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18 Toys For 4-Year-Old Boys

Portrait of a redhead boy standing against the white wall.

If you have a four-year-old boy like me, you will probably agree that they can be quite rough and energetic. They love all things boyish such as flying superheroes, roaring dinosaurs, and crashing cars. At four, your little man is at one of the most curious stages in his life, and he wants to explore everything. Now is the perfect time to incorporate educational play into his toy collection to learn while he plays.

Four-year-old boys require toys that will keep them interested and support their educational development. Any toys that encourage him to count, use his imagination, create, learn colors and shapes, practice his fine motor skills, and helps build his confidence should be part of his toy collection.

If you are trying to find the best toys for a four-year-old boy, this article will guide you in the right direction. This list includes some of the best fun and educational toys on the market!

Toys For 4-Year-Old Boys Under $25

Cheeky Monkeys Board Game

Cheeky Monkey
Click image for more info

The Cheeky Monkeys Board Game is a fun game of chance. Players attempt to collect the most bananas, encouraging them to strategize and think on their toes.

The game can accommodate two to four players and includes 1 x two-part plastic spinner arrow, one pool board, and a 3D tree. Children find it fun because they have to try and steal the bananas from the other players.

The game fosters great social development and builds great confidence. The cardboard pieces are of very good quality, and you can wipe them clean if they used sticky fingers to play the game.

Marvel Spider-Man Electronic Me Reader And 8 Sound Book Library

Marvel - Spider-man Me Reader Electronic Reader and 8 Sound Book Library - PI Kids
Click image for more info

If your little guy loves Spiderman, enlighten him with some of Spidey’s awesome web-slinging adventures! This amazing kit features eight books and a “Me Reader” that reads all the stories to your toddler.

The buttons on the electronic reader have shapes and colors that correspond with a certain page in the book, which allows your child to works on their matching skills, colors, and shapes while they read along.

The books are beautifully illustrated and provide your little boy with a fun, independent reading experience. It is easy to use; all he has to do is select one of the eight stories, press the matching page and book buttons on the module, and enjoy listening to the story with all its surprises and fun sounds!

The expressive narration will keep him interested and helps him to build confidence in reading and enhance his comprehension skills.

What makes the Electronic Reader Library so fantastic is that it engages young readers with its hands-on interaction, matching pictures with words helps to build their vocabulary, it stimulates their imagination, it features cool characters from Avengers: Endgame like Black Widow, The Hulk, Black Panther, Mysterio and more.

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Game

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Memory Board Game
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Peppa Pig is back in this cute and fun little game that your little boy can play with his friends and family. The game requires him to race from one muddy puddle to the next to the top of the hill to reach Peppa Pig.

He needs to avoid landing up in one of the big puddles; otherwise, he must start from the beginning. The game requires two to four players, and it includes 24 action cards and 12 playing pieces.

Children love this game because they need to think of ways to dodge the puddles, and the excitement keeps them interested, and the suspense has them on the edge of their seats. It is a highly recommended, fun, and light-hearted game that the whole family can enjoy together.

Playstix Construction Toy

Playstix Construction Toy Building Blocks Set 150 Piece STEM Kit
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Four-year-old boys love building and constructing things. The 150-piece Playstix construction set is the perfect addition to his building toys collection and fosters an early love for learning.

The long, grooved pieces are color-coded by length, making it easier to lock them in with each other (the pieces interlock when he places one piece across another). There are so many different models to build, creating a non-stop construction experience.

 This exciting educational toy set encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction and supports learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

Constructing the set helps develop their cognitive ability and fine motor skills and encourages them to explore their imagination. The set includes an Idea Booklet with instructions on how to construct each model.

Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake - Get The Gold Before He Strikes! Game - Includes A Fun Colorful 24pc Puzzle by Goliath
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Rattlesnake Jake may not be an educational toy, but he is heaps of fun. If the brave little man has nerves of steel, he will go for the gold! Jake is curled around a heap of gold pieces, and only the brave can take it from him. Kids have to snatch the gold from Jake before he strikes.

He warns you with his rattle, and the rattling gets intense; Jake strikes! The toy allows children to improve their fine motor skills, and the suspense created by the ominous rattle teaches them to act fast under pressure.

