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13 Different Types of Hats for Girls (Kids)

Little girl wearing straw hat posing against the summer field.

Hats are an essential accessory in every little girl’s wardrobe as they’re not just pretty but practical too. Every hat serves a purpose, and there are many different kinds of hats that girls – and their parents or caregivers – need to know about.

There are 132 different types of recognized hats, and — traditionally speaking — 14 of them were designed specifically with women in mind. Still, there are also unisex hats available that little girls can wear. Including unisex options, in total, there are 84 different types of hats for girls.

While your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, or cousin definitely doesn’t need 84 different hats, she certainly requires more than one. Here are the top 13 types of hats for girls that deserve their spot in the wardrobes of little girls all over the world.

1. Sun Hats

Kids Girls Multi-Colors Large Brim Flower Beach Sun Hats,BeigeYellow

Click image for more info

Besides adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, a hat’s primary purpose is to shield its wearer from the weather. In the case of sun hats, they’re worn to keep the neck, head, and face protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, they’re super stylish and ultra-feminine.

Sun hats are also called straw hats, floppy hats, harvest hats, and field hats. They’re perfect for fashionable little girls who love spending time at the beach or exploring the outdoors. This type of hat is also a recognized form of sun protection.

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They’re generally made from straw – either of the natural or synthetic variety – and have a brim that measures between 4 to 7 inches wide. They also usually have a ribbon, bow, or piece of string at the base where the hat meets the brim. While sun hats are ordinarily available in reflective colors like beige or white, you can get brightly colored ones.

There are several different styles of sun hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Sun hats are brimmed enough to protect the wearer’s neck, head, face, and sometimes even their shoulders shielded from the sun
  • Sun hats sometimes have a visor-like front that protects the wearer’s eyes from the sun
  • These days, many sun hats are constructed from protective UPF50+ CANSA Approved UV fabric

2. Beanies

Simplicity Toddler Girl Winter Hats with Poms Girls Beanie Kids Winter Hat Pom Pom Beanies for Girls Fleece Lined Toddler Beanies for Outdoor, Rose

Click image for more info

Beanies are brimless hats that hug the head in a warm embrace. A beanie has one job – to provide warmth to the head and ears of the person wearing it – and it has done that job well since the 15th century.

Knit cap, woolly hat, seamed cap, toque, and sock hat are all other names for beanies. Beanies are a fantastic option for girls, and kids in general, because they’re casual, comfortable, simple in design, and provide sufficient protection from the cold.

Beanies are traditionally made from wool or cotton. But it’s not unusual to find options made from cloth, felt, bamboo, rayon, hemp, or silk – and this is on top of artificial fabrics like nylon, spandex, and polyester.

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More often than not, beanies have a cable knit design or feature some tapering at the top. Some even boast pompoms on their tops which is a trendy choice for girls, while others have long ear flaps at the sides. Beanies are available in all kinds of different colors and design options.

There are many different styles of beanies, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Beanies are always brimless
  • The bottom of the beanie can usually be folded or rolled up
  • Beanies are popular for use in cold weather, and so they’ll always be made from heat-retaining or conducting materials

3. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats for Women Beach Sun Hat for Teen Girls Embroidery Flower

Click image for more info

Now let’s take a look at the now-trending trusty old bucket hat. Bucket hats serve two purposes: one is to protect the wearer’s head from the sun, and the other is to shield them from the rain.

Bucket hats, also known as fisherman’s hats, Irish country hats, Rafael hats, Beppehatt, and session hats, were originally designed with fishermen, farmers, and field workers in mind. But, since their inception in the early 1900s, they’ve come a long way since, and today they’re a must-have hat for any fashion-forward girl.

Traditionally, hatmakers made bucket hats from wool felt, tweed cloth, or olive drab cotton, but these days they’re made from more common materials like cotton, denim, canvas, or even rubber. Bucket hats are available in many different colors, and many have reversible designs.

