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Free BLIPPI Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Hi there! Ever heard of Blippi? I’m hundred percent sure you’ve watched the YouTube sensation. Many parents love this guy because of his fun-packed educational videos. He has millions of followers, and you could be one of them. What do you think of his signature clothing? Bright colors, a bowie, and glasses. Cool, right?  But who’s this fellow with a huge following?

Welcome to our collection of free BLIPPI coloring pages. Click the Blippi pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Blippi coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Who Is Blippi, AKA Stevin John?

The real name of Blippi is Stevin John. Are you surprised why his videos are top-notch? Maybe not. He’s a specialist in content creation and branding. Stevin created Blippi videos to make learning exciting, fun, and memorable. 

You might also have noticed that many of his YouTube videos show construction equipment, parks, and farms. Why? He spent his childhood days in a tiny town with many farm animals, like horses and cows. Stevin also saw many tractors in his hometown while growing up.

What Was Blippi’s Job Before He Became Famous?

What do you think was Blippi’s former work before he started Blippi? Stevin was a military man before he concentrated on digital content creation. He worked in the United States Air Force as a C-’17 Loadmaster under the 4th Nuclear Airlift Squadron. Soon after leaving the army, Stevin relocated to Los Angeles. That’s where he started to focus on his passion. While Stevin was still in the military, he thought pursuing a career as a fighter pilot was the best. But Stevin soon realized he wasn’t cut for the job.

How Did Blippi Start His Educational Videos?

What made Blippi so successful and a popular educational YouTube channel for kids and adults alike? Stevin was inspired by a shortage of top-quality educational videos for children. At one time, he noticed that his sister watched YouTube, but the videos didn’t have good info for kids, specifically on animals, diggers, and tractors. Because of this, Stevin set out to create super programs for children through Blippi. In January 2014, he posted his first video as Blippi while wearing a blue and orange cap. Guess who made his costume? His mom.

Hundreds of parents and kids enjoy Blippi videos. They teach them different colors and provide plenty of info on construction equipment in a fun way. Kids can even sing about diggers, “I’m an excavator,” as they see the videos. Another reason adults love Blippi programs is that they entertain their little ones.

However, before Blippi was Stevin John, he used to post videos under Steezy Grossman. He later changed his name to Stevin John via the courts due to a lousy video he posted on the net. It went viral, but many people didn’t like the video, so he pulled it down. 

Is Blippi a Rich Guy?

Is Blippi very rich? It seems he’s living well because of the hundreds of followers supporting him. Stevin also makes money through licensing, revenue from ads, and selling some of his products.

Free Printable Blippi Coloring Pages

What a fantastic story of Blippi, AKA Stevin John! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the brilliant Blippi coloring pages, too.  Kids of all ages, including older children, will have lots of fun illustrating their beloved characters.

Blippi coloring pages are perfect for creative expression and color recognition. Children only need colorful crayons and markers to produce unique drawings. They can organize their art into a coloring book.

The illustrations have plenty of fun activities, such as: 

  • Mazes
  • Animals
  • Monster truck coloring page
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