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14 Toys Similar to Construx

This is a close look at a Mega Construx toys with a girl, a dog and a horse.

Introduced to the market and children everywhere in 1983, the brand of Construx plastic building toys was then discontinued in 1988. It was then resurrected by Mattel in 1997 but then they stopped producing the toys. Never fear, though, because Mattel then revived the brand again in 2017 but brought it back as Mega Construx set. The fun part about Mega Construx is that they are compatible with Legos and the company secured deals to offer licensed sets of Halo, Call of Duty, and even Pokemon.

These fun toys are a lot like Legos but feature beams along with the bricks to create a multitude of different things but what if your kids already have enough of the Construx toys or Legos, for that matter, and they want something similar but different. Or, you want to purchase something in a different price range? Well, our list of toys like Construx may very well be able to help you out.

These types of toys can help your child learn many different skills. They can help spark creativity, increase their level of patience, allow them to use their fine motor skills, and increase their problem solving skills. Check out the detailed list below for alternatives to Construx toys.

Lego Clones

Lego Clone Trooper- Star Wars Mini Figure Episode 3

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Lego clones are a Lego alternative as well as an alternative for Construx toys and are very affordable. They are similar to the Mega Construx, are compatible with Legos so you can build your collection without going broke.

Mega Bloks First Builders

This is a close look at the colorful building blocks toys.

The Mega Blok version of stacking blocks that you can build with is a great option to Construx toys and is produced by Fisher-Price. It features large, very colorful blacks that snap together easily so they are great for younger children, including your toddler, as they create animals, vehicles, and more.


Sluban Merkava Tank 344 Pieces Building Blocks Set

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Sluban is like Construx but you can pick up a set at a lower price. It comes with a variety of different designs so you and your kids can create planes, tanks, and so much more with this set.


Transformers New Hasbro KRE-O Megatron Battle Changer Set 75 PCS

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Compatible with Legos, the Kre-o brand is another building-style set for older kids as well as young kids and is made by Hasbro. Young children can even create their own little city or village with the Cityville set that was designed just for them. For older kids, there is even a series of Transformers they can work with to create amazing projects.


COBI - Small Army WS USS Enterprise (2510 PCS)

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Older kids can create projects that can be used or displayed in their bedrooms or other areas of your house with the Cobi building block system in which each piece can also fit with a Lego brick which means your children can still use the Legos they already have at home. This set features more small, advanced pieces that work better for older children. 

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KNex Imagine

K'NEX Imagine - Click & Construct Value Building Set - 522Piece - 35 Models - Engineering Educational Toy Building Set

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K’Nex Imagine building sets are very similar to Construx sets and you can create amazing 3-D configurations if you are using the motorized building set. Much like the Construx sets, this construction set offers wheels as well as connectors and rods with the pieces to allow your child to create more advanced projects.

Gears Gears Gears

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Toy Set, Puzzle, 150 Pieces, Ages 4+

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The Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set will keep your kids busy for hours and features 66 pieces of gears, including square pillars, axles, interlocking bases, connectors, and crank handles.


ZOOB 0Z11125 ZOOB 125 Moving Mind-Building Modeling System, Assorted Colors, 125-Pieces, Multi, large

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The Zoob set offers many colorful hollow poles with socket-ended rods that your kids can connect together easily and they very much like Construx building sets. Your older kids, including tweens and teens, can even create intricate models while younger kids can opt for creating 3-D characters that can move.

Lincoln Logs

This is a close look at the vintage wooden building toy Lincoln Logs.

If you prefer childhood nostalgias-type toys for your kids, Lincoln Logs are classic building toys for kids and make a great alternative to Construx toys. Playing with log sets can increase your child’s hand-eye coordination, spatial recognition, and even their problem-solving skills.


Erector Sets for Boys with Electric Power Motor , STEM Building Toys 10IN1 , Engineering Toys for Kids Age 7 8 9 10 11 12 ,Motorized Building Toys, Build and Play

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Much like Construx building sets, this Erector Model Building Kit by Meccano allows them to utilize real wheels, bolts, and other high-quality pieces to complete the construction of vehicles.

Bristle Blocks by Battat

Bristle Blocks by Battat - STEM Building Blocks for Kids - Soft Developmental Toys - 36pc Playset – Basic Builder Box – for Toddlers and Children Aged 2 Years +, Multicolor, 3099Z

Click image for more info

Bristle Blocks are a great option for younger kids who are just starting out with building sets and learning how to build and stack the blacks together. Bristle Blocks boast soft, interlocking bristles that connect together and even have eight wheels that come with the set that can add motion to any of your child’s creations.

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Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

Waffle Blocks for Toddlers & Kids 96 Pcs Jumbo Toy Building Sets– STEM Building Toys with Storage Container –Kindergarten Toys Preschool manipulatives for Toddlers

Click image for more info

Your kids can stack, build, lock, and create until their hearts are content with Waffle Blocks. these blocks can lock in to each other at different angles so your kids can stack the blocks in a variety of different directions. It may sound complicated but it’s actually a construction set that is very easy to use and will foster the imagination and creativity of your children.

Nanoblock Building Kits

nanoblock Pokemon Pichu Building Kit, Yellow

Click image for more info

This affordable block set is much like Construx sets but with smaller pieces and it is a great choice for older kids, including your tweens, teens, and even adults. Each set features tiny pieces that can help in creating very intricate detail to the finished projects.

IQ Builder Set

IQ BUILDER | Sensory Toys | Creative Educational Art Play Sand for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old + | Fun MOLDABLE Synthetic Beach Sand KIT for Children | Best Toy Gift for Kids

Click image for more info

With 164 connectible pieces to join, link, and fasten together with each other, the IQ Builder set is great for children who are at least five years old and up since the smaller features that this building set offers may be more difficult for younger children to use.

FAQs About Toys Like Construx

Why Get an Alternative to Construx?

Trying out some of the toys like Construx can increase your children’s motor skills as well as allow for more pieces to work with without breaking the bank. It also gives you more options when it comes to buying gifts for your kids or providing them with more things to do to keep them busy and fostering their creativity.

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Does it fit my child’s learning level?

You should assess your child’s learning level before purchasing any construction set so you can determine which ones would be best for him or her since there are so many to choose from on the market today.

Are Construx sets and similar building sets good for your brain?

Research has actually been conducted that shows play construction, including with Construx pieces and other building sets, offers a wide range of benefits to the expanding minds of children and even adults. It helps them master math skills and even beginning engineer skills, along with having social interaction if they are playing with them in a group of children.

How do Construx sets and alternative building sets help with your child’s development?

Construx building sets, as well as the alternative brands available, can help children go on an adventure without leaving home. They can create entire new worlds or build things they are used to or have seen in real life. It expands the fine motor skills of children, especially younger ones, and with help strengthen their hands and fingers as they work hard to build their own creations.

My grandsons have learned so many new skills by playing with their Construx and alternative building sets over the last few years as well as their sisters who also play with the building sets often to make their own creations. I have even enjoyed creating my own models of cars and houses while babysitting my grandchildren so clearly they are fun and beneficial for adults also and can actually be a great stress-reliever since your are not focused on bills or issues at work when you are building and creating different items or even entirely new worlds.

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