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Free PLAYGROUND Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

For most young children, the playground is a kind of second home. It is a place of fun, excitement, and adventure. It is the first place where they meet other little people their own age, and in an outdoor setting that seems always sunny, bright, and filled with screams, shouts, and laughter. A playground is a place that will engage the imagination of your child. This may translate into their first expression of artistry and reflective thought.

Welcome to our collection of free PLAYGROUND coloring pages. Click the Playground pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every playground coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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If you spend a great of time at the playground, then your child is likely to put what they see in a coloring book. There are many reasons for this, and they are all helpful to your child’s mental growth and development. Here are some of them:

The appeal of outdoor spaces

Most infant children spend a lot of time indoors. The little human being cannot talk, walk or feed itself. It must be nourished constantly and kept safe from the elements. Even those moms who like to maintain an active social life will only take their babies out for an hour or two at a time. Being in a playground is, for most kids, the first time they will spend an extended amount of time outdoors. Although still under the watchful eye of a parent or carer, they will get to run, jump, and breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors.

This experience will be exhilarating. After so many years indoors, surrounded by the familiar and stale features of home, they will be in a kind of unknown wilderness, in the midst of new and interesting objects and people. Such adventure is likely to pre-occupy their minds for some time afterward. This is a good thing because it will get them in the habit of distinguishing one object from another. Naming and identifying things in the world around them will help in the cultivation of your child’s intelligence.

Playmates and friendsKids are highly sociable when they are around other kids.

Seeing kids play together is a wonderful thing to behold. Their minds and hearts are fresh and innocent. They have not yet learned the prejudices and biases of their elders. Your child will make fast friends with their playground playmates. The latter will make a strong impression on their mind. The different playmates that they form strong, if temporary, attachments to will populate their coloring pages.This sort of amateur portraiture of other kids is also important to your child’s development.

It is not only the drawing of other kids; it is the drawing of them in the context of the playground. With such drawings, your kid will take their first steps toward recognizing the common humanity that they share with others. You should also pay close attention to how they remember the faces and expressions of the different kids. If they have captured the slight differences of each child, it is a good sign. It means that they are also taking their first steps toward recognizing the individuality of each person.

GamesPlaygrounds are filled with equipment that kids can jump on, slide down, and crawl through.

But most kids soon become bored with these objects and use the space to play games of their own. These tend to be more fun, and your child will probably draw them in their coloring pages. This is your child’s memory at work. It is natural for them to want to recapture the activity that gave them so much joy and amusement. Making a visual representation of the game helps your child sort out how it all worked: the rules and conventions of the game. This is a good thing in that it helps the development of memory.

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