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Free FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL coloring pages. Click the First Day of School pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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That first day of school can be so nerve-wracking for a young child. I know my little girl was so worried about going to school for the first time. The night before the big day, we packed her school bag with all the things she would need, and we chose what she would wear to school. She sat on the bed, looking so worried and sad. 

Whenever I feel worried or sad, I like to color to take my mind off the drama and just relax. So I called my little girl over, and we sat and colored together. 

The First Day of School 

I chose a really easy page to color, and it was just what she needed. This page by is brilliant. The balloons and lovely pencils remind me of joy and happiness. We enjoyed coloring these in bright colors, and I encouraged my daughter to choose all the colors that she loves. I knew that she would get to do loads of coloring at school as they helped her learn about colors, space, and shapes. My elder daughter is already in grade three, and she is much happier to go to school, but she also loves coloring, so we chose this image by for her. The details are a little finer, so she has to use pencils to color with, but she loves the happy girl and the beautiful school. I can hear her humming as she colors, and I feel so proud of both my girls while they color. These two coloring pages remind me of my first day of school all those years ago, and I can’t help but smile at the memory. 

At School Coloring Pages

I know that being in a new school can be frightening, so I pack some extra treats and some great coloring pages to keep my little girl busy on her first day. I have always managed to make some great friends over a lovely coloring page, so I include a few excellent options for her. This one by is ideal for that first day. She can use bright colors, and she can write down the names of her new friends in the blank spaces too. I am so confident that she will love this that I include a few extra copies to share with her new friends too. My oldest daughter will miss her pet cat terribly while at school, so when I saw this coloring page by I knew I had to print it for her. When she colors the little girl and the beautiful cat, she will feel less lonely and sad. It’s like taking her own cat with her to school and having the best day possible. By coloring this page, my daughter will develop the confidence that this little girl has on the coloring page. 

Taking the Bus to School

Sadly, I have to return to work soon, and then the girls will have to take the bus to school each morning. My eldest is happy with riding on the bus as many of her friends also take the bus, but my youngest is scared. I found this fun coloring page to help her deal with the fear of taking the bus to school. The design is so friendly and happy, and I love the way the children are all smiling on the bus. The bus almost seems to dance as the coloring page celebrates those first few bus rides to school. I encourage my daughter to use vivid colors like yellow, red, and blue to color the bus, and I love the end result. 

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Coloring Pages

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