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19 Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

Little boy in white shirt posing against the grunge concrete wall.

If you are a dad or mom of a six-year-old boy, you can agree that they are at that age where they want to explore everything, have every collectible toy on the market, and try and test out everything they see. It is a very curious stage in a little boy’s life and the perfect time to introduce him to educational play. So, which toys should we expose him to?

Go for fun educational toys to keep your six-year-old boy engaged and interested as you prepare him for school. Expose him to as many STEM toys as possible to ensure that he has a strong educational foundation for his school career that lies ahead.

If you are looking for the best toys to add to your six-year-old’s collection, you have come to the right place. This article will list some of the best toys for six-year-old boys that have been tried, tested, and approved!

How To Choose Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys

At the age of six, a young boy’s muscle coordination and strength start to improve. Toys that encourage lots of jumping and moving around are what he needs to support his physical development.

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They also have extremely active imaginations at this age, and we must find the right balance between physical, creative, and educational toys.

The best toys for six-year-old boys are;

  • Toys and games that facilitate pretend play such as construction sets, sand and water play, and transportation toys.
  • Toys that encourage them to do physical exercise including, running, throwing and catching balls, and riding bikes.
  • Problem-solving toys such as building blocks, puzzles, and construction sets.

Games or toys with multiple outcomes and configurations allow them to think outside the box and strengthen their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Combining fun and learning is important to keep them engaged and interested. Otherwise, they will become distracted from and bored with the task at hand, and you may lose their attention for good. A little boy is already equipped with some building and logic skills at six, so now is the perfect time to introduce him to more STEM toys.

Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys Under $25

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Click image for more info

Let’s start the list off with a bang by introducing your six-year-old boy to Dr. Seuss! His books are witty and exciting national treasures. The book, with all its lovely illustrations, is great for emerging readers who enjoy rhyme.

Great for bedtime, or just as a fun read for the afternoon, the book is sure to keep your little man turning the colorful pages!

IQ BUILDER STEM Construction Set

IQ BUILDER | STEM Learning Toys | Creative Construction Engineering | Fun Educational Building Toy Set for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old | Best Toy Gift for Kids | Top Blocks Game Kit
Click image for more info

The IQ Builder STEM Construction Set is great for boys who love to build things. This set introduces them to engineering, and there are so many different models to construct to keep them busy for hours!

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The set also comes with three eBooks (1 x Beginner, 1 x Intermediate, and 1 x Advanced Building) for more creative ideas. The set consists of 164 pieces, including connecting balls, building rods in different lengths, and wheels. If he is ready to build larger, more intricate structures, he will need to add more pieces to the set.

The toy allows children to build a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). It helps to get the cognitive parts of the brain working and is designed to flex his mental muscles, strengthen his problem-solving and reasoning skills, and develop his critical thinking.

Even teachers have started introducing the set to their students to demonstrate mathematics, geometry, and physics concepts. Kids can build anything from patterns and simple shapes to complex structures and models.

Surprise Ride – Make Monster Slime Science Kit

Could there be a scientist in our midst? One way to find out is by introducing the Surprise Ride Make Monster Slime Science Kit to the little man. Trust me; he will have an experimental blast for hours and hours!

He will learn about monsters and chemistry as he creates gloopy slime. The kit also encourages experimentation, scientific learning, creativity, and exploration.

The kit comes with a book that features fun jokes, scary facts about monsters, and even an illustrated short story.

The kit also includes kid-friendly learning materials, a fun keepsake, and a parent guide. Your six-year-old will go on the craziest and slimiest adventure of his life!

ZURU Robo Alive Ice Blasting Dragon

Robo Alive Roaring Ice Dragon Battery-Powered Robotic Toy by Zuru
Source: Walmart

Move over dinosaurs, fly in ZURU Robo Dragon! Not all toys have to be educational; some just need to be fun!

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The Robo Alive Dragon Ice is such a “cool” robotic toy that roars, makes realistic motions with his head, makes ice-breathing effects, walks, bites, and if he gets really mad, his light reflecting eyes light up.

The advanced robotics and realistic design make the dragon seem life-like and not to mention all the brilliant sound effects. The dragon weighs 2.2lbs and measures 17.20” x 5.43” x 11.22.” The toy requires 2 X AAA batteries to operate. Batteries are not included.