The game includes a colorful 24-piece puzzle, and two or more players can play the game.

Toys For 4-Year-Old Boys Under $50

Kid K’NEX OOdles of Pals

KID K’NEX – Build A Bunch Set – 66 Pieces – For Ages 3+ Construction  Educational Toy (Amazon Exclusive), packaging may vary
Click image for more info

The Kid K’NEX 116-piece building set allows children to make over 60 different models such as a train, bugs, underwater creatures, an airplane, and other vehicles and creatures.

The set includes tractor scoops, connectors, chunky rods, curly tails, spinning wheels, googly eyes, big feet, and a picture guide to work from. The pieces snap, plug and stack together easily, and children can create creatures out of this world.

The chunky pieces are great for little hands to work with, and the multi-colored pieces keep them interested and entertained. The little man can let his imagination run wild, and the poster-sized building ideas sheet will guide him to build anything he wants.

The set comes in an easy-open, durable, handy box for effortless and convenient portability and storage. The set honors the STEAM system (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Building different models also help strengthen their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills.

Light-Up Activity Board

Crayola Light Up Activity Board, Educational Toy for Kids, Gift for Ages 3, 4, 5, 6
Click image for more info

The Crayola Light-Up Activity Board allows your little boy to combine shapes and mix and experiment with colors, and the best part is 12 light-up colors illuminate his creations!

He can come up with all sorts of fun designs by layering transparency sheets and combining shapes. The set includes 22 Shape Clings,3 Colo Pop Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, 3 “Complete the scene” Transparency Sheets, a Light-Up Activity Board, and Instructions.

The game aims to teach children about colors and shapes, build their problem-solving skills and improve their agility. Allow the markers to dry for at least 60 seconds before turning on the board light for the best results. The activity board requires 3 X AA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Thomas & Friends Walking Bridge Set

Thomas & Friends Walking Bridge train set, playset with motorized train for preschoolers ages 3 and older
Click image for more info

Thomas And Friends are here to bring your little boy a crazy train adventure. Every boy needs a train set, and Thomas is always looking to have some fun! The set features over 8 feet of track and a bridge that walks the train from one piece of the track to the next, just as it arrives.

The Thomas & Friends TrackMaster train set includes a motorized Thomas train, six risers, two hills, a sign, a buffer, and a motorized Sodor Walking Bridge (just like on TV). Thomas needs 2 x AAA batteries to operate. (Batteries not included).

The track has three different layouts, including easy instructions for a four-year-old to build by himself. Kids love the secret tunnel and hidden trapdoors under the bridge. Open the trap doors and send your engines through the secret tunnels.

The TrackMaster is compatible with all the other Thomas & Friends track sets to build his train adventure collection.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station

Little Brian MINI Paint Sticks Art Station
Source: eBay

Move aside cars and bikes and make way for some fun with art! Girls aren’t the only ones who like to paint, draw or be creative; little boys also love to create artwork by using their imagination.

The Little Brain Paint Sticks Art Station is a double-sided, 14cm high chalkboard and whiteboard with a carry handle and storage pots. The set includes six paint sticks, a wipe-clean cloth, a clip for holding paper, ten sheets of paper, and six chalk sticks.

He can have fun with very little mess, and once he is done playing and painting, the easel folds down and can be stored easily. Children love the paint and chalk sticks because they are so easy to use, and the storage compartments are great for storing their art supplies and more.

The easel allows him to explore his creativity and express himself while practicing his fine motor skills and building confidence.

Toys For 4-Year-Old Boys Under $100

Airport Playset

Airport Playset
Source: Fat Brain Toys

This is the perfect toy to teach a four-year-old boy that the sky is his limit. Who knows, you may have a future pilot in the midst. This lovely Airport Playset is beautifully and realistically detailed to create a non-stop, high-flying adventure for your little man!

The toy will send his imagination soaring with a clerk at the ticket booth that tells passengers, “Enjoy Your Flight,” and sends their luggage on a carousel around the back.

There are plenty more words of welcome that are activated when he presses the buttons in the airport. A special scanner upstairs checks all the carry-ons, and a staircase on the side is used to access the tarmac.

