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31 Superb Toys for Kids Who Like to Dig

A kid playing with a shovel and digging at the backyard.

I remember the olden days when we used to play along the beach as kids. Using pails, plastic spoons, and used cups to dig in the sand and build fun castle structures. Digging toys is essential in enhancing creativity and imagination. Keep intact and read within the article to understand more about toys for kids who like digging.

As much as a kid may have an indoor playroom, kids love and enjoy playing with outdoor toys. Digging holes and molding structures will never go out of style. Let your kids enjoy as they add the pretend play repertoire. Below we have enlisted some of the available toys for kids to build child’s excavation and experience.

Rolly Toys CAT Construction Ride-On

rolly toys CAT Construction Ride-On: 360-Degree Excavator/Shovel Digger, Youth Ages 3+ , Yellow

Click image for more info

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The classic toys offer an incredibly stable ride. CAT designs some of the best construction toys and vehicles around the world. The toy fits kids digging activities as the toy will allow them to shovel as much sand as they like. Blend in toys if your kids love to get offensive play. These are available in online markets with varied prices.

Self-Propelled Ride-On Excavator

Costzon 12V Battery Powered Kids Ride On Excavator, Electric Truck with High/Low Speed, Moving Forward/Backward, Front Loader Digger (Yellow)

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These toys are best suited for kids aged 18 months to 4 years old. Your kids will play like a king while playing with a self-propelled ride-on toy. They are ideal toys for kids who are interested in construction site activities.

The toys are crafted with arms that move back and forth so that they can dig and dump over and over again. The toy’s dashboard features authentic construction sounds for added fun. An example includes the Big Action Load N Go Ride-On toy by Fisher-Price Company.

Sand Drill

The HABA Sand Drill Children's Toy from Target.

Source: Target

The toy is great for kids in the quest to dig a hole. Inspire the next generation of diggers as you amalgamate this ever-popular tool in their play toys.

Handtrux XL Backhoe Handraulic Power Grip Toy

Handtrux XL Backhoe Handraulic Power Grip Toy from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

The Hand Trux XL is an ideal toy for kids who like to play in the dirt. With these Hand Trux XL toys, your kid will dig as much as they like. A professional heavy equipment operator designs a Hand Trux XL toy. Shovels and hands by Hand Trux XL allow kids to build rumps, huts and do much more as they dig.

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Loader & Backhoe for Preschoolers

Remote Control Excavator Toy for Beginners - 4WD 5 Channel 1:24 RC Construction Excavator with LED Light, Pretend Construction Playset, Vehicle Toys for Boys Girls, Best Gifts for 3-6 Years Old Kids

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The toys are best suited for kids aged 3 to 6 years. The toy allows your kids to dump dirt in the front. The addition of a backhoe allows extra moving by the kids for additional playtime.

More so, the toys encompass a comfortable seat for easy digging. An example is the M5 Front End Loader & Backhoe toy by Skyteam Technology.

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

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This is an excellent toy from John Deere tractors. If your kids love tractors and mud, it’s an ideal toy for farm digging. The toy is battery-powered to give your little one all of the messy and off-road fun they could ever desire. In addition, the toys integrate a working radio as the child does their digging.

Sandbox for Digging

Reeves International The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane with 360° Rotation with Base, Great for Sand, Dirt and Snow | Steel Outdoor Play | Beach Toy | Yellow | Age 3+

Click image for more info

An example is the Big Digger Sandbox from Little Tikes. The toy comes with a shovel, rake, and an array of other toys to keep your little one wholly occupied. Kids engage in dumping sand or use the toy as a mini sandbox.

Are your kids fascinated by big rig machines? Incorporate some of these fantastic toys to provide them with hours of sandy, sensory, and muddy fun.

Garden Wagon & Tools Toy Set

Liberty Imports Garden Wagon & Tools Toy Set for Kids with 8 Gardening Tools, 4 Pots, Water Pail and Spray - Great for Beach & Sand Too!

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This is an ideal outdoor toy for kids to get muddy hands. The toy comes with 16 pieces of a fun gardening set. With these toys, your little one can effectively engage in digging, churning, and playing in the sand, mud, and dirt.

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Excavator with a Removable Shovel

This is the Little Tikes Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Excavator with Removeable Shovel from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

The toy features a rugged design to allow your kid to toil away using this dirt-digging excavator. An example of such a toy is the dirt diggers 2-in-1 Excavator with removable Shovel by Little Tikes. The toy’s scoop comes off so it can be used as an extra shovel. In addition, the toy is rigid in handling whatever the kid dishes.

