front of the first leg draw another vertical line and enclosed it with a horizontal line. Then, on the second leg, draw another vertical line in front of it and enclosed it with a horizontal line. These two legs must be connected to the first two legs. 

Step 10: Draw the Nails

Adding nails to the feet of the brontosaurus will make your drawing look real. Draw Three connected curved to the bottom part of the first two legs. Then, draw another two curved lines on the second two legs to the bottom part of the legs.

Step 11: Add Details

The body looks so empty so add some details on the back portion of the body. Draw an irregular shape on the back portion of the body. I’ll give you the freedom of how many irregular shapes are you going to draw. Just make sure that it’s still good to look at.

Step 12: Finish up!

We are now on the last step of our tutorial. I want you to pick two or more colors for your brontosaurus. Then color your drawing as beautiful/handsome as you. Great job kiddo!  

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