There are many different styles of bucket hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Bucket hats are round in shape and have wide, sloping, downward-facing brims
  • Most bucket hats are water-resistant
  • Many bucket hats will have little holes in their brims
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4. Balaclavas

Kids Balaclava Mask Winter Warm Hat Windproof Snow Hat Ski Mask Neck Warmer for Toddlers Boys Girls

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Next up is a surprisingly popular hat option that is perfect for cold climates as it shields the entire face – excluding the eyes and mouth – from snow and wind. It’s the balaclava, of course!

Balaclavas, also known as ski masks, helmets, or Ballys, are perfect for girls who live in or frequently spend their vacations in icy climates. It’s also an excellent option for girls who are interested in skiing, ice-skating, cycling, motorbiking, and hiking.

Once upon a time, balaclavas were only made from wool, but now there are options made from wool, fleece, silk, and bamboo. Balaclavas are extremely simple in their design and are almost always black, although you can get hand-knitted rainbow designs for your little girl from online specialty stores.

There are many different styles of balaclava, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Balaclavas usually cover the entire face except for the eyes, mouth, and or the nose area
  • Balaclavas are almost always black or very dark gray

5. Fascinators

DRESHOW Fascinators Hat Flower Mesh Ribbons Feathers on a Headband and a Clip Tea Party Headwear for Girls and Women

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Remember how, in the introduction of this article, it was stated that every hat serves a

purpose? Well, a fascinator’s job is to look fascinating fabulous – what little girl wouldn’t want that?

For adults, fascinators are worn to very formal evening events or important occasions like christenings, weddings, funerals, or special church services. For kids, it’s the perfect dress-up accessory and a real treat to whip out at children’s parties.

Fascinators are attached to the head through a clip, comb, or headband. While there are no ‘rules’ that fascinator-makers (also known as milliners) must abide by, fascinators are typically made using feathers and flowers and come in every shape, material, size, design, and color imaginable.

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There are many different styles of fascinators, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Fascinators usually lie on one side of the head as opposed to directly in the middle of it like a regular hat
  • Fascinators are always bigger than a barrette but smaller than typical hats (except for doll hats)

6. Visor Hats

Kids Visor Sun Hat Adjustable Athletic Sports Hat White

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Next up, we have the visor hat. A visor is a hat that is similar to a cap in the sense that it provides protection from the sun and stops sweat from dripping into the wearer’s eyes mid-exercise, but it also offers a level of breathability that caps simply can’t.

A visor hat also goes by sun visor, bill, sports visor, and an eyeshade, and it’s the perfect option for sporty girls. In particular, girls who play golf, softball, tennis, or volleyball will appreciate everything the visor hat has to offer.

Visor hats are made from plastic, cotton, polyester, acrylic, and buckram. These hats are very simple in their design, and they’re available in all sorts of different shades on the color wheel.

There are many different styles of visor hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Visor hats are always crownless and only have a visor at the front of the hat as opposed to an all-around brim
  • The visor part of a visor hat is typically curved, but flat options are also available
  • Visor hats are usually adjustable through a hook, loop, or elastic strap system
  • These days, many visor hats are constructed from protective UPF50+ CANSA Approved UV fabric
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7. Boater Hats

Ayliss Women Summer Short Brim Straw Fedora Hat With Bow-Tie Band, One Size, Beige

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There’s no better hat for a little lady than a classic boater hat. Boater hats are semi-formal hats that are used to protect the wearer from the sun, mainly when out on the water in a – you guessed it – boat or gondola.

Boater hats go by many names, including canotier hats, skimmer hats, The English Panama hat, cady hats, Katie hats, somer hats, sennit hats, and can-can hats. Boater hats are a fantastic option for girls who spend lots of time by the water and those who have a vintage sense of style.

These hats are and always have been constructed using stiff sennit straw. Because of the usage of this material, boater hats are always light in color and range from white to Hawthorne yellow. Boater hats always have a thick grosgrain ribbon around their center, and those made for girls specifically usually have ribbons hanging off the back.

