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22 Different Types of Remote Control Cars for Kids

Close-up of a remote control truck outdoors.

A child’s imagination is often not satisfied unless challenged, and the right RC car can do just that! My kids can’t get enough of their RC cars and enjoy playing with them at the beach. If you’re interested in buying one, let me show you the types of remote control cars for kids!

Indoor RC Cars, Off-Road, Buggy, Racing, Drifting, Monster Truck, two-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, Stun Cars, Rovers, All-terrain, Rock-Crawler, High-Speed, Formula One, Inexpensive cars are types of remote control cars for kids. Each one has been designed to traverse a specific kind of terrain.

Every type of remote control car has particular strengths and operates more effectively in certain conditions. Find out features like battery life, style, and purpose so that you can make the most informed purchase!

Indoor Remote Control Cars for Kids

Growsland Remote Control Car, RC Cars Xmas Gifts for Kids 1/18 Electric Sport Racing Hobby Toy Car Yellow Model Vehicle for Boys Girls Adults with Lights and Controller

Click image for more info

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The Growsland Super Car’s sleek, futuristic aerodynamic shape will appeal to children. The vehicle is easy to handle and reacts effectively on most interior surfaces at speeds up to 8-10 miles per hour (carpet, too). It boasts a realistic and powerful engine that gives you the feeling of driving a genuine racer.

There are two easy-to-use joysticks on the remote control, and it has a good range. The automobile is built of scratch-resistant, durable materials. Even after collisions, the shiny exterior holds up admirably. Its durability makes it an excellent match for indoor use, where there are many tables, chairs, and overhead obstacles.

The automobile is ideally suited for interior use and is equipped with functional headlights that turn on automatically when the vehicle is moved ahead. Best of all, it’s the ideal present for children of all ages because it looks so cool that kids would put it up as a display when no longer using it for playing.

Off-Road Remote Control Cars for Kids

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX - 4WD Monster Truck - 1/10 Scale - RTR - Red

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Because of its large monster truck wheels, the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX stands high off the ground, making it ideal for off-road excursions. The Volcano EPX can scale practically any obstacle, such as boulders or thick grass, making it a fun car to drive on a hiking route or in your garden.

It takes a lot to tip this vehicle over, despite its high center of gravity. It makes its way over the challenging terrain slowly but steadily. It can reach a peak speed of 19 miles per hour, which isn’t especially fast. However, its trade-off lies in losing speed to gain raw power.

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Its components are powered by a 7.2v 2000mAh NiMH battery that is rechargeable and protected within the car’s housing. The truck’s wheels and suspension take the brunt of the abuse, so you won’t have to worry about the electronics inside when the car rolls or flips over on its sides (or when the dog gets ahold of it).

Buggy Remote Control Cars for Kids

GoolRC WLtoys 124019 RC Car, 1/12 Scale 2.4GHz Remote Control Car, 4WD 60km/h High Speed Racing Car, Off-Road Buggy Drift Car RTR with Aluminum Alloy Chassis, Zinc Alloy Gear and 1 Battery

Click image for more info

If you’re looking specifically for a buggy, look no further than the multi-purpose WLToys 144001 Off-Road High-Speed Drift Buggy. This buggy is a four-wheel-drive vehicle with a strong 550 motor spinning at 20000 RPM with a 60A Electronic Speed Control. Despite being a buggy, it doesn’t disappoint in the speed department!

It receives a substantial torque increase for racing and is easy to manage because it is a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It includes a 7.4V Lithium battery and a long operating life, allowing you to complete a race. Furthermore, the anti-jamming 2.4GHz Radio System allows it to maintain consistent speeds across a 100-meter control distance.

Its powerful components not only make it a durable pick for collisions, but it works flawlessly on harsh and uneven surfaces like stones, gravel, the beach, and bumpy roads. Since it works with electricity, it is better suited for kids a little older, aged between ten and thirteen years old.

Racing Remote Control Cars for Kids

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car with 7.2V 2000mAh Battery, 2.4GHz Radio and BL10315 Body (1/10 Scale), Metallic Blue

Click image for more info

Traxxas has done an excellent job of recreating Ford’s beautiful GT for the RC market. The attention to detail is incredible, with injection-molded exhaust tips and taillights, reproduction wheels, and aggressive tread patterns on the tires. There are three classic hues to choose from Liquid Blue, Liquid Red, and Liquid Grey.

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The vehicle is ready to race out of the box, but you’ll need to purchase a battery and charger separately. On the other hand, the Ford GT can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour when fully charged, and the TQiTM 2.4GHz Radio System provides precise control and comfort. It is a superb RC vehicle if you’re searching for a street racer.

The Redcat Racing EPX Drift is another fantastic RC racing car that also serves as a drifting car. With a peak speed of 15 miles per hour, the slick-looking four-wheel-drive remote control car includes smooth rear wheels and a lightweight plastic chassis for effortless drifting and recovery.