Dan&Darci Mega Rock, Fossil & Mineral Collection & Activity Kit

Dan&Darci Mega Rock, Fossil & Mineral Collection & Activity Kit. Rough Rocks, Polished Gems, Genuine Fossils & Real Minerals - Science Gift for Kids - Includes 250+ Real Specimens & Jumbo Learning Mat
Source: Walmart

Another great toy for a six-year-old motivates him to go outside and explore nature. The Dan&Darci Mega Rock, Fossil & Mineral Collection & Activity Kit is a wonderful way for him to get closer to nature.

The set allows him to compare the things he finds to the things we already know. The set includes a learning mat with descriptions and pictures he can match his findings to.

It also includes over 250 fossils, minerals, and gems in the collection, such as 30 rough gems, ten fragile fossils (for identifying and he can display is in a box), a bag filled with various kinds of minerals and rocks, 30 polished gems, three peculiar minerals and rocks, a sachet for holding his findings and a magnifying glass.

Some of the rocks and minerals in the set do not appear on the learning mat, motivating them to continue their detective work by surfing the internet to solve mysteries and document their findings.

The set is a perfect STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project for a six-year-old boy.

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DISCoverY Kids Remote Control RC T Rex Dinosaur

Discovery Kids Remote Control RC T Rex Dinosaur Electronic Toy Action Figure Moving & Walking Robot with Roaring Sounds & Chomping Mouth, Realistic Plastic Model, Boys & Girls 6 Years Old+
Source: Walmart

Welcome to the Jurassic kingdom! The DISCovery Kids Remote Control RC T Rex can walk, make roaring sounds, and he has a chomping mouth!

The realistic details and features bring the T Rex to life, and boys love that they can control the dinosaur with a Jurassic-themed remote control. The left button makes the T Rex walk, and the right button commands the beast to roar and attack.

Its moving head, neck, arms, legs, soft, flexible skin around the neck and head, and pebbled body makes it seem so real!

The 19″ tall tyrannosaurus fosters a child’s interest in paleontology and history, and there are many more dinosaurs in the DISCovery series to collect. The T Rex requires 3 X AA batteries (included) to operate. The remote control requires 2 X AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys Under $50

Magnetic Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science | 33 STEM Experiments | Ages 8+ | Learn About Earth’s Magnetic Poles | Discover How Invisible Magnetic Fields Work | Full-Color 48-Page Manual
Click image for more info

This brilliant Magnetic Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos teaches children all about magnets and how they work. There are 33 fun games and experiments like testing which materials are magnetic and which aren’t.

It also allows them to create invisible magnetic fields using iron filings and a transparent box, build an electromagnet, floating rings, and more.

The kit includes a 60-page full-color manual, a compass, magnets of different sizes and shapes, and 33 experiments and games that are sure to keep him in the lab for hours at a time!

AeroDisk Max

The AeroDisk Max is a fun and exciting way to play catch. The discs are basically hand-held trampolines, and children are required to bounce the rubber-filament ball back and forth to each other.

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The toy is made of high-quality materials that are extremely durable and long-lasting. While kids play the game, they strengthen their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, and it fosters good outdoor exercise.

Each lightweight ring measures 15” in diameter and is 1.25” thick, making it easy to use and store.

Osmo – Detective Agency: A Search & Find Mystery

Osmo Detective Agency Search and Find Game & Super Studio Disney Princess Drawing Fun for iPad/Fire Tablet for Age 5+
Click image for more info

Every six-year-old boy will love playing detective with the OSMO Detective Agency: A Search And Find Adventure. With all its fun audio and visual clues, children develop an interest in history and geography.

This game interacts with real hand-held pieces, and a Fire Tablet or an iPad brings this awesome game to life, and you don’t require WiFi.

The game is for everyone, from beginners to experts, and it requires you to search for landmarks around the world while you learn trivia facts about history, culture, and geography. The game includes a magnifying glass, a map holder, four double-sided maps, and one Game App: Detective Agency.

Hongyi RC Stunt Car 2.4GHZ Gesture Sensor Remote Control Toy Car

Hongyi RC Stunt Car 2.4GHZ Gesture Sensor Remote Control Toy Car
Source: Walmart

The All-Terrain Off-road Drift Vehicle, Double-Sided Rotating 360 Flip RC Truck is a wonderful toy for a six-year-old boy!

It features two modes: one is using the remote control to control the car, and the other is by placing the watch on your wrist and controlling the car using hand gestures. The car can rotate 360 degrees, walk sideways and drift in all aspects.

The car’s transformable body enables the car to drive on all terrains, off-road and on-road. The car is very flexible thanks to the double-sided driving capabilities, and even if the car gets in an accident, it will continue to drive as if nothing happened.

