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Free AMERICAN FOOTBALL Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Children have very impressionable minds. The first sounds and sights that they experience are likely to stick with them in the short and long term. Sports are a large part of many American households. To the mind of a child, the different sports seasons bring similar sounds but quite different forms of action and feeling.

Welcome to our collection of AMERICAN FOOTBALL coloring pages for kids. Click the Football pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Football coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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American football is a fall sport. It is associated with the turning and falling of leaves, the putting on of coats, scarves, and gloves, and the playing field itself. The latter is long and flat, and the players seem to always be in a series of hurdles that are interspersed with the most rigorous movement.

If you and your family attend high school football games, you should not be surprised if your child is affected by all that they see. In fact, such an event may be the first major encounter they have with society in their young life. Most children are mostly sheltered when they are infants. Their every need is catered to, and they are kept safe from the elements waiting outdoors. When they are ready to make their way into the wider world, they will be inclined to record the things that they see in the form of a drawing.

You should encourage this activity. Getting your child a coloring book will allow them to express themselves. If the first things they fill their coloring pages with are scenes from American football, that is a good thing. Here are some reasons why.

1. They will gain a love for the sport

Not every child—as much as their parents may want them to—will grow up to be a football star. But one need not have any athletic ability at all to appreciate the game. The athleticism, the toughness, the teamwork, the sheer entertainment value of the sport make it worth watching. Perhaps as your child grows into adulthood they will learn to love and appreciate other things. Football may not become less and less important to them as they mature. But it is good to find activities that the entire family can participate in and enjoy. The more your child re-creates scenes from football games in their coloring book, the more likely they will take an interest in the game—at least in the short term.

2. A chance to spot talent early

An American football game is unlike any other scene your child is likely to encounter. If you take them to the playground or have friends and family over from time to time, they may draw their impressions from these events as well. In most instances, the places and people are familiar and the scenes are simple enough to re-create.

A football game is something altogether different. It is filled with a multitude of people. There are fans screaming and cheering on both sides. The scene is also filled with cheerleader squads, bands, coaches, and other groups that are part of the game. Then there are the players on the field. The various plays that are executed, the blocking, tackling, throwing of the ball, running toward the in-zone—these all constitute the action of a game.

If you discover that your child is able to capture these people, groups, and events in some aesthetically refined and pleasing detail, you may have a natural artist on your hands. In that instance, you should encourage this talent by giving them even more coloring books.

3. General mental development

An American football game is noisy and very busy. Encouraging your child to color in their drawing book during or even after a game will do wonders for the cultivation of their mind. No matter when they draw what they see, they will have to choose details and features that they find most significant.

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