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Free DESSERTS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free DESSERTS coloring pages. Click the Desserts pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Most dessert coloring pages offer a challenging project for older children, teens, and adults. These printable coloring sheets leave a lot of room for creativity since desserts can take on nearly any color due to food coloring.

While our desserts coloring book doesn’t require specific colors, it does use complex shapes and patterns. The drawings on these coloring pages provide detailed line drawings of cheesecake, multi-layer cakes, fondues, cream puffs, ice cream and ice cream treats, cupcakes, and cookies.

A chocolate chip cookie needs a few colors – just dark brown, tan, and medium brown for shadows. Coloring a multi-layer wedding cake requires many colors and hues though – pink, white, cream, blue, and yellow, typically. Some of these coloring pages feature just one picture on them, while others feature many small desserts on a page. The latter proves more challenging to color since it requires fine motor skills. You can use more colors on those pages though since they provide a wider range of desserts and may vary the sizes of the pictures.

The intricacy of these coloring pages lends itself to any media – crayons, watercolors, colored pens, colored pencils, watercolor markers, or oil pastels. These sheets, once printed, mount well-using decoupage to allow preservation of particularly nice artwork.

Because desserts show texture, adding other items to the picture can create a more realistic art piece that catches the light with glitter glue or sequins applied with a glue gun. Adding actual cake sprinkles to a picture of a cupcake or ice cream cone can add a 3-D element.

Printing these artworks doesn’t require using white paper every time. Depending on the printer used and its inks, these coloring pages can print to a pastel or neon printer paper, construction paper, cardstock, or roll-fed printer paper with a butcher paper consistency.

Also available for download as .pdf files, you can import these files into a graphic program to color electronically. Once downloaded and converted to .jpg, these files will import to any paint program, such as PaintShop Pro, Corel Draw, or GIMP. Use the unlimited colors available and the ability to make gradients and use special effects to create exotic art out of these dessert coloring pages.

A few ideas include a plaid cheesecake, a paisley ice cream, striped frosting on a cake, or tie-dye muffins. A paint program can free your imagination by putting within reach any idea of which you can think. Importing these coloring pages also lets you change the size of the art. You can use the ratio settings in PaintShop, Draw, and GIMP to re-size the file so you can create a poster of the coloring page. This provides larger pieces to color and more of a challenge. It can also result in a large-sized artwork suitable for framing.

Larger-sized art prints, such as a poster print, require a larger printer. Most people don’t own a printer this size, but you can find copy shops and architectural printer companies that can print these posters on sheet printers, the type of printer, also called a plotter, that maps and house plans get printed using.

Download one or all of the coloring pages available from our website. We offer each desserts coloring page separately or you can download a dessert coloring book in .pdf format from our website. Also, explore the coloring pages we offer. We cover many topics, from Disney-themed coloring pages with characters like Ariel and Nemo to geometric designs and mandalas. You can find projects for your children or for the adults who enjoy coloring as a hobby in your household.

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