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This fun machine can move on rugged roads, sand, rocks, grass, and other terrains. The car runs on a 2.4GHz frequency wireless control system that offers a stable signal. To make it even more fun, the car features cheerful music and colorful light to make it an all-around extreme adventure!

The car can reach speeds up to 30km/h. The car requires a 1 x 3.7V Li-ion battery (included). The controller requires 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included). The toy car is available in red and blue.

Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys Under $100

Magnetic Building Kit by Magna-Qubix

Magna-Qubix 85-Piece Set, The Original Magnetic Building Blocks For Creative Open-Ended Play, Educational Toys For Children Ages 3 Years +
Click image for more info

A six-year-old boy can create dragons, mermaids, cats, dogs, unicorns, houses, cars, and more with the Magnetic Building Kit By Magna-Qubix.

The set’s 85 colorful, translucent, magnetic 3D shapes include 7 x green rectangular prisms, 40 x 1” cubes (20 red and 20 blue), 18 x triangular prisms (9 x green and 9 x yellow), 14 x orange square pyramids, and 6 x orange hexagonal prisms.

The neodymium magnets click together easily, specifically designed for little hands that are new at building things. The pieces are free of latex and phthalates and are made from food-grade ABS (BPA free).

Kids get to explore STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). It helps develop their engineering and early math skills, special awareness and improves their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

3Doodler Start Make Your Own HEXBUG Creature 3D Pen Set

3Doodler Start 3D Pen
Click image for more info

A six-year-old boy will enjoy the 3Doodler because he can create his own robotic creatures with legs and wings. It provides him with hours of creative fun, and there is even a motor included that propels the creatures forward.

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The pen is very safe as it does not get hot, is easy to use, and is BPA-free. The plastic in the pen hardens fast when he draws, which allows him to “draw in the air” with only one temperature and one speed.

The pen is compatible with the 3Doodler Start Plastics and has a great warranty. Help your little boy to explore his creativity by fostering a love for art!

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX]

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Royal Blue
Click image for more info

This magnificent watch from Vtech features three action games and five games. It also includes a voice changer with voice-altering effects, a camera with photo effects, a stopwatch, a calculator, a calendar, a video camera, a timer, and an alarm.

Boys who like cool electronic gadgets will love this smartwatch because of its fun games, action challenges, over 50 clock face designs, activities, motion sensors, and rugged construction.

The watch also helps encourage children to be active because the games are played with the motion sensors, and it keeps them entertained during long car rides or holidays.

This durable smartwatch has enough memory to take plenty of videos and pictures. The watch comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro-USB cable to upload videos and photos. The wristband can be adjusted between 5.4” to 7,75”.

Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit – With Digital 9-Day Polishing Timer & 3 Speed Settings

Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit - with Digital 9-day Polishing timer & 3 speed settings
Source: Walmart

The Advanced Professional Kids’ Rock Tumbler, Gemstone Polisher, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Toy is a wonderful and educational addition to a six-year-old boy’s toy collection. It could spark a love for geology and mineralogy.

He will learn how to turn rough stones into polished gems by pouring grit and rough stones into the polisher and allow it to do its job.

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The kit includes an illustrated instruction and learning guide booklet, four grit packets, a low-noise barrel (1lb capacity), a mesh strainer, a gem storage bag, jewelry fasteners, and 1/2lb assorted rough rocks.

The polisher runs on a powerful, durable, long-lasting, heavy-duty motor. The toy also features a 9-day timer (it can turn off whenever you choose) and speed controls that provide more or less granular tumbling results.

Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys $100+

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative Open-Ended Play, Educational Toys For Children Ages 3 Years +
Click image for more info

The Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set is a wonderful game that combines science, creativity, and math!

The colorful, translucent, magnetic shapes include 50 small squares, 4 large squares, 11 right triangles, 20 equilateral triangles, 15 isosceles triangles. It is STEM approved and develops his special math, tactile and science skills.

The base measurement of each shape is 3” (7.62cm). The pieces are durable and can provide your six-year-old with years of fun!

Kids Audio Player by Yoto

Yoto Player – Kids Audio & Music Player | Children’s Speaker Plays Audiobook Cards, Radio, Educational Activities & More | Includes Sleep Trainer, Clock & Night Light, All-in-One Storytelling Toy
Click image for more info

The Kids Audio Player is an exciting audio platform for a six-year-old boy. He can select one of the cards from the curated library and insert it into the speaker cube for hours of audio entertainment. The player supports Bluetooth.