Kid-Sized Rakes and Shovel

SUNORGREEN Red Tomato Kid's Garden Tool Set of 4, Soil Rake, Garden Spade, Soil Shovel and Push Broom by Safety Approved

Click image for more info

The tools are crafted to ease holding by little hands. Kids can use them to do yard work as they enjoy digging holes, moving dirt, or raking leaves. These kids’ toys are crafted to measure about 28 inches in length. An example is the Toysmith kid-sized tools that come with a hoe, two rakes, and a shovel. They are perfect for kids who like to help out in the garden or yard work.

Back Bay Play Kids Sand and Water Table

The Back Bay Play Kids Sand and Water Table from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

Does your child love to play in the dirt? The toy features a convertible picnic table with an umbrella and even benches for everyone to sit down. More so, the removable lids expose both a sandbox and a water table for messy and sensory fun.

Scale Model of the Real Deal

The scale model toy is crafted in a lightweight design; thus, making toting it to the park accessible. By using dual-action levers, your little one can dig, move, and dump dirt with ease. The classic toy matches playroom toys. An example of such a toy is the Maisonettes’ John Deere Digger.

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Little Tikes Cozy Dirt Digger Battery Ride-on

Little Tikes Cozy Dirt Digger 12V Battery Ride On

Click image for more info

This is an awesome toy that Kids can move. 12 V batteries power the ride-on. Does your kid like messy play? The digger’s toy will for sure entice them. The dirt digger ride-on toy comes with durable tires, a sturdy design, and a kid can move it anywhere.

Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane

Reeves International The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane with 360° Rotation with Base, Great for Sand, Dirt and Snow | Steel Outdoor Play | Beach Toy | Yellow | Age 3+

Click image for more info

This is a unique toy that makes your kids feel what it might be like to fill the shoes of an actual crane and excavator operator. The toy is great if your kid is digger-obsessed. The toy features a 360-degree rotation, two working arms pumps, and a moving shovel.

The ability of a shovel to move up and down allows your child to dig. It is best suited for use with sand, especially for beach excursions and backyard playtime.

Step2 Play and Store Sandbox with Cover

Step2 Play and Store Sandbox With Cover

Click image for more info

This is a classic but traditional toy. It is perfect for kids that like sensory exploration. The great toy comes with four molded-in seats and a lid. The lid cover is essential in keeping things tidy, clean, and keeping the weather out. The sandbox integrates an extraordinary design and can hold 200 lbs of sand.

Are you seeking remote-controlled digging toys? Keep intact and read below! Outdoor play is one of the best engagements a kid can have. Boost the fun as you incorporate toys for kids who like to dig.

Caterpillar Mini Excavator with Working Arm and Worker

The Bruder Toys Caterpillar Mini Excavator with Working Arm and Worker from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

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This is a small excavator by Bruder. It is an ideal toy for little hands to play with on the table. Let your kiddo have fun digging, making holes, zooming in the dirt, and imagining miniature construction workers. Blend this toy for your budding engineer for both indoor and outdoor play.

Growing Hero Toy State CAT Construction Truck

Toy State CAT Mini Machine Construction Toy Set (6-Items)

Click image for more info

This is an officially licensed CAT construction vehicle set. The set comes with a delightfully designed adorable look. It contains three high-quality and enjoyable toy trucks. Your little ones can wade through the water and splash through the mud without a worry.

Rechargeable Ride-On: John Deere Construction Loader Ride-on Vehicle

Peg Perego John Deere Construction Loader

Click image for more info

The toys are best suited for kids aged 3 to 7 years old. They can hold a maximum weight of 85-pounds. This brilliant toy induces the ultimate digging adventure as your kid moves dirt, rocks, and rubble. The toys can move forward or backward as a rechargeable 12V battery powers them.

Liberty Imports Pink Princess Castle Beach Set Toy

Liberty Imports Pink Princess Castle Beach Set Toy for Girls - Includes Dump Truck, Sand Wheel, Bucket, Play Tools and Molds (14 Pcs Playset)

Click image for more info

The awesome toys from Liberty Imports encompass a selection of beach toys. They are featured in pretty and pink colors. More so, the dump truck toys are crafted with buckets, spades, and molds. Kids can use these toys to get stuck in the sandy and muddy fun. This set brings messy and fun as your kids dig around the dirt.

Purchase some of these cool toys for your kids and let the little ones enjoy playing in the sand all summer! Enjoy and remember to share with friends or parents who are seeking ideas for birthday gifts for their little ones.

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LEGO Excavation Set: Duplo Truck & Tracked Excavator

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812 Dump Truck and Excavator Kids Construction Toy with DUPLO Construction Worker Figures (26 Pieces)

Click image for more info

The toy comes with a complete set of an excavator as it incorporates a truck, a boulder, and two construction workers to supervise the construction scene. This toy set allows your kid to build his very own construction site.