Best Remote Control Cars for the Beach

1:10 Scale Large RC Cars 50+ kmh Speed - Boys Remote Control Car 4x4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric - Hobby Grade Waterproof Toys Trucks for Kids and Adults - 2 Batteries + Connector for 40+ Min Play

Click image for more info

The Laegendary high-speed remote control vehicles for kids and even adults are equipped with two Li-Po 7.4V 1600mAh rechargeable batteries and a unique double battery adapter that allows them to operate for up to 40 minutes per use. It is ideal for beach settings because you don’t want to be in the sun longer than 40 minutes.

This off-road, 4×4 truck is waterproof and comes completely assembled and ready to operate right out of the box. Furthermore, it comes with two built-in solid motors. It can attain speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest remote control cars for its type.

Remote Control Cars for Camping

1:12 Scale Large RC Cars 36+ kmh Speed - Boys Remote Control Car 2WD Off Road Monster Truck Electric - All Terrain Waterproof Toys Trucks for Kids and Adults - 2 Batteries + Connector for 35+ Min Play

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While it is too complicated for younger children and too essential for serious RC vehicle collectors, it delivers excellent performance for the price. It’s sturdy enough to survive a beating, and it’s capable of reaching high speeds on both dirt and pavement. This model is capable of reaching a top speed of around 20 miles per hour.

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Furthermore, the batteries can be recharged in the car, which means you won’t have to replace them as often. You’ll be able to use the Laegendary Off-Road vehicle for longer lengths of time because it comes with two batteries, but you’ll only be able to use it for 40 minutes at a time; the batteries also take a reasonable amount of time to charge.

When paired with the ample metal shock suspension, the big wheels can clear some significant obstacles on any terrain. Headlights are a lovely touch but don’t expect them to provide much illumination on gloomy evenings. The pistol grip remote is responsive and provides a sensation of control.

Drift Remote Control Cars for Kids

BESWIT Remote Control Car GT Drift Car RC Sport Racing Car Hight Speed Drift Vehicle1/14 RC Car for Adults Kids Gifts, 4WD RTR Vehicle with LED Lights, Two Batteries and Drift Tires + Racing Tires

Click image for more info

The BESWIT Remote Control Car GT Drift Car is perfect for kids who enjoy the “coolness” factor. Because of its PVC exterior, it is incredibly stable. It’s constructed of a color-changing substance that changes from blue to purple when exposed to light.

The front and backlights, which are very bright LED lights, are meant to seem like they belong on a genuine automobile. It also comes with four racing tires and four drift tires, which can be disassembled and swapped out, making it easy to use in various terrains.

The Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car is another great remote control drifting car for kids. For U-Turn-shaped drifts and Figure 8 drifts, this drift car is operated by a 2.4G remote control that can be guided in numerous directions. The sensitive controls and triggers combine for a thrilling experience!

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Monster Truck Remote Control Cars for Kids

DOUBLE E RC Cars Remote Control Car 1:12 Off Road Monster Truck for Boy Adult Gifts ,2.4Ghz All Terrain Hobby Car with 2 Batteries,4WD Dual Motors LED Headlight Rock Crawler

Click image for more info

This DOUBLE E Off-Road Monster Truck Remote Control Car is difficult to top. Its 4-wheel-drive provides excellent handling, straightforward functionality, and a budget-friendly price tag for aspiring remote control vehicle fans. It includes a USB-rechargeable battery pack and excellent battery life (expect it to keep rolling for 40 minutes).

This four-wheel-drive truck is more extensive than most to immerse youngsters in action. It also comes equipped with shock absorbers to tackle any terrain and massive anti-skid tires for climbing slopes and obstacles at a 45-degree angle.

2WD Remote Control Cars for Kids

BEZGAR 17 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car, 2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Two Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

Click image for more info

BEZGAR 17 Remote Control Car is a durable and cost-effective option. The remote control car’s whole chassis is composed of ABS plastic, while the main body is aluminum alloy. All of these characteristics improve the truck’s crash resistance, allowing it to last longer.

Its powerful built-in motor can achieve speeds of up to 12 miles per hour at maximum speed. This RC car’s consistent performance makes it an excellent toy for boys and girls aged eight and above, and even adults will have a great time with it!

4WD Remote Control Cars for Kids

ARRMA RC Car 1/8 Typhon 6S V5 4WD BLX Buggy with Spektrum Firma RTR (Ready-to-Run), Black and Red, ARA8606V5

Click image for more info

The Arrma Typhon 6S V4 4WD BLX Buggy is a powerful remote control vehicle. If you have a fleet of remote control vehicles, you should park them along the curb and allow this speed demon to pass.