After the luggage has been checked and loaded into the cargo hatch by an airport worker, he must open the side door of the airplane and fold the stairs down to start boarding passengers.

At the entrance, passengers are welcomed by a button on the floor as they head to one of the four available reclining seats. The captain has a button on his seat, allowing him to speak to the passengers, and flight attendants present messages with more buttons on the floor.

The airplane’s top can open up for easy access, and the airport has an air traffic tower to monitor flights coming in and going out. The toy’s amazing features with all its sound, buttons, and department screens that light up will keep him entertained for hours on end.

The set includes a luggage carrier with two carts, six-play figures (two passengers, a ticket counter clerk, a captain, air traffic control officer, engineer), a personal luggage cart, two suitcases, an airplane, an airport, and a large cargo container.

The airport measures 15.75” x 8.5” x 6.75” and the airplane measures 14” x 11” x 7” (made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials). The airplane needs 2 X AA batteries. The airport needs 3 X AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. You can switch the toy language from English to Spanish.

Four Stage Rocket Ship

Hape Four-Stage 20 Piece Durable Wooden Rocket and Spaceship Toy for Children, L: 18.8, W: 18.8, H: 29.1 inch
Click image for more info

Four-year-old boys love going on adventures and exploring the unknown. The award-winning Four Stage Rocket Ship (Gold and Consumer Choice of Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2017 & 2018) will launch them into an outer space adventure!

The space shuttle’s design with its intricate wall printings makes the experience even more realistic. The shuttle measures 14.17” x 7.09” x 22.44”, and the design has various functional areas.

The astronauts can use the string-pulled elevator feature to move up or down the spaceship, between the four floors. The spaceship set consists of 20 pieces, including a solar panel, a radar, a bio experiment plant, a rover, and more.

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller

PAW Patrol, Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle with Exclusive Chase and T. Rex Figures Blue, Medium
Click image for more info

The PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller measures 38cm x 57cm x 13cm and is the first motorized Paw Patrol team vehicle ever! It features two projectile launchers, a T-Rex figure (if you push his tail, he opens his jaws), a push-button starter, massive wheels, and a Chase figure.

It is a great toy for a four-year-old boy to go on a rescue mission and practice his outdoor skills. The toy allows him to pretend play, use his imagination, develop empathy and the coolest part is that the truck can move by itself.

He will love playing outside with the Dino Patroller, which gives him a healthy exposure to sunlight and fresh air. The Patroller needs 6 X AA batteries to operate. Batteries are included.

Official Mega Grave Digger

Monster Jam, Official Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck with Lights, 1: 6 Scale, Kids Toys for Boys
Source: Walmart

Every little boy needs to have a monster truck in his car collection, and this two-foot-long Official Mega Grave Digger is the perfect addition! The truck may be lightweight, but this monster can drive over just about anything!

He can control his truck from as far as 250 feet away (with a 2.4GHz frequency dual joystick controller), and it comes with a built-in USB cable for easy and quick recharging. It is the biggest, fastest, most powerful RC Grave Digger ever. It’s unstoppable with its huge tires, mega shocks, suspension, and rubber treads and can drive over any on or off-road obstacle.

This model replicates the real Grave Digger with its working lights, oversized BKT Tires, and authentic graphics; it’s like driving the real thing! The toy includes one remote control, one instruction guide, and one Mega Grave Digger RC. The remote control requires 2 X AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Dinosaur Research Station

SCHLEICH Toy Dinosaur Research Station 33-Piece Playset for Kids Ages 4-12
Click image for more info

This awesome 33-piece Dinosaur Research Station from Schleich is such a wonderful addition to any four-year-old’s toy collection. It might even encourage a future paleontologist as he sends the dinosaurs through the viewing platform and command center while operating the crane.

The set includes 33 interactive pieces such as the viewing platform, dinosaur figures, command center, and crane. He can set up the station in various ways to keep things interesting. He can play with a rotating crane and cable winch, a tranquilizer gun that can shoot darts, and he can help the dinosaurs break out through the fence.

The Dino Research Station is part of the prehistoric dinosaur playsets and toys from Schleich. Schleich is a German toy company that has been around for 85 years, and they strive to create toys for children of high quality and last long. This playset allows children to explore their imagination.

Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage

Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage
Source: Hello Baby

The Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage is an exciting and beautifully crafted wooden garage with four levels and measures 55cm x 42cm x 12cm. The set includes plastic ramps, a helipad, a car lift, a blue helicopter, a green card, and a petrol pump.

It’s like a car mat that evolved into a 3D model! It is so much fun to play with, and he can use all his cars to play on the set. The garage has a sturdy and solid rubberwood design, and the vintage colors are fabulous. Self-assembly is required.

LeapStart Go System

LeapFrog LeapStart Go System, Charcoal and Green
Click image for more info

The LeapFrog LeapStart Go System provides children with an experience that reinforces learning and helps them understand concepts better. The toy uses videos, audio, and books to teach preschoolers everything they need to know and prepare them for school.

Kids use the stylus to trigger the words and pictures on the 1.44” LCD screen to explore problem-solving, math, reading, and more. The video effects allow children to explore, zoom in, and interact with the activities.

The system includes over 400 activities that he can complete across three levels (each level provides over 50 skills and honors the first-grade curriculum). The Go System requires a computer with internet to work. Rechargeable lithium battery included.

Toys For 4-Year-Old Boys $100+

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels

JOYSTAR 14 Inch Kids Bike for 3 4 5 Years Boys Girls Gifts Bikes Unisex Children Bicycles with Training Wheels BMX Style 85% Assembled Beige
Click image for more info

A little boy must have his own bike, especially at the age of four. At this age, his coordination starts to improve, and a bike helps him practice his balancing and boost his confidence.

The 14” JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike is the perfect bike for your little guy. It is fitted with training wheels to support his balance while he gets the hang of things.  This model is available in various frame sizes to accommodate their height and age.

The seat is easily adjustable (quick release) to custom-fit their comfort level, and it has a holder for parents to support them when the training wheels come off. A four-year-old’s grip is not strong enough for a hand brake; therefore, JOYSTAR has fitted the bikes with foot brakes to make it easy for them to slow down or stop.

The bike’s frame is durable, premium steel, backed by JOYSTAR’s limited lifetime warranty. The bike comes with a single-speed designed specifically to handle the bumps and falls while the little guy learns to ride.

The bike includes a DIY decal, allowing them to stick their name or any word they prefer on their bike or chain guard. The bike’s body is 85% pre-assembled upon purchase, and you only need a pump for the tires.

JOYSTAR Recommended Size Chart

  • 12” Bike: 2 to 4 years (Child’s height – 33” to 41”)
  • 14” Bike: 3 to 5 years (Child’s height – 35” to 47”)
  • 16” Bike: 4 to 7 years (Child’s height – 41” to 53”)
  • 18” Bike: 5 to 9 years (Child’s height – 43” to 59”)

Tender Leaf Toys Tool Bench 18-Piece Construction Set

Tender Leaf Toys - Tender Leaf Tool Bench - 18 Pieces Pretend Play Construction Tool Set Made with Premium Materials and Craftsmanship - Creates Interest in DIY and Creative Role Play for Children 3+
Click image for more info

Watching dad do DIY projects around is fun, but what’s even better is having his very own DIY station so that he can jump in and help. The 20.1” x 14.3” x 27.9”, 18.9 lbs toy workbench comes with 18 pieces, including a toolbox, a wrench, screws, a hammer, saws, a functioning vise, and more.

Made in Indonesia and Designed in Great Brittain, the Tender Leaf Toys Tool Bench encourages a little boy to think critically, move carefully and play imaginatively. The bench is a STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), making it the perfect combination of education and fun!

While the little guy is constructing his own masterpieces, he is practicing his cognitive thinking skills that are important in all aspects of life. The bench is safe, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and is made from highly renewable rubber tree wood.

Every tree used to make a toy is replaced by a new tree to support the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

In Conclusion

The toys on this listed enable your boy to learn the fun way. They prepare him for school by laying a strong educational foundation and introducing him to new concepts and adventures.

Any toy that can broaden a child’s outlook on life and enrich their minds are appropriate and essential. We hope this list makes you as excited as we were while putting it together. Good luck with the toy hunt!


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