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9 Different Types of Tape for Kids’ Crafts

Washi tapes in assorted colors and patterns.

Tape is probably one of the most widely used items for crafts as well as everyday life ever invented. But have you ever stopped to think about all the different types of tape available for kids’ crafts?

There are many types of tape, from basic to decorative and everything in between. There are even some kinds of tape that can be used for crafts that you may not even consider. We will walk you through all of the different types of tape for kids’ crafts. 

Different Types of Tape for Kids’ Crafts

Cloth Tape

Whaline 6 Colors Neon Gaffer Cloth Tape, Fluorescent UV Blacklight Glow in The Dark Tape for UV Party (0.6 inch x 16.5 feet)

This type of tape is made from fabric or cloth. In general, this type of tape is used for medical reasons. It is usually found in hospitals, medical clinics, and doctor’s offices. This tape is strong, but it is easy to remove as needed.

This type of tape is used to secure bandages and gauze. This type comes in different widths from 3/4 inches to 2 inches and is found in rolls. 

Cloth tape tears easily to make it easy to get the size you need. It does not contain rubber latex; it is breathable and comfortable. In addition to being used for medical reasons, cloth tape is widely used for crafts.

It can be used for sewing, general crafts, book-binding, and marking fabric. In addition, cloth tape is used by construction, plumbers, and electricians. This tape is waterproof and comes in a variety of colors. 

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  • It is waterproof 
  • It does not contain latex


  • May not adhere to your project

Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape for Walls - Heavy Duty Removable Mounting Tape - Strong Adhesive, Washable and Reusable - Wall Tape for Picture Photo Carpet Decoration - Poster Tape Roll 17ft, 1 inch


Double sided tape is versatile and is used by everyone from professionals to kids. This tape is designed to stick on both sides of the tape. Double sided tape is ideal for scrapbooking and when you want to stick an item to a page without covering the entire paper, like with scrapbooking. 

Double sided tape comes in two basic styles. The first has a more permanent adhesive to it on both sides. This is the basic type of adhesion and what many people commonly call or expect Scotch tape to do.  

The other type of double sided tape has less adhesive on one side. This makes it easy to remove. This type of double sided tape is ideal for hanging items, such as prints or posters, on the wall. You can easily remove it without causing damage to the wall. 

Double sided tape may be transparent or foam. The clear version is what you usually expect from tape. The foam version is puffy and consists of foam. It provides cushioning while sticking to walls or other items. It can also give your craft project a 3D effect. 


  • Easy to remove whenever you want
  • Affordable tape option


  • It is not able to withstand all temperatures

Duct Tape

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver

Duct tape is an incredibly strong and versatile adhesive tape that is waterproof and all-purpose. It can be used for so many uses and projects. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

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It even has designs on it. So it is easy to find the perfect duct tape for your project. 

There was a time, however, when duct tape only came in silver. We can all remember the duct tape from when we were young. Then, it was silver, extra sticky, and hard to cut. Duct tape has come really far since then. 

Duct tape is flexible, making it perfect for any project. You can use it to cover books, make ornaments, wallets, flowers, and much more. It can also be used for just about anything around the house, fixing leaks in a boat, making dollhouse furniture, and covering up holes in shoes.

This is an inexpensive way to make just about any type of repair. 


  • Flexible, versatile, and fun
  • Affordable


  • It may stick to items you do not want it to

Adhesive Tape

XFasten Double Sided Adhesive Scrapbook Runner Tape Roller, 0.3-inch by 360-Inch, 8-Pack, Permanent Adhesive Dots Roller Applicator, Acid-Free and Archival Safe Scrapbooking Tape

This is one of the most common types of tape. However, it is critical that you understand that even though these common and different brands may look the same, they are not all the same. 

Scotch tape is commonly used to refer to all clear adhesive tape that is used for common everyday use. However, it is not quite accurate to use this term because Scotch is a brand and is only a particular kind of tape. All Scotch tape is adhesive tape, but not all adhesive tape is Scotch. 

Adhesive tape can be anywhere from 3/4 inch to 3 inches wide. It is typically sold in rolls. You can use only the amount you need and save the rest for another time. You can find it glossy, matte, transparent, and double sided. 