There are many different styles of boater hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Boater hats have short, stiff, flat tops and brims
  • Boater hats are always light in color
  • You will always find a thick grosgrain ribbon (either solid or striped) around the center of a Boater hat

8. Cloches

Bienvenu Kids Girls Winter Warm 100% Wool Bucket Hats Fedoras with Bowknot,Camel

Click image for more info

Speaking of classic, vintage, retro hats that are designed for little ladies, here’s the iconic cloche hat. The cloche hat is a close-fitting bell-shaped lady’s hat that protects the wearer’s face from the rain, sun, wind, and cold.

This hat is known simply as a cloche (the French word for ‘bell’) in many parts of the world. Because they’re known to frame the face attractively, cloche hats are suitable for older or teenage girls, girls who like vintage fashion, and those who love playing dress-up.

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The most common cloche material is felt, which just so happens to be perfect for cold weather. Summer versions made from straw or sisal are also available, as are those made from lace or beads for fancy events. They’re available in many different colors.

There are many different styles of cloche hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Cloche hats are characteristically very round or bell-like in shape
  • Cloche hats always have a very narrow brim
  • Cloche hats appear to be more elongated than other hats since they’re designed to sit atop your eyebrows
  • Cloche hats often have ribbon detailing on them

9. Cowboy Hats

KANGAROO Cowboy Hat (Brown)

Click image for more info

At number nine, we have the cute, chic, country cowboy hat. The cowboy hat was originally manufactured in 1865. Horse riders and ranch workers instantly adopted it because they are tremendously waterproof and do a fantastic job at shielding the wearer’s eyes from the sun.

Cowboy hats are also known as Ten-Gallon hats and Stetson hats in some parts of the world. They are – of course – fantastic hats for girls who ride horses, participate in outdoor activities, and for those who love Western fashion.

Cowboy hats are made from straw or fur-based felt. A cowboy hat’s design is always simple: a high crown (often ‘pinched’ to allow for a quick and easy removal), a wide brim, and a hatband around the middle. Traditionally, cowboy hats are beige, brown, or black, but these days they’re available in every color ranging from stark white to hot pink.

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There are various styles of cowboy hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Cowboy hats always have a wide brim and a high crown
  • Cowboy hats often have string, straw, leather, or ribbon hatbands around their base
  • On the inside, cowboy hats have sweatbands for absorbing sweat while also stabilizing the fit of the head inside the hat
  • Cowboy hats can be flat-brimmed, but most have curved brims

10. Umbrella Hats

Rhode Island Novelty Amazing Umbrella Hat, 12" Length

Click image for more info

Now let’s take a look at a hat that is as practical as it is hilariously fun to look at, the umbrella hat! As the name suggests, an umbrella hat is just that, a hat that doubles as an umbrella to keep the rain from splashing on your face and ears – but some umbrella hats are so big that they even cover your shoulders and body too.

Since its invention in 1880, umbrella hats have been amusing to bystanders and incredibly efficient for wearers. Because it essentially allows you to operate a hands-free umbrella, umbrella hats are incredible options for girls who use wheelchairs, as well as those who are using crutches, enjoy working in the garden in the rain, or who often carry many bags.

Umbrella hats are made from the exact same materials that umbrellas are made of. That’s stretches of Pongee or nylon with steel ribs to support them. The umbrella is attached to the head by means of a headband. Like umbrellas, umbrella hats are available in many colors, but rainbow or two-tone color schemes are the most popular.

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There are many different styles of umbrella hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Umbrella hats always have a miniature umbrella canopy on the top of the hat
  • Umbrella hats are always waterproof
  • Umbrella hats are always fastened to the head by means of a headband, but some come with chinstraps for younger kids

11. Berets

Bonaweite French Wool Berets Hat Classic Fashion Warm Beanie Cap for Girls

Click image for more info

Berets are peculiar little headwear staples because they’re more of a status symbol and fashion statement than they are a head warmer. Regardless, the practical purpose of a beret is to keep the top of the wearer’s head warm.

