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Free GACHA CLUB Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of GACHA CLUB coloring pages for kids. Click the Gacha Club pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Gacha coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What Is Gacha Club?

I’ve seen these little characters all over YouTube, drawn in a chibi anime style. They’re called Gacha Club. But what is Gacha Club? It is a role-playing game that has become the darling of the internet since its release on Android in summer of 2020 by Lunime. Even more popular than the game itself is the character customization. The customization feature offers a variety of traits and props in a wide range of color choices. Animal ears, horns, tails, and wings are other cute features players can put on their characters. The result is a special, one-of-a-kind character. You don’t even have to be much of a gamer to like Gacha Club! However, it helps if you like anime, particularly chibi characters. “Chibi” comes from the Japanese slang word for “small”. A chibi character is usually only somewhere between two or four heads tall. Because this comes with a lot of stylization to fit in such a small area, they’re also known as “super deformed”. The large head and wide eyes on a tiny body make the character look cute and childlike, ideal for funny scenes.

Gacha Club and Art

The game is recommended for players over nine or ten years of age, but anyone can have fun with the coloring pages! These amusing and unique characters open themselves to any and all coloring fun. And you don’t need to stop at crayons! Markers, colored pencils, and even pastels can lend a variety of artistic effects. Got an art program on your computer? The sky’s the limit to what you can do on most of these! You can even add clip art or special effects. The important thing is to have fun while experimenting with your creativity. 

The wide eyes also leave lots of room for being very expressive. If the character is happy, sad, angry or merely unamused, the way the eyes look can really convey that. Gacha Club has nearly a hundred different eye shapes and over 210 hues to choose from. You can even make a character with the very groovy mutation of heterochromia. Some people like to customize the eye color in a paint program. The possibilities of different eyes in Gacha Club are endless!

Hair Color Characteristics

Of course, because Gacha Club characters are based on the anime aesthetic, the hair can be literally any color. Now, I’ve noticed that male hero characters almost always have black hair. (Mamoru Chiba, the male form of Ranma Saotome, Son Goku, and Hideki Motosuwa are prime examples.) Everyone else can have any color of the rainbow as a hair color.

The color is often associated with personality. Redheads tend to be tsundere, snappish and hot-headed on the outside but sweet and loving on the inside. Yellow hair means confident but naïve. Green hair means the person is energetic while blue hair means they’re more introverted. Purple is for characters who are powerful yet elegant. Pink is for cheerful, childlike characters. Hair that’s more than one hue is a bit rare in anime, but if the Gacha character you’re coloring strikes you as a humanoid Rainbow Dash, go for it!

If you’re coloring a character and want her to have an ombré effect on her hair, try using a tortillon. It’s a bit of an advanced coloring technique but you may find it fun to try. Another neat trick is to put a dab of petroleum jelly on your colored pencil for bold, vivid color. For simpler coloring effects that still make interesting textures and blending of colors, try cross-hatching, burnishing, pressure shading, or (if you have the patience) pointillism. Try it all! 

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