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12 Toys that Walk

Toddler playing with robot dog.

Walking toys have grown in popularity over the years as the technology around them has bettered. Walking toys are now a great help not only in entertaining your children but also in children’s development. But what are the best options of walking toys for you to buy for your kids?

Walking toys offer a great deal of help in your child’s physical and social development, but with many options of walking toys, it can be challenging to find the best ones. Some great walking toys include Hopearl Talking and Walking Doll, Barbie Walking Puppy, electronic dinosaurs, and more!

Why should every child have a walking toy in their toy box? How do walking toys help the development of a child? What are some of the best walking toys? Let’s find out!

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How Do Walking Toys Help with Childhood Development?

Little girl playing with toy dog.

Walking toys are increasing in popularity as they can offer great benefits to your child’s development when you include them in your child’s toy box. Walking toys help your child develop coordination as they imitate the toys walking movements.

These toys can also help your child learn empathy as they are generally in the shape of a dog or other animal. This will help your kid feel a sense of responsibility, especially if the toy is highly interactive.

Walking toys are perfect for children as they are fun, but they also help them with their physical and social development. Let’s look at some great walking toy options for your child.

The 12 Best Toys that Walk

Having walking toys in your children’s playroom is a vital aspect of play, as these toys can help your children in so many of their developmental stages. As a parent, you want to make sure you give your child the best start to life possible, and walking toys are a part of this equation.

However, with the growing number of walking toys on the market today, it can be difficult for parents to decide on the best walking toy for their child that will offer the most developmental help possible.

Below is a useful list of some of the best walking toys you can buy for your children. Let’s go through them all to find the one that will best suit your child’s needs.

1. Hopearl Talking and Walking Doll

Hopearl Talking Singing Doll Repeats What You Say Walking Electric Interactive Animated Toy Speaking Plush Buddy Birthday Festival for Toddlers, 8''

This cute little interactive toy can sing, speak, and walk. This means it is highly engaging to children and will keep their attention longer than 10 minutes as it has so many actions to offer. This doll will also repeat whatever you say to it, and it can copy different languages.

This doll is perfect for your child as it stands 8 inches tall and is easy to carry. This doll is excellent in helping your child develop their cognitive and communication skills, and it can help your child walk better as your child imitates the doll.

This doll is part of a range from Hopearl, and there are multiple themes to choose from, as you can buy the standard doll or buy one in an animal theme. These toys are soft and are considered stuffed toys, so they are less likely to harm your child.

However, these toys do require batteries, but they have a screw-on cover, so your child cannot remove the batteries themselves.

2. Barbie Walking Puppy

Barbie Walking Puppy with Unicorn Hat, Barks and Walks, Ages 3 Up, by Just Play

This is an adorable little toy suitable for both boys and girls, and it comes in multiple colors. This is a small puppy-themed toy that is 10 x 5.75 x 10 inches in length, width, and height.

This little toy puppy wags its tail, barks, and walks, so it will grab your child’s attention and easily keep it. This toy is perfect for children from three years of age and up, as it does require some prompts from your child to activate these movements properly, and it does come with small parts.

This toy comes with an attached leash, a customizable collar, a unicorn hat, two customizable barrettes, and a few pop-in gems that you can swap and change in the collar and barrettes.

This toy does require two AA batteries to function. This toy is ideal for helping your child develop their gross motor skills, including walking.

3. Fistone RC Robot Dog

Fistone RC Robot Puppy Dog Toy, Remote Control Dachshund with Walking and Barking Interactive Smart Electronic Pets Toys for Boys Kids Ages 3 4 5 6 Years Old

This is a very cute little remote-controlled toy robot dog. This dog is made entirely from plastic, so it’s recommended for three-year-olds and older as younger children may hurt themselves with it.

This robotic puppy is highly interactive and has a built-in voice-activated induction system, making it easy for you and your child to control the puppy’s movements. This robot puppy can shake its head, walk forwards, and can interact with your child with its glowing tail.

You can also customize some of the puppy’s actions through intelligent programming to make the toy more suitable for your child. This robot puppy also comes with a remote control with a reach of 9 feet, so you can control the robot’s interaction with your child to make it more interesting.

4. RACPNEL RC Robot Puppy

RACPNEL Remote Control Robot Dog Toy, RC Interactive Intelligent Walking Dancing Programmable Robot Puppy with Gesture Sensing, Lights and Sounds for Girls, Gifts for Kids Ages 3 and Up, Pink

This is another interactive remote-controlled dog robot toy suitable for both boys and girls, and you might even find yourself playing with it from time to time, as it is a pretty fun toy. This toy is made from plastic, so it’s only suitable for children ages three and up.

This robotic dog can dance around, bark, and walk, and it comes with a remote control that is easy for children to use and understand. This robot dog can also be programmed by feeding the dog different program treats.

This allows your child to create a series of movements for the dog to do, which your child can then follow along with. This aspect of the toy helps develop your child’s cognitive and sequencing skills, as well as helping them walk and get them moving.