Part Excavator, Part Robot: Truck Bots Take Apart Robot Truck Set

USA Toyz Truck Bots Construction Truck Robots for Kids - STEM Robot and Truck Take Apart Toys, 4-in-1 Action Robot, Construction Vehicles, and Building Toys Kit with Toy Screwdriver (19 Pieces)

Click image for more info

This is a modern toy with five in one tool. The compartments include a crane truck, an excavator, a dump truck, a concrete mixer, and a menacing robot wearing a construction hat. The construction toy allows your kid to take part in digging and building.

Sand Digger Toy Backhoe with Wheels Dig

Sandbox Digger Toy Excavator with Wheels- Foldable Playground Equipment for Outdoor Play w/ No-Bend, No-Pinch Heavy Duty Metal Ride On Sand Construction Backhoe Fun (Ages 4-12) (red)

Click image for more info

This is a brilliantly excellent sand digger crafted in a simple design. The ride-on toy will ultimately excite your little. It features an exceptionally wide front axle and a rotating excavator. The moving excavator arm allows kids to dig through the sand and mud easily. Sand digger toy effectuates limited risk of accidents.

Remote-Controlled Digging: Remote control Tractor Excavator

Fisca Remote Control Excavator RC Construction Vehicles 15 Channel 2.4G Full Function Digger Toys with Sound and Lights

Click image for more info

This type of excavator allows your kid to command where the excavator digs and goes. The tractor uses a remote channel to control. Remote control digger can make a perfect 680-degree turn. Additionally, the excavator has a reachable AA battery.

Little Gardener Tool Set with Garden Tools Bag

Little Gardener Tool Set with Garden Tools Bag for Kids Gardening - Kit Includes Watering Can, Children Gardening Gloves, Shovel, Rake, Fork and Garden Tote Bag-Children Gardening All in One Kit

Click image for more info

These are the best toys to get your child messy in a fun way. The set of toys incorporate high-quality gardening tools. It is equipped to help your child begin to flex and get stuck in the dirt.

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Construction toy for indoor play: Electric Bulldozer Tractor Truck

JOYMOR Kids Ride On Construction Bulldozer, Digger Scooper Pulling Cart Pretend Play Truck Toy W/Front Loader, Digger Horn, Underneath Storage, Safety Helmet and Rocks for Kids Indoor and Outdoor

Click image for more info

The kadell toy is crafted in an excellent design with large compartments. The giant toy features a light-up system, thus enabling the excavator to dig during the day and night.

Light-Up Play for Little Hands: Scoop and Play Digger

VTech Scoop and Play Digger

Click image for more info

This is a colorfully crafted adorable digger that allows your kid to dig. They come in diverse colors and numbers. The toy integrates gears that move the toy push forward to get the included bricks, rocks, and wooden logs out of the way. Kids can alternatively listen in music mode as they go through the pile of stones.

Kid Galaxy Mega Construction RC Excavator & Bulldozer

The Kid Galaxy Mega Construction Remote Control Excavator & Bulldozer from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

The brilliant toy excavator boasts real rubber tank treads. Your kids can stimulate the bulldozer when digging and excavating. It is an awesome toy built with a diverse range of different functions. The toy is ideal for kids who love dirt-digging,

Mini Excavator

Plan City Road Construction Set

Click image for more info

The toy from planToys is made from sustainable materials. It is a simple-to-operate excavator that provides all the fun to your little ones with none of the mess.

Remote Controlled Shovel Loader Tractor

Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor 2.4G Radio Control 4 Wheel Bulldozer 4WD Front Loader Construction Vehicle Electronic Toys Game Hobby Model with Light and Sounds

Click image for more info

The big, beefy, and perfect to look at tractor boasts LED lights and a working front loader. It is a great toy if your kids don’t want the fastest remote-controlled device.

Light and Sound Construction Digger Vehicle

Dickie Toys Light and Sound Construction Front Loader Vehicle

Click image for more info

The quintessential excavator toy comes with orange color and a digger’s arm that kids can lift with just the push of a button. It is easy to spot even when covered in dirt.

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Costzon Ride-on Sand Digger

Costzon Kids Ride-on Sand Digger, Outdoor Sandbox Toy, Heavy Duty Steel Digging Scooper Excavator Crane with 4 Wheels

Click image for more info

They are fantastic toys that feature a simple design and a sturdy metal frame. The toys allow your kid to dig and fill the shovel without exerting themselves safely. Let your kid control the dump and scoop around the sand.

That’s a wrap for our today’s article on toys for kids who like to dig. We hope you find an exciting toy for your kids.

Benefits of Digging Toys

It helps kids expand on their creativity.

It helps kids enjoy playing in the sand during summertime/outdoor

Inspires the kids for future engineering activities

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