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15 Different Types of Desks for Kids

Kid's bedroom with storage boxes, a wooden desk, and a white chair.

You can help your child or teen study better and potentially improve their grades by purchasing for them an appropriate study desk. What makes a desk appropriate for them differs by the individual.

Many types of study desks for children exist and it may seem daunting at first to shop for them. Their selection has just as many choices as an adult would in shopping for a desk and then some. Those for the under 18 sets also provide organizers, dresser space, or closet space. The selection can seem endless, but you only need to consider what your child or teen needs.

Types of Student Desks

Adjustable Height Desk

Diroan Kids Functional Desk and Chair Set, Height Adjustable Children School Study Desk with Tilt Desktop, Bookstand, LED Light, Metal Hook and Storage Drawer for Boys Girls (Gray)

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These handy desks grow with your child. Used by those who do drafting or create art or architectural plans, the desk can take on numerous angles and heights. A series of knobs on its sides let you adjust it, then lock the height into place.

Bookcase Desk

UTEX Kids Study Desk with Storage, Wooden Children School Study Table with Hutch and Storage Cabinet for 3-8 Years Girls Boys, Student's Study Computer Workstation Writing Table, White

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These wide bookcases open on all sides allowing the individual to sit in front of it. It provides a wide enough space for a computer and storage for books, crafting items, school supplies, etc. You can customize it using baskets or totes which make it easy to switch out the shelf used as the desk as the child grows taller.

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It’s open on all sides nature lets you plug in a computer, cell phone, radio, TV, etc. without needing to run cords through the back. This lets the individual easily use the desk as a standing or seated desk.

Bunkbed Desk

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame - Twin (Gray)

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In a small bedroom, you can purchase a bunk bed with a built-in desk. This lets your child have a separate place for sleeping and studying and conserves precious space in their room. Some of these also provide shelving for storage. You can find them crafted of wood or metal. Most of the beds in these designs are twin beds. The desk height may or may not be adjustable.

Computer Desk

ODK Computer Small Desk 27.5" Home Office Working Kids Study Writing Desk with Monitor Storage Shelf for Small Space, Black

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Your youngster might love their laptop or desktop. Perhaps you have a young coder in your household. Treat your future Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg right by getting them a nice desk designed for their computer, printer, and peripherals. Since these often take on an “L” shape, they provide an area for the computer and a separate area for studying. They can use an “L” shaped desk as a collaborative desk.

Corner Desk

UTEX Corner Desk with Storage and Hutch for Small Space, Kids Corner Desk with Reversible Hutch for Girls Boys, Study Computer Desk Workstation & Writing Table for Home School Use, White

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Another option in smaller rooms, the corner desk uses a triangular design that fits into a corner of the room. It typically includes a shelf or credenza for storage. These may not have drawers due to the odd shape, but they provide a sequestered space for your youngster to work.

Credenza Desk

Martin Furniture Double Pad Desk, 68", Weathered Dove

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This type of desk features an attached bookcase or storage cabinet. Your student can stash their school supplies in this hutch area above their desk. It clears off their work area while still keeping all their essential supplies organized and accessible. You probably use one of these in your own office. It can work great for kids, too.

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Executive Desk

OneSpace Executive Desk with Hutch, Espresso

Click image for more info

For the child who wants to grow up to be just like their parents, you can get them a junior-sized executive desk. Yes, these exist, and they work beautifully in Victorian and Colonial style decors. If your child already has an interest in business and joined Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), you can help them fulfill their personal vision with an executive desk that helps them organize and study better while providing them the feeling of success.

Floating Desk

Prepac Modern Floating Desk with Drawer, 58.25", Black

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The term floating desk refers to a wall-mounted desk. This choice in kids’ desks works great if your child uses a scooter or wheelchair. You build the desk onto the wall either in a corner or against a flat space. A floating desk works great for those who sit in a regular chair, too, but especially well for those who need to roll up to the desk.

By installing a floating desk, you can decide the height, an important consideration when your chair has big wheels and may or may not have armrests. Since brackets support a floating desk like they do a shelf, you can adjust the desk height as the child or teen grows.