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Adhesive tape is one of the least expensive versions of tape you can find. You can use it to wrap gifts, tape paper together, tape a rip in your paper, or do various crafts. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to use


  • Some options do not stick as well as others

Masking Tape

Amazon Basics Masking Tape - 0.7 Inch x 180 Feet - 3 Rolls

Masking tape is also called painter’s tape. It can be used for a wide variety of uses. While painter’s tape is typically blue, you can find it in several colors. Masking tape is thin and pressure-sensitive. It is made from paper and is incredibly easy to rip. 

When you want to remove the masking tape, it comes off quickly and easily. Some of the ways you might use masking tape include when painting an area. Masking tape helps you mark off the areas you do not want to paint.

Once the paint is dry, you pull off the tape to reveal the area left unpainted. Masking tape will not mark up the walls or pull off the existing paint. 

Masking tape pulls off of the surface quickly and, therefore, should not be used for a permanent need. Masking tape, however, is ideal for labeling supplies, food, and other items. For example, you can use it to hang streamers for a party or to make an outline on the floor.  


  • Easy to use
  • Does not leave marks
  • Versatile 


  • Not intended to be permanent 

Decorative Tape

60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, Washi Masking Decorative Tapes for Christmas DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive School/Party Supplies

Decorative tape can be any type of tape that has been designed or decorated. It could be painter’s tape, masking tape, duct tape, or any other tape you prefer. This type of tape has varying designs and colors.

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Duct tape, for example, comes with various designs such as footballs, flowers, polka dots, animals, and much more. 

Decorative tape is perfect for any arts and crafts project. For example, it can be used for decorating, making artificial flowers, picture frames, and wreaths. It can make anything exciting and stand out. 


  • It can be any type of tape
  • Works for any project


  • It may not be the best tape for your needs

Electrical Tape

SoundOriginal Electrical Tape Colors 6 Pack 3/4-Inch by 30 Feet, Voltage Level 600V Dustproof, Adhesive for General Home Vehicle Auto Car Power Circuit Wiring Multicolor(30Ft MUL)

Electrical tape is used by electricians to insulate and cover wiring, as well as other electrical items. This type of tape is made from vinyl, plastic, or fiberglass cloth.

Electrical tape stretches and insulates well; it is efficient and lasts a long time. It comes in different colors that are coded for a specific area, such as black, red, orange, yellow, brown, green, green with yellow stripes, white, and gray. 

The color of electrical tape signifies its use, such as high voltage, low voltage, isolated ground, or Phase A. No matter where you purchase the tape or the brand, the colors always mean the same things. 

While electrical tape is excellent at insulation and prevents short-circuiting, it also has other uses. For example, it can tie together loose wires, mark positions on a stage, and protect hands from blistering. It can also be used for crafts. 


  • It stretches and tears easily
  • It insulates and protects wires


  • It can degrade over time

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Squares - Flexible Magnetic Sheet of 90 Self Adhesive Magnetic Squares (each 4/5" x 4/5") - Sticky Magnets - Magnetic Tape is Ideal Alternative to Magnetic Strip, Stickers and Magnetic Roll

Magnetic tape was originally sold in reels but now can be found as cartridges and cassettes.

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This type of tape is constructed from plastic and used for storing information. For example, there is a magnetic tape that stores data, such as video from the security camera in an office. However, there is also another type of magnetic tape. 

It is used for labeling just about anything you want. It is white on one side and magnetic on the other. This allows you to write on the white side and then stick that magnetic side to anything you would like to label, such as a storage box, sign, or any other metal object. 

Magnetic tape comes in a broad range of shapes, thicknesses, and widths. In addition, the magnetic tape is flexible and coated for additional strength. 


  • They are magnetic
  • Flexible and versatile 


  • Have limited use 

Washi Tape 

Cute 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Thin Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Paper Tape for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping Planner

Washi tape is a tape that is multi-purpose and a type of masking tape. It can be used on journals, artwork, cards, and more. Washi tape is the perfect tape to decorate paper by making borders or using it directly as masking tape.

In addition, Washi tape is great for scrapbooking. It can be used as an embellishment or as tape to hold down other pieces. 

This type of tape is made from traditional Japanese paper that is intended to be decorative. This thin tape is made from natural fibers that may include bamboo and hemp. It is affordable and comes in a large number of patterns and colors.

It can stick to any surface, such as metal, plastic, and wood. It can be removed without causing damage to the surface. You can use it to create art on the walls in a place where you cannot put anything permanent on the walls. 

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  • Affordable
  • Ideal for scrapbooking
  • It does not damage the surface


  • It does not hold things in place permanently
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