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How to Draw a Boat in 7 Simple Steps (for Kids)

Final step on how to draw a boat.

How to Draw a Boat

Final step on how to draw a boat.


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Step 1: The Keel and Hull

First step in drawing a boat.

The keel is the bottom of the ship, and it is a lot like its backbone. The hull is the exterior of the boat’s main body, giving the boat room to carry people and goods as well as strength to withstand the high seas. This boat is drawn from a port-side view, or on its left. That means you will draw the hull from the bow to the aft, or the front to the rear. 

Step 2: Add Portholes

Second step in drawing a boat.

Portholes are rugged windows designed for the rough environment of turbulent waters. They typically have a sealing ring and clamps that keep a water-tight seal on the window when it’s shut and give the portholes their recognizable shape. Two circles, one slightly within the other, make a great porthole. Add a large one towards the larger section of the boat with two more in a line towards the ship’s bow.

Step 3: Draw the Bridge

Draw the bridge of the boat.

On a ship, the bridge is the part of the ship where the captain watches the waters and guides the boat. Larger vessels might have a bridge with multiple people working together to keep the ship moving in the right direction. This ship has a smaller bridge that’s shaped roughly like a square with the bottom left side covered by the higher edge of the hull. A narrow rectangle across the top creates a roof, and you can make a door and a window with smaller squares and rectangles.

Step 4: Add a Decorative Cone

Draw the decorative cone.

This ship has a tall, narrow triangle on the back that will help with decorations in future steps. Leave off the tip of the triangle, and add horizontal lines across the triangle from top to bottom.

Step 5: Add Decals to the Bridge

Draw the decals on the boat.

Most ship bridges have small bits sticking out of them, like boxes for electronics or a pipe for ventilating the interior. A few rectangles, one tall and two flat and wide ones laid on top of each other equip this boat with its accessories.

Step 6: Add the Antenna and Flag

Add antenna on the boat.

Many modern boats have tall antennae that allow them to communicate with other ships for miles. Putting a visible flag on top of the tallest part of the ship is another way that they make it easier to spot other ships and avoid any accidents. Start with a straight line coming up from the back end of the bridge’s roof, then draw another line from the top that comes up and towards the first line. Stop before you reach the top to make an open right triangle. Put a flat rectangle horizontally across the top of the open triangle, then add a flag rising from the back of the antenna tower. Add a couple of lines for the support beams, and you’re all done with this step.

Step 7: Display a Banner

Final step on how to draw a boat.

For special events, crews will decorate their boats with extra flair. Draw a line from the bottom of the flag to the cone you drew earlier, creating a top on it. Add a few triangles hanging down to make a fun banner that you can fill in with any color you like. The last step is adding the cap to the cone with a cut oval coming up from the flat top you just made.



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