Roll-Top Desk

Jr. Roll-Top Desk - Light Oak

Source: Walmart

A roll-top desk provides an ideal space for a budding writer. They can obtain privacy for their creativity by closing the roll-top, then swing it open when ready to work. It provides organizing spaces such as cubby holes for materials and school supplies. The desk area can always remain clean because the storage space also typically provides a shelf or shelves for books.

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School Desk

Kids Desk and Chair Set Height Adjustable Ergonomic Children Sturdy Table, Childs Study School Desk Kids Art Writing Desk (White Paint Desktop)

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You can purchase a kid’s desk like those they sit at in a traditional schoolroom. These combo desks could be an all-in-one or a separate desk and desk chair. The latter uses a top that lifts to reveal storage. The former provides storage under the seat. Both options provide an adjustable height workspace/desktop.

Secretary Desk

Shellson Secretary Desk

Source: Wayfair

A secretary desk works a lot like a roll-top desk except that its writing or workspace folds down rather than rolling open. It also provides storage in the guise of cubbies like a roll-top desk does. Choosing this or a roll-top style desk for your youngster can cause you to need to replace it when they grow.

These desk types do not adjust or scale. You can wait to purchase one in this style until your child has come close to finishing growth, such as in their teens.

Standing Desk

Flexispot Kids Table Standing Desk Adjustable Height Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk 40x 24 inch for Girl School Home Study Pink

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A standing desk lets you adjust the height of the desk and the angle of the desktop. This works well for individuals who find it tough to focus. A child with ADHD or ADD could potentially benefit from a standing desk. The same is true of those with poor circulation. Standing provides health benefits and improves focus.

Student Desk

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk and Chair with Black Pedestal Frame

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Most people think of a traditional student desk when they think of getting their child their first study desk. These long, rectangular desks typically have one drawer and cabinet on the far end and a workspace/study area to which the child pulls up their chair. The drawer and cabinet design provide them a space to keep books and materials out of sight while opening up the entire desktop for studying and work.

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Wardrobe Desk

Kid's bedroom with a wardrobe desk and a cozy wooden bed.

No, this isn’t a reference to “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” or “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” It is a great type of desk that combines a closet for your child’s clothes on one side with drawers for socks and underwear beneath the hanging rack. On the other side of the wardrobe or armoire, as they’re also called, you find a pull-out desk shelf similar to a pull-out keyboard tray on a computer desk and shelving for their books and school or art supplies.

Writing Desk

Melissa & Doug Wooden Lift-Top Desk & Chair - White

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A writing desk provides one central drawer for pens, pencils, and paper. The long, rectangular desktop provides a large workspace. You can pull up a chair or roll a chair up and underneath some taller versions of these desks. Their design works well in more traditional decors such as Victorian or Colonial.

Frequently Asked Questions

You still have questions about desks for your child or teen. We have answers. Read on to find the most frequently asked questions.

Kid's workspace with a light wood desk and a matching chair.

From what materials do they make these desks?

You can find student desks or desks for children crafted from many materials including wood, metal, glass, laminate, and heavy-duty plastic. Choose a material that will last longer and stand up to many years of use. It should complement the décor of the room.

What are the common desk shapes?

Typically, desks come in one of four shapes. You can purchase a triangular corner desk, a rectangular desk, a square desk, or an “L” shaped desk.

Can desks be repaired?

You might have an existing desk you want to use but the drawer, cabinet, tabletop, or desk leg has broken. You can repair this by taking the desk to a professional furniture repair or by making the repair yourself. You can also have a professional adjust an existing desk by adding risers to make it taller or by detaching its existing legs and replacing them with extensible ones.

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Are there standard desk dimensions?

Not exactly. Most desks for children come adjustable, so you can raise or lower the height. This is true of metal desks and drafting desks, especially. If you want to purchase a desk for your child or teen that does not adjust, wait until they’re further along in their growth, so they can continue to use it in their teen years and adulthood.

Before you make a purchase, measure your child or teen. Consider their height, the length of their torso, the length of their arms and legs. You need a desk at which they can remain comfortable for many hours of studying.

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