There are more than 100 world-class content cards in the curated selection, including educational activities, singalongs and music, radio, free children’s podcasts, bestselling audiobooks, and more.

He can also record his own personalized audio cards and replay them. The audio player helps him to develop self-soothing, listening, and decision-making skills.

Introduce your child to good bedtime habits with a program or clock that tells him when to go to sleep and wake up. There is even a sleep card that he can listen to that soothes him to sleep.

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OSMO Genius Kit For Tablet

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit, Ages 6-10 - Math, Spelling, Creativity & More - STEM Toy Educational Learning Games (Osmo Base Included)
Click image for more info

Fun meets education with the OSMO Genius Kit! All your little boy needs are a tablet and the parent app to bring this game to life! The game comes with an OSMO base (required for the gameplay) and does not require WiFi to work.

He can improve his tangram puzzle building, word, and number skills with five fun game apps. He will learn to count, multiply, subtract and add by popping the correct answer bubbles on the screen to solve math equations.

Other games require him to solve creative physics puzzles by placing items in front of the screen, drawing lines, and matching on-screen shapes.

The game teaches him visual problem-solving skills, geography, multiplication, addition, subtraction, physics, freehand drawing, and he also improves his vocabulary, spelling skills, listening skills, and reading skills.

The set includes numbers tiles, stackable storage (for each game), five-game apps (Newton, Masterpiece, Words, Tangram, and Numbers), Tangram pieces, an OSMO Base, and a reflector for an iPad.

The game is compatible with all iPad’s except Generation 1, 2 & 3, and an iPad reflector 2021 is required for iPad Pro 11″, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9″. The minimum iOS version required is iOS 10.

Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe

Micro Kickboard - Maxi Deluxe - Three Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids with Non-Marking Wheels & Durable Design for Ages 5-12 (Caribbean Blue)
Click image for more info

The three-wheeled Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe scooter is a stable, smooth-gliding ride, and its strength is unbelievable for such a lightweight scooter! The scooter can hold up to 110lbs (49.89Kg) which is perfect for a six-year-old boy.

The lean-to-steer design is stable and sturdy for when they turn, curve, or carve sidewalks. It features an adjustable T-Bar (handlebar) that grows with children aged 5 to 12.

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It comes with a gold standard two-year warranty, and you can replace the parts if necessary. Just insert the T-Bar into the deck, and you are ready for the ride of your life! Also included is a hex wrench for adjusting the T-Bar to the correct height.

He will have so much fun that you won’t have to worry about him getting enough exercise; the Maxi Deluxe scooter will have him up and about for hours on end!

Q-BA-Maze Marble Run Building Set by MindWare

MindWare Q-BA-Maze Marble Run Building Set: 270+ Colossal Stunt Set
Click image for more info

Creativity meets engineering with the exciting Q-BA-Maze Marble Run Building Set. The set includes five types of exits and 194 cubes that allow your little man to construct various fun structures.

He must test basic physics and probability when he releases the marbles. The toy allows endless STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) experimentation with so many different possibilities and shapes.

The colossal set features eight light-up cubes, 186 cubes, 18 rails, four coaster tubes, seven stunt pieces, a fabric marble bag, 40 steel marbles (non-magnetic), eight marble catchers, and a design ideas book. It absolutely ‘Marble’-ous!

ToyBox 3D Printer Starter Bundle

Toybox Starter Bundle
Source: Toybox

The ToyBox 3D Printer is specifically designed for young, innovative, and creative minds. The printer is paired to an app to function, and all he needs to do is add the “printer food” (consists entirely of non-toxic materials).

Next, he will select one toy shape out of the possible 500 toy library and print the new addition to his toy collection. Kids are amazed as they watch the printer do its thing. It is almost like magic!

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The toy is an essential part of the student STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experimental Makers programs. The toy inspires children to think innovatively and tap into their creative imagination.

Apart from the 500 designs featured on the app, the printer features an option to design, plan and upload their very own creations. With so many toy shapes to choose from, this printer will keep your little boy interested for hours.

In Conclusion

Even though it may be easier and less stressful to stick to toys that they already know and love, it poses great value to introduce your little one to new and exciting passions.

Toys that inspire them to complete projects and not give up teach them resilience and builds confidence. They are at an age where they are willing to explore various games and toys, so why not let them learn while having fun?

We hope you find this list as exciting as we do, and better yet, we wish your six-year-old boy a fun and educational journey for the future!


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