Few other alternatives on the market can equal a high speed of 70 miles per hour; however, you’ll need to add a 6S LiPo battery and optional pinion gear, both of which are available separately, as well as the charger, to get there.

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The Typhon buggy from Arrma is designed to take a beating, with a front brace that can withstand high-velocity collisions and Spektrum components including a 2050Kv brushless motor, a three-channel radio a metal-geared digital servo.

Remote Control Stunt Cars for Kids

Remote Control Car, ORRENTE RC Cars Stunt Car Toy, 4WD 2.4Ghz Double Sided 360° Rotating RC Car with Headlights, Kids Xmas Toy Cars for Boys/Girls (Green)

Click image for more info

The Orrente Stunt Car is great if you seek an RC car that can do more than just drive around. It’s intended for youngsters aged 6 to 12, and while it won’t appeal to most kids, it’s inexpensive, well-made, and does some impressive tricks.

It differs from other remote-control vehicles in that it can drive independently on either side, allowing you to turn it over, twist it, and drive it over nearly any terrain.

Land Rover Remote Control Cars for Kids

RASTAR Licensed Range Rover Evoque Electric RC Car 1:14 RTR (Colors May Vary) Authentic Body Styling

Click image for more info

The Range Rover Sport RC Car is a stunning replica of the actual thing! Working xenon-style LED headlights, adjustable wheel alignment, and complete spring suspension are all included. The controller is simple to use and may be operated from a distance of up to 82 feet.

The remote control features a 2.4GHz frequency, allowing you to race without interference, which is impossible on the usual 27Mhz and 40Mhz frequencies. The remote control vehicle requires five AA batteries, and the remote control requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

Super Remote Control Cars for Kids

BEZGAR Remote Control Car Licensed RC Series, 1:24 Scale Remote Control Lambor Aventador SVJ Electric Sport Racing Hobby Toy Car Model Vehicle for Boys,Girls,Teens and Adults Gift (Orange)

Click image for more info

RASTAR X BEZGAR For any child, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is one of the most excellent remote-control cars! It only travels at 4 miles per hour, but you wouldn’t expect much more given its low price. Because it uses AA batteries rather than lithium cells, it has significantly less power.

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The 2.4GHz controller lets you manage it from up to 80 feet away, and it has a clean finish and polished appearance. Users claim that the automobile can also drift, which is a lovely stylistic touch – and a very significant function, given the model’s price tag.

The Lamborghini style, which comes in orange or yellow, is ideal for racing and display purposes.

All-Terrain Remote Control Cars for Kids

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL, Brushless RC Truck, 65+ mph, Green

Click image for more info

The Traxxas Rustler is an excellent choice since it’s quick, easy to operate, and a lot of fun, plus it comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s powered by a 7-cell NiMH battery that allows it to achieve speeds of 35 miles per hour, and it’s also simple to negotiate rugged terrain and rocks owing to the high ground clearance.

The electronics have also been sealed, allowing the Rustler to drive through water, mud, snow, and other wet-running conditions. Another attractive stunt car is the Gesture Sensing Twisting Vehicle Stunt Car. It includes a one-of-a-kind double-sided roll design that allows for speedier lateral movement and stationery rotation.

Its four-wheel-drive system and transformable body make it more versatile and deliver a lot of torque. It can climb, twist, go forward and backward, make 360-degree revolutions, and perform spectacular feats in any terrain!

Rock-Crawler Remote Control Cars for Kids

Air Hogs, Zero Gravity Laser, Laser-Guided Wall Racer, Wall Climbing Race Car, Red

Click image for more info

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Wall Climbing Race Car is the closest thing to a flying car! Thanks to its revolutionary Wall Climber Technology, the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser can drive on any flat surface, including up walls, over ceilings, and on the ground.

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It imbues you with the capacity to overcome gravity! Point the laser light beam on the wall, ceiling, or ground using the laser gun controller, and the Zero Gravity Laser race vehicle will pursue the light in any direction.

Similarly, the Ropwol Remote Control Car Wall Climbing Race Car is designed for older children and may be used as a stunt car to perform acrobatics, spins, and leaps! It employs the most cutting-edge aerodynamic technology to allow the car to ascend gradually on the ground, smooth walls, glass, windows, and even the ceiling.

High-Speed Remote-Control Cars for Kids

Traxxas Rustler 4x4, 4x4 RC Truck, 1/10 Scale, Red

Click image for more info

Although the Rustler 4×4 Remote Control Car is slightly pricey, few options can match its speed and total performance. It boasts a rigid, aerodynamic body, robust four-wheel drive, and extra-large, high-grip wheels.

With a throttle twist, you can effortlessly pop wheelies, and the car has a rollover prevention mechanism that will automatically correct itself if you turn upside-down. The battery and charger aren’t included, which is a drawback given the price, but it’s not unusual among high-end cars.