A beret is known as a beret all over the world, but there are many different variations of it, including Basque-style berets, military berets, Chasseur berets, black berets, the Spanish beret boina, and the Scottish Bluebonnet. Berets are worn by little girls who are all about fashion.

Berets are most often made using felt, cloth, wool, cotton, or acrylic fiber.  Some berets have pompoms on top, or elements of metal, leather, pleather, silk, wool, cotton ribbon, or buckram in them.  Berets are available in many different colors, although military-style berets are only available in black, blue, green, red, maroon, or tan shades.

There are many different styles of berets, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Berets do not cover the head in its entirety – at least one side of the head will always be exposed
  • Berets are round in shape and typically quite flat compared to other types of hats
  • Most berets are unlined, but a few fancy options will be semi-lined with silk or satin
  • Berets are designed to either be worn in the middle of the head or on either the left or right side of the head
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12. Half Hats

2 Pieces Kids Girls Visor Straw Sun Hat Ponytail Wide Brim Beach Summer Packable Hat Cap with Bow (Pink & Khaki)

Click image for more info

Believe it or not, but a beret isn’t the only hat that has been purposefully designed to only protect one part of the head; enter the aptly-named half hat! Though it keeps hair in place nicely and will – in theory – warm one part of the wearer’s head, a half hat’s job is to simply look elegant.

Variations of the half hat include the Juliet cap, the Capulet cap, the eggshell hat, and the bicycle clip hat. As you may have guessed, the half hat is suitable for fashion-forward girls who don’t mind sacrificing practicality for pretty.

Half hats are pure luxury, so it’s no surprise that they’re most often made from luxe materials like velvet, silk, fine sisal, organza, horsehair, chiffon, or satin though hatmakers can craft more budget-friendly options from decorated straw, wicker sisal, or twill.

Half hats come in many different colors, though white or cream styles seem to be the most popular. They’re often left entirely bare to let the materials do the talking or elaborately decorated with flowers, beads, pompoms, lace, veils, or fine jewels.

There are many different styles of half hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • Half hats always only cover one part of the head – be that the front, back, or either side of the head
  • Half hats are always close-fitting and snug in their fit
  • Half hats frame the face and will sit lower than just above the ear
  • Half hats will always be compact in design and small enough to fit in a clutch purse or evening bag
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13. Baseball Caps

Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Cotton Baseball Cap with Glitter Pom, Little Girls, Blue, Age 4-7

Click image for more info

And last but certainly not least, we have the humble baseball cap. Along with the fabulous fedora, baseball caps are the most popular hat style in the world – and for a reason! Baseball caps are primarily used to protect the eyes from the sun while not hindering their peripheral vision. This makes them an excellent choice for sportsmen and sportswomen.

There are four sub-categories of baseball caps: snapback caps, trucker caps, flexfit hats, and fitted hats. As the name suggests, baseball caps are a particularly great option for girls who play baseball and other sports. Still, more than that, baseball caps are a fashion and utilitarian staple.

Baseball caps are made of many different materials, but baseball caps are most commonly made using wool, polyester, Lycra, soft cotton, and cotton blend. The material used to make baseball caps is very easy to dye, and so this hat is available in every color under the sun.

There are many different styles of baseball hats, but these are the typical characteristics of such hats:

  • There is almost always a logo, graphic, or block of text on the front of a baseball cap
  • Baseball caps are soft around the sides, round on top, and have a stiff bill
  • Baseball caps are usually adjustable by means of Velcro, a zipper, or a tri-glide slide system
  • Baseball caps often have a button on top of the crown


And there you have it: the basic lowdown on the 13 different types of hats for little girls. Of course, she won’t need each and every one of these hats. But take a look at her needs, personal style, environment, and her lifestyle to help decide which ones will be finding a home atop her head.

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