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20 Toys For Kids Who Like to Look at Maps

Girl plays tourist with a agnifying glass and a map.

From the Greek geo (Earth) and spelling (description-writings), Geography is one of the most fascinating natural sciences to study. With this wide and detailed selection of geography toys, young kids will learn in an easy and enjoyable way everything concerning the relief and distribution of the Earth’s territory.

In addition, they will learn about phenomena related to climate, thermal floors, hydrography, and also the relationship between geographic characteristics and population distribution, including demography, density, productivity, treasure hunt, card game, picture book, block play, board game, puzzle piece, economic, and labor activities.

With these geography toys for kids who like to look at maps, the little great geniuses of the family will also have fun associating the flags of each country on the political geography maps and relating the territorial characteristics with the activities of economy, production, and population support.

The atlases, world maps, globes will be your best allies in the creative and entertaining teaching of universal, regional, and local geography.


Laminated World Map & US Map Poster Set - 18" x 29" - Wall Chart Maps of the World & United States - Made in the USA - Updated for 2021 (LAMINATED, 18" x 29")

Click image for more info

In the selection of maps, you should consider the best didactic and pedagogical designs, with the best adapted explanatory legends for an easy and complete understanding of all the material and the use of them. They can show the whole world or be divided by continents or countries.

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Young children can use these maps as representations at convenient scales of pre-established geographic spaces in which political boundaries, territorial characteristics, natural formations, liquid masses, directions, urbanism, and as many items as desired can be indicated.

Wall World Map

The Parchment 'Old World Map' Graphic Art Multi-Piece Image on Canvas from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

World map posters allow children to enjoy and learn from classic, conventional and traditional maps that show the entire world in a two-dimensional representation and can be hung on the wall for educational and ornamental purposes. This is a fun way to develop their skillset and spatial thinking.

Map Templates

World Map Stencil Template for Walls and Crafts - Reusable Stencils for Painting in Small & Large Sizes

Click image for more info

The map templates so widely used in schools provide children with a fairly exact trace of the territorial silhouettes they wish to study and with this, the subsequent drawing tasks and denominations become much simpler and more entertaining. Templates are the first step to achieving appropriate academic creations by following accepted standards of measurements and shapes in cartography.

Earth Globes

GET LIFE BASICS World Globe with Stand - 13" Globes for Kids with Light Up Constellation, Map of Earth for Interactive Learning, Adults' Illuminated Desk Lamp, Educational Toys - Includes Bonus E-Book

Click image for more info

These geography fun facts allow children to graphically understand the distribution and characteristics of the different continents, territories, landmarks, countries, cities, and many other aspects related to the surface of the Earth.

Children can interact with these toys in such functional and creative ways that having one of these at home will be a real help not only for homework but also for entertainment and recreation.

Classic World Globes

Replogle 12" Antique World Classic Globe with Square Base and Bonus Two-Side Laminated map(USA&World) 12"/30cm Diameter

Click image for more info

They are the typical and traditional globes of planet Earth with which children always interact first-hand at all stages of regular education. It gives them geography lessons and helps them with world geography. These three-dimensional representations show infants, in a practical way, the location of all geographically and politically demarcated territorial spaces and also allow them to locate the meaning of the symbols in the legend to use them conveniently.

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They preserve the universally accepted colors for the marking of land areas, vegetation, ocean waters, and other cartographic agreements.

Interactive Globe

Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)

Click image for more info

This is the perfect gift for kids; the younger kid, kindergarten kids, and older children alike. These are relatively new to the practical teaching of this natural science and provide an opportunity for children to interact directly with the toy. Its structure incorporates a mono command, control, or pencil with which the child can activate points or interactive commands to discover each part of the globe that is divided by areas.

As they rotate, they change the color, musical melody, and special sounds.

Smart Earth Globe

SJSMARTGLOBE with Interactive APP & LED Illuminated Constellations at Night, US-Patented STEM Education 10" World Globe with Detailed map

Click image for more info

They are spheres that represent the geography of the Earth and allow online updates to keep the content current and help kids learn about different countries, especially for families how are travel lovers. They allow language changes and the newest ones can even be opened in half to see the core of the Planet.

Children have a lot of fun interacting with these smart globes and discover for themselves many geographical features in an experiential way that they can then compare and complement with related atlases and books.

Inflatable Globe

NUOBESTY Inflatable Globe PVC World Globe Inflatable Earth Beach Ball for Beach Playing or Teaching

Click image for more info

These geography toys in the shape of airballs can be inflated and deflated at will, they are available in different materials and sizes. They are portable and can be taken anywhere.

