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Free TOCA BOCA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

In the 21st century, much of the entertainment designed for our children is through digital means. Today, companies compete for our children’s attention using apps, streaming services, TV shows, video games, and movies. One of the most successful digital franchises designed for children is the Toca Boca franchise, which makes apps labeled as ‘digital toys’ for kids. These interactive applications designed for phones and tablets have been thrilling children for over a decade. And, now you can print out some of our Toca Boca coloring pages for your kids and family to provide even more fun for your children that love the digital platform.

Welcome to our collection of free TOCA BOCA coloring pages. Click the Toca Boca pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Some History of Toca Boca

Toca Boca released its first digital toy in 2011. Helicopter Taxi was designed for kids to use their devices and surroundings to help transport people with a helicopter. The game used the device’s camera and the child’s room as part of the play world. And since then, 43 other digital toys have been created, and many more merchandise products and an online digital world. Today, Toca Boca has developed applications that allow kids to be transported into a digital world that meshes with their own. They can have tea parties, run a hair salon, or learn how to dance. It has sold hundreds of millions of applications and has become one of the most popular app services in the world. Toca Boca is owned by Spin Master and is based in Sweden.

Coloring Toca Boca

Our Toca Boca coloring pages showcase many familiar avatars that your children know from the popular digital toys. One of the most recognizable characters from the series is a little girl named Nari. Nari has an incredibly quirky personality, but she is loved by many, her long dark hair almost always covers one of her eyes, and she is usually seen wearing a pink and white sweater. If your kids love Nari, they will look to find her in our collection of Toca Boca coloring pages.

Opposite Nari is the competitive aqua blue-haired Rita. Rita is the second of the two girls that act as the main characters. She is a confident and helpful friend in the Toca Boca universe. And, your children will love coloring her due to her eccentric hair and bright clothes.

Leon is another of the main characters from the Toca Life stories and the first of the two boys. He is a kind young man with pink dreadlocks. However, his hair can only be seen peeking out behind his gray beanie. Leon is a good friend to the other characters, and your kids will love to look for him in the Toca Boca coloring sheets.

Zeke is the final of the four main characters in the Toca Life series. But, he is a confident and fun-loving little boy in the series. Zeke often competes with Rita, but they still enjoy a friendship. He loves to take care of little animals and is very kind to all creatures. Zeke is recognizable due to his blue hair and the cat-shaped hood he regularly wears.

Beyond the four main characters, many of our Toca Boca coloring page collections showcase some popular games and activities kids love to experience in the Toca Life series. Let your children color their favorite characters portrayed in a tea party, or perhaps they will be skateboarding or playing together. Also, many of our pictures showcase recognizable settings, like the school, the city, and the homes of different characters. Your kids will love our collection so much you might just print out your own Toca Boca coloring book. Please peruse our selection today, and print out a wonderful coloring experience for your family.

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