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Free DORA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Our free Dora the Explorer coloring pages collection and complimentary coloring book provide your child with hours of creative artistic crafts. This website offers each Dora the Explorer coloring picture or page as a PDF download, or you can print the coloring sheet. This article contains a few pointers on how to color Dora coloring pages and offers ideas for crafts that integrate your coloring page projects.

Welcome to our collection of free DORA coloring pages. Click the Dora pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Dora coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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It would seem monotonous using only the color blue or red for Dora’s coat or backpack, but creatively coloring the Dora the Explorer character also works. These Dora coloring pages may take up the entire page with one large Dora figure or the coloring page may contain Dora the Explorer exploring nature or engaging with one of her friends or playing ball. The pictures may show them with animals, playing or dancing to music, or playing games, such as soccer or a video game.

Our Dora the Explorer coloring pictures provide an ideal starting point for coloring for children, since they don’t provide a challenge for them. This lets them learn to color within the lines and hues and shades of color families.

The larger the selection of colors in the crayon box, the better, so they can color Dora’s clothing differently each time. She and her friends also explore many locations, including cities, jungles, prairies, forests, etc. Help your child learn what a jungle looks like by watching travel videos together on YouTube. Some Dora the Explorer coloring page printables feature vines or trees as backgrounds, while others use flowers or geometric designs.

Crayons aren’t required. Oil pastel sticks, colored pens, colored pencils, oil paints, watercolors, or watercolor markers also work well. The latter three choices provide a painted coloring page result. Use glitter pens and glitter glue to add motion trails or a shimmering effect to highlight certain areas of the area Dora explores.

While glitter or glitter glue won’t blend, when using oil pastels or wax crayons, use a stomp to blend the colors. The term stomp refers to a one or two-inch square piece of white drawing paper used to blend waxy. Place the stomp on the wax colors and move it slowly back and forth.

To blend watercolors, dip a clean paintbrush into clean water to dampen it. Blend the watercolors by painting over them.

When your child colors or paints a particularly cute Dora the Explorer coloring page, mount the picture on a poster board to preserve it. Apply decoupage and let it dry to protect the colors and ensure they do not run. The artwork is ready for hanging or framing once the decoupage dries.

These Dora the Explorer printables come as individual coloring pages or as a coloring book with multiple coloring pages. Have fun with these pages by adding other materials to them, such as glitter, glitter glue, stickers, small buttons, or yarn. Other options include adding bird feathers or leaves found in the yard, small pebbles found in the stream, or seashells from the seashore. You can add these natural elements to a Dora coloring printable with a beach, forest, or jungle background.

Visit this page again to download more of these free Dora the Explorer coloring pages or download the free Dora the Explorer coloring book we also offer.

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