Levitation Magnetic Earth Globe

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe with LED Light, Desk Gadget Decor, Fixture Floating Globes & Shade, Cool Tech Gifts for Men/Father/Husband/Boyfriend/Kids/Boss, Great gift idea

Click image for more info

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With these representative spheres of planet Earth, children truly interact in a new and creative way with the object of study, since carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions they can put the toy to levitate, stabilize it, turn it, change the direction of rotation, the lighting areas and operate many other functions. They are modern, ornamental, and decorative.

Earth Globe Anti-Stress Ball

World Stress Ball Earth Stress Relief Toys Therapeutic Educational Balls Bulk 1 Dozen 2" Globe Squeeze Stress Balls

Click image for more info

They are spheres in small presentations that fit in one hand and can be used as anti-stress and manual rehabilitation toys. They are soft and ergonomically designed and convenient.

Piggy Bank Shaped Like a World Ball

Educational World Globe Spinning Coin Bank with Stand for Kids or Adults, 9 Inches

Click image for more info

Do you want to teach your children the habit of saving money? Do you want them to save for a vacation trip around the world? You can consider globe piggy banks with which your children will learn to save money while studying geography!

Memory Games

The World Game - Geography Card Game - Educational Board Game for Kids, Family & Adults - Cool Learning Gift Idea for Teenage Boys & Girls

Click image for more info

These memory board games promote attention, concentration, and the voluntary and immediate recall of positions, names, and characteristics in relation to their peers on the game board.

With the practice and repeated use of this type of playful activity, children will easily be able to remember the names of countries, continents, and cities and locate them geographically on the respective continents, also assigning them their flags, main historical sites, languages, names, currencies, and many more.

Geography Domino

MAPOMINOES EUROPE – The Ultimate Geography Game – Fun and educational travel card game about connecting European countries for kids teens and adults. Like dominoes with maps.

Click image for more info

These geography toys are inspired by the classic and traditional game of dominoes, following the same mechanics, but the pieces correspond to themes directly related to geography.

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Geography Toys by Connectors

Educa Borrás – Connector Geography

Click image for more info

They allow children to connect the dots on a board to answer questions referring to different topics of universal, regional, local geography and their different subdivisions. The creative design of these activities naturally promotes the development of the logical capacities of observation, relationship, and acquisition of new knowledge.

It also challenges youngsters to achieve better executions in less time, thus stimulating healthy competition.

Board Games with Flags

Continent Race Geography Learning Educational Game for Kids 7 Years and Up Trivia Card Board Game for Family Activities, Game Night by Byron’s Games Award Winning

Click image for more info

With these board games, children learn to connect the names of the countries with the mental image of the flag that identifies them. The great advantage of learning the flags while playing is that the emotional association has been positive, favoring their durability over time.

Countries and Cities Board Games

Imagimake: Mapology World with Flags & Capitals- with Country Shaped Pieces- Jigsaw Puzzle and Educational Toy for Boys and Girls Above 5 Years- Excellent Birthday Gift

Click image for more info

These board games bring fun proposals to get to know the countries of the world along with their flags and capitals. As the children advance in the dynamics of the game, the order of the clues they receive varies, increasing the difficulty of the dynamics. Some presentations include different languages.

Geography Flash Cards

Geotoys - GeoCards World and GeoCards USA - Set of 2 Geography Card Games for Home, School and Travel — Learning Resources and Educational Toys, Flash Cards — Kid Toys for Ages 4 and Up

Click image for more info

They are letters with condensed information on specific topics of geography that promote rapid game dynamics and stimulate the logical and associative relationship of previous knowledge, also favoring the learning of new specific and general topics.

Classic Geography Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8 by Quokka – Toddler Educational Toys for 3-5-7 Years Old Boys and Girls – Wooden Preschool Game for Learning World Map and USA States and Capitals – Gift for Children

Click image for more info

Puzzles have been recognized by experts as one of the most effective and playful learning strategies. To exercise the knowledge of the geography of the little ones in the house, there are different versions that will please the most demanding tastes.

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They follow traditional puzzle patterns, which allow children to put different pieces together to complete the expected image of maps, countries, or other geographic representations.

Magnetic Geography Puzzles

GeoToys — GeoPuzzle Africa and the Middle East — Educational Kid Toys for Boys and Girls, 65 Piece Geography Jigsaw Puzzle, Jumbo Size Kids Puzzle — Ages 4 and up

Click image for more info

They are geography puzzles of magnetic pieces that allow children to fit them perfectly connected with the rest until they achieve the perfect figure. They are available in practically all subjects of universal and political geography with wonderful children’s designs.

Atlas Books With Flags

Flag Sticker Atlas: Over 400 Flag Stickers for 7+

Click image for more info

In these books, children can have fun while studying the flags of all the countries of the world. Some models come with stickers that can be reused to be placed in the predetermined spaces in the atlas, facilitating symbolic and associative learning through images.

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