5. Toysery Pioneer Dancing Robot

Toysery Pioneer Dancing Robot, Walking Electronic Battery Operated Flashing Lights and Music Kids Robot, Robot Toys for Kids, Present for 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old Kids Boys and Girls (Colors May Very)

This is an adorable little toy that is somewhat reminiscent of an octopus. This little robotic toy is orange and is made from non-toxic ABS plastic that is safe for children, and it has six legs, which makes it more interesting for your child.

This lovely little robot has bright lights and attention-grabbing sounds that your child will engage with and enjoy. This robotic toy can walk backward and forwards, and it can turn left and right, meaning it can interact with your child better than other toys that can only move in one direction.

This cute little robot can rotate its hands and always has a great smile on its face that is sure to bring one to yours. This is a great toy for children, and it makes for a great gift for your children’s friends too.

6. Walking and Dancing Tomilk Robot Toy

Walking Dancing Robot Toy for Kids, with Colorful Flashing LED Lights and Music Intelligent Smart Electronic Singing Robot Toy for Toddler Boys and Girls (White)

This is a nice little robot meant more for girls than boys, but boys can also play with it. This robotic toy has a lovely and somewhat unique design compared to the other robot toys on this list.

This robotic toy has flexible arms and legs, allowing your child to have more fun as they can position the robot in many different poses. This robot has a cuter appearance than the others as it’s meant for girls, and it’s very fun to play with.

This toy can dance and move around and can even help your child grasps topics like science and programming, and technology, making this toy helpful in more than just your child’s walking development. This toy will require three AA batteries to operate, and they don’t come included with the toy.

7. Westminster Inc. Redley the Retriever

Westminster, Inc. Redley the Retriever - Cute, Cuddly, Plush Battery Operated Dog Toy Walks, Wiggles, and Barks with Sound

Redley the Retriever is a robotic dog toy that resembles a retriever dog. This is a little battery-operated plush walking dog toy. This toy is great for children of all ages as it is a plushie toy covered in soft fur material.

This little dog toy is 6.2″ in length, 5.3″ in width, and 3.5″ in height, making this toy the ideal size for your little one to handle and carry around your home. This toy will walk, bark, and wag its tail, so it will easily grab your child’s attention and hold it.

This lovely little toy is part of a collection of walking toys called the Paw Pals, so if you are don’t like retrievers, there are other dog options to choose from.

7. Meva Kids Walking and Barking Puppy

Meva Kids Walking and Barking Puppy Dog Toy Pet with Remote Control Leash (White)

This is a fun walking toy perfect for children to practice their walking with. There are three different dog options you can choose from with this toy. One option is a white dog, one is a black dog, and one is a brown dog.

This toy will bark and wag its tail when it’s turned on, and the leash it’s attached to it how you control the toy. The leash has buttons on it, which is how you get the toy to move. These dogs are 8.5″ in length, 5.5″ in width, and 9″ in height, perfect for little hands to hold.

This toy requires three AA batteries to operate, which are included when you buy the toy, so your child can begin interacting with it as soon as possible.

9. Houwsbaby Electric Walking Unicorn

Houwsbaby Electronic Glowing Unicorn Musical Horse Stuffed Animal Singing and Walking Plush Toy Interactive Animated Kids Gift, 13 in (Pink)

Houwsbaby electric unicorn is a fun toy for children ages two and up and for both boys and girls. This toy is an electric unicorn that comes in various colors, including pink, blue, purple, and white. These unicorn toys are plushie-style toys that are operated with batteries.

These unicorn toys do walk, and they have a lovely little lead for your child to hold onto to walk with the toy. These toys are excellent for your child to cuddle with and get some walking practice in with. These unicorns also sing and have fun children’s songs that your child can easily sing along with.

10. Haktoys Flip Over Puppy

Haktoys Flip Over Puppy Battery Powered Dog Somersaults Walks Sits Barks for Animal and Pet Loving Toddlers & Kids

This cute little toy dog can walk and perform tricks that your children will love. This is a smaller dog toy as it is only 7″ in length, 3″ in width and 4″ tall, but it is perfect for small hands.

This puppy toy is hypoallergenic and is considered a plushie-type toy, so it’s lovely and soft and is great for your child to cuddle with. This puppy toy is perfect for children who suffer from allergies but still love animals.

This toy will require two AA batteries to function, and you will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Both the batteries and screwdriver are not included with your purchase of the toy.

This toy is fun and interactive for children and will entertain them well as the toy walks, barks, and flips on the ground.

11. Fisca RC Robotic Dog

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog RC Interactive Intelligent Walking Dancing Programmable Robot Puppy Toy Electronic Pets with Light and Sound for Kids Boys Girls Age 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Up Years Old

This is a lovely interactive, walking, and dancing dog that your children will adore. This walking toy is only recommended for children of six years old and up as it does require some understanding to operate correctly.

This is a highly interactive toy, as you can pet it on the head, dance with it, and walk with it, and the toy dog will interact with you the entire time. This toy dog can move forwards backward and look right and left.

You can program this toy to do specific movements of your choice, customizing the toy to suit your child more. The toy does have a remote control, so you can ensure your child receives the interaction they need.


Walking toys are engaging, entertaining, fun to play with, and they can help further your child’s development, so you should have at least one of these toys in your child’s playroom to help ensure they have all the support they need during their vital developmental years. All the walking toys on the list above are excellent for helping children develop their social skills, physical fitness, and more!

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