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Free FUN Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Are you looking for genius ideas to make your kids coloring pages more fun? Creating fun coloring pages for your kids is no easy feat. It requires you to put your best foot forward and to make sure that they are involved in what you’ve created for them.

Welcome to our collection of free FUN coloring pages. Click the pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

An illustration of two cute bunnies with one painting a large easter egg and another sitting beside a basket.


An illustration of nine easter eggs with cute designs arranged neatly side by side.


Illustration of shining Christmas balls hanging on a Christmas tree.


Illustration of a shocked Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.


An illustration of a young girl sitting on a beach chair and a young boy playing tag with a shark.


Three minions in fur coats singing and playing the guitar on top of the ice with their houses in the background.


Six snowmen on snowy day in pyramid pose on Santa’s sleigh full of gifts.


Luke Skywalker training and carrying old Yoda in his back while jumping over the mossy branches of large trees.


A farmer sweeping and cleaning his farm outside the barnyard.


An illustration of a smiling car wearing a hat and a police car behind him.


An illustration of Spider man saving a man from a speeding car.


Princess Barbie wearing an elegant gown and crown standing on the terrace.


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One of the most fun ways that you can get your kids to love your coloring pages is when you teach them how to color within the lines. You would be amazed to find out why learning this valuable skill is important. Moreover, how it can add a much-needed fun element to your coloring pages. You should keep on reading to find out more. 

Teach Them How to Hold Their Brushes 

The first thing that you should help your child with is to learn how to hold her brush. If you want her to get the feel of which one works best for her needs, you should give her big and small brushes for her to explore. Then you can grab a clear piece of paper to help her create color blobs on it. She’ll understand how to make big and small blobs. In addition, using the big brushes helps her learn how to effectively color within her marked space even with a larger tool. 

Improve Hand Strength and their Coordination 

The fact of the matter is that improving your child’s painting skills rests mainly on her hand strength and coordination. It’s crucial for you to help her out with this. Including different activities such as grasping a ball or pinching smaller objects should be beneficial for her. You should consider giving her different types of objects such as spray bottles to help her improve her hand strength. Don’t be worried about her hurting herself. Sometimes, you’re just being too cautious, and she can handle most of the things that you think she can’t. 

Use Images with Large Borders 

The thing is, you should encourage her to see coloring as something that’s easy and fun to do. To motivate her, you should consider using images that have big borders. This should help her to understand that she has to color within the lines to get the images correct. As her skills get better, you should motivate her to color within the lines of images that have thinner borders. 

Don’t Forget Variety

If you want her to have fun with her coloring pages, you should always include variety in everything that she does. You should also get her involved so that she can choose what she feels best suits her needs. When you help her choose the tools that she wants, she should be encouraged to learn more about managing her coloring skills. She’ll also learn what best promotes what she is trying to achieve. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

The best way for her to master what you’re trying to teach her is to get her to color as many fun coloring pages as she can. At first, you can show her the different ways that she can color in. As time goes on, you should encourage her to do it on her own as often as she can. If you want her to hone her coloring skills, you should remember that practicing is what should help her become better at what she does. 

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