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Free OLAF Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

I have always looked forward to coloring pages in the frozen series. One of my best characters is Olaf. Such a lovable character is Olaf, a lovable snowman, much loved, I guess by not only me but other fans, for his scene-stealing moments and memorable songs.

Welcome to our collection of free OLAF coloring pages. Click the Olaf pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Welcome to the amazing free Olaf coloring pages for kids. There are great poses and situations featured that I look forward to coloring pages for the snowman. And I will print for free and as many times as I like. When I have finished coloring Olaf on the pages, I will share them on my Facebook and Pinterest pages for others to see and enjoy.

Imagination to Color Different Scenarios

On the first page of my collection of Olaf coloring pages for kids, I have fun doing the activity, and I can do it at high speed. Different character scenes present different moods for fun and imagination. For example, when Olaf is sliding along, it makes you think he must be going down a hill or slope. This is an amazing opportunity to color such a scene. So, I get out my pens and pencils to build a background that showcases where Olaf is having a great time. I like to think of different kinds of settings I can draw and color for a scene.

A Happy and Optimistic Character

I have known Olaf to be a very happy and optimistic character. I, therefore, like to paint the snowman to live up to this reputation. The way the smile comes out and he poses, I think he is singing one of his numbers from the movies. This is an opportunity for me to write some of the lyrics around him.

Another Side of Olaf is Shyness

We all know Olaf to be a really confident character, but I can also color him to be a shy one. My imagination is to create a calm and humble Olaf. I use colors that suit and bring this feeling well. I can use lighter blues drawn with some watercolors or I can use a colored pencil to give the image a lovely soft look.

Coloring Olaf Having Fun In The Summer

Olaf is a snowman, yet he is fascinated by summer. Contrastingly, the summer would not be enjoyable for a snowman. Picture Olaf inside a swimming tub and try to create and color this image. Come up with fun colors to use for the swimming tube he is wearing.

Olaf Coloring Pages Singing a Song

I like coloring the snowman in different postures on my coloring sheets. For example, how about I color him in a posture that suggests he is singing a song. This is also another good image to draw and include some lyrics in. I may include, in addition to the lyrics, my favorite Olaf line, to make it appear even more amazing. You don’t have to go with my idea. If you have something else amazing in mind, you can draw and color to bring out that amazing Olaf from your mind.

Olaf For Santa

When it’s time for Christmas, you can color the snowman wearing a Santa hat, to make for a fun image to look at during the Christmas period.  I would concentrate my imagination on coloring the Santa hat. What colors would you use? In this case, I like some lovely bright red colors to use. It brilliantly warms up the whole image. You can use some kinds of art mediums to finish off a wonderful Christmas Olaf.

Olaf is a Tasty Sweet Treat

How do you create an image of the snowman in a tasty sweet treat? I start by drawing him holding a lollypop and make him appear very excited about the moment. For the coloring of the lollipop, I used a colored pen or a marker with some vibrant, bright colors to make it the focal point of the drawing.

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