It can achieve speeds of 65 miles per hour when powered by a LiPo battery.

Best Remote-Control Cars for Kids Vacationing

TEAM LOSI RACING 1/10 22X-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit, TLR03020

Click image for more info

Because of its small size and impressive durability, the Team Losi Mini B 1/16 scale buggy is an excellent vacation choice. The Team Losi Mini B RC buggy is pre-assembled and ready to race, focusing on enjoyment rather than speed. It comes in a tiny, portable, remote-controlled vehicle package.

The 1/16-scale Mini B is always ready to go, with a battery included, and is reasonably priced. It makes it simple to throw in a backpack and take to a nearby park or a friend’s backyard to blast about in style and speed without worrying about damaging a more expensive battery-powered RC car.

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Formula One Remote-Control Cars for Kids

RASTAR Ferrari F138 R/C, Scale: 1/12

Click image for more info

The RASTAR Ferrari F138 R/C, Scale: 1/12 is a thrilling choice for children who are familiar with, or even fans of Formula One, especially if it is Ferrari. It’s very detailed and glossy, and it’s based on the Formula One vehicle F138. It’s an electric-powered remote control car that can move forward, backward, left, and right.

It also has attractive sponsorship stickers all over its body and a changeable front wheel alignment for different terrains. It is most suited to children aged six and above and takes five AA batteries, while the remote requires a 9V battery.

Cheap Remote-Control Cars for Kids

Kyosho Radio Control Mini-Z RWD Series Ready Set Audi Sport R8 LMS - 32323AS-B

Click image for more info

Sometimes you want a remote-controlled car that you can drive everywhere, including inside your house, and spending a fortune on it is not always an option;  then the fantastic Kyosho Mini Z is great for you!

These tiny battery-powered fellas are sold ready-to-run, with some of the best-looking, most detailed, and sturdy bodies available.  In addition, a vast assortment of anything from race cars to 4×4 trucks and just about everything in between.

Because the Mini Z is so tiny (1/27 scale, to be exact), it’s enjoyable and straightforward to set up inside courses and race against other people when the weather is poor. The batteries persist for a long time, and unlike other RC vehicles that use lithium-ion batteries, the Mini Z uses regular AAA batteries.

Best Value-For-Money Remote-Control Cars for Kids

DANCHEE RidgeRock - 4WD Electric Rock Crawler - 1/10 scale - RTR

Click image for more info

Because it can handle rocky, dry, slippery, and rainy environments, the Danchee RidgeRock Remote Control Car is a terrific value for its affordable price. This rock crawler has received beautiful reviews from over 1,100 consumers, with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

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The remote control car comes with all-wheel drive, and two high-torque brushed electric motors, front and rear multi-link suspension, and four-wheel independent steering at a meager price.

A roll cage, off-road tires, and bedlock rims are among the features. A three-channel 2.4GHz pistol-grip radio transmitter is also included. A 7.4v 1500mAh rechargeable battery pack and a USB battery charger are included in the box.

Best “Money-Is-No-Object” Remote-Control Cars for Kids

The Mugen Seiki MTX7 is a beast unlike any other in the RC vehicle world. A little combustion engine propels it, so it’s not only quick but also sounds fantastic. The MTX7 chassis comprises exotic materials such as carbon fiber and has been meticulously developed to accelerate quickly on the tarmac.

However, exceptional quality comes at a significant price. That price is a little around $1,000 in this scenario. This is a pretty penny for a somewhat incomplete RC car, so it may be better to treat it as a “project in progress.”

Unlike most other battery cars, if you buy the Mugen Seiki nitro vehicle, you’ll have to supply your radio, servos, receivers, and all of the starting and operating equipment required to run a nitro-powered car, so those with a tiny budget should pass.

Transformer Remote-Control Cars for Kids

FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot, Remote Control Car Independent 2.4G Robot Deformation Car Toy with One Button Transformation & 360 Speed Drifting 1:18 Scale

Click image for more info

The FIGROL Gainer Transform Car Robot is undoubtedly the most refined RC car for robot fans! This remote control vehicle is a sports car and a transformer all in one, making it one of the more exciting automobiles on the market. The automobile morphs swiftly and effortlessly at the push of a button.

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It’ll be a hit with your kids! Xenon-style lighting and realistic engine noises are among the car’s innovative features. You may drive it not just in automobile mode but also after it has been changed.

The car’s smooth wheels allow it to slide and turn in 360-degree circles with ease. The car is constructed of top-grade materials and is intended to be child-safe. It can withstand minor accidents and crashes.


Radio-controlled cars are one of those hobbies that can take you from a simple and enjoyable car to bank-breaking, high-speed, competitive racing, with plenty of stops in between. It’s entertaining for both children and adults, and it’s a terrific method to educate children on some of the technical parts of working on cars.


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