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28 Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls

This is a two-year-old girl on a bed with her stuffed animal.

Every parent can agree that keeping your toddlers entertained is essential if you want to get to your to-do lists for the day. However, seating them in front of a screen for such occasions isn’t the best solution. Toddlers want to play, explore and learn. Their developing brains are hungry for knowledge. Not only are 2-year-old girls adorable, but it is easy to choose a toy they will love. Anything pretty, play-pretend, pink, creative, and interactive will be perfect for your little angel.

Two-year-old girls need a whole range of toys, from toys that teach them how to count to toys that take them on a wonderful imaginary adventure. The most important thing is variety. The toys must all have different functions and have all sorts of fun add-ons and gizmos to keep her entertained.

If you wonder what toys to choose for a 2-year-old girl, you are definitely in the right place. This article will provide you with a wide variety of toys that have been categorized according to your specific budget and are perfectly suitable for 2-year-old girls. Parents and toddlers have approved these toys.

What Do Two Year Old Girls Need From Their Toys?

A little girl of two years has crossed several development milestones up to now. When she reaches her second birthday, she will be walking, running, picking up, and carrying around all sorts of objects.

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Her coordination will start to improve, and she will be more inquisitive than ever before. She is exploring everything in her surroundings, and this is where you will start to see her mental capabilities improving at an unbelievable rate.

The toys she plays with should support this delicate growing time in her life and prepare her for the next stage of her development.

Toys For 2-Year-Old Girls Under $25

Crayola Double Doodle Board

My First Crayola Double Doodle Board, Drawing Tablet, Toddler Toy, Gift

Click image for more info

The Crayola Double Doodle Board allows children to explore their creativity. You can use both sides, the one side features a sealed gel surface that acts like non-mess finger painting. The other side is a drawing board that kids can draw on with washable crayons.

When they are finished drawing on it, you can clean the crayon easily with some soapy water and a cloth. Red, green, and blue crayons are included. This is a wonderful travel-friendly-sized toy, perfect for entertaining your toddler on long car journeys.

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Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Educational Toys for Toddlers, Ages 18 months+

Click image for more info

Spike, The Fine Motor Hedgehog, is adorable, and he teaches fine motor skills to your toddler. He is a colorful friend that teaches your 2-year-old to count and recognize various colors and sorting.

Children strengthen their hand muscles while removing the 12 different colored quills from Spike’s back and replacing them. This is the perfect little friend for a two-year-old girl or boy. You can store the quills inside the shell for easy storage.

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Magnetic Drawing Doodle Board

Meland Magnetic Drawing Board - Kids Magna Drawing Doodle Board Erasable Writing Sketch Board Pad Upgrade Version Green

Click image for more info

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The Magnetic Drawing Doodle Board enables a toddler to mix and match colors, choose different backgrounds (blue, pink, green, and red). Children can create multi-colored effects, and due to its compactness, they can take the board with them anywhere, like in the car or to a restaurant.

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LeapFrog 2-In-1 Touch And Learn Tablet

LeapFrog 2-in-1 Touch and Learn Tablet

Click image for more info

The 2-in-1 Touch And Learn Tablet from LeapFrog is a screen-free tablet designed for early learners. The tablet features touch-activated pages with stories from Pet Pal Puppies. There are various interactive touchpoints on every page. If you turn it over, the other side features activities that teach your 2-year-old toddler all about animals, numbers, emotions, shapes, early science concepts, and shapes.

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Dress Up America Little Girl’s My First Purse

Dress Up America Little Girl's My First Purse – Pretend Play Kid Purse Set for Girls Accessory, Multi Color, One Size

Click image for more info

Any mom will tell you of an incident where her two-year-old daughter has ravished through her purse and makeup bag to be just like her mommy. Dress Up America Little Girl’s My First Purse is a cute and perfect pretend play purse for two-year-old little girls.

If she loves carrying around your handbag or scanning its contents to see what she can find and play with, then this play pretend purse is the ideal toy for your baby girl. The purse features various accessories, including a credit card, toy lipstick, and car keys, fit for a young lady.

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LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Frustration Free Packaging), Green

Click image for more info

The LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book is an exciting interactive book that makes learning new words fun for your toddler. The book features two language options, namely, Spanish And English. The sound effects are great too and help a child to memorize the words easier.

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Pinkfong Baby Shark Nursery Rhymes

Pinkfong Baby Shark Nursery Rhymes Sound Book

Click image for more info

Baby Shark is everywhere nowadays. So, it comes as no surprise that Pingfong has included Baby Shark in their nursery rhyme sound book. This book is great for 2-year-old girls, teaching them classic nursery rhymes with Baby Shark as the show’s star.

The book features nine different songs and easy press-and-play buttons to listen on their own for hours. It is a colorful, musical, and magical toy that any 2-year-old girl will love!

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TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy Gril, One Year Old First Birthday Gift Ideas, Baby Toy 12 Months with Bead Maze Shape Sorter

Click image for more info

The TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube makes learning fun! It features five different activities: shape sorter, sliding insects, bead maze, spinning gears, and teaching clock.

It is a multi-functional toy that improves a child’s gross motor skills as they move from one activity to the next, and the variety of the activities keep them interested and entertained for hours.

All the included items are safe for a 2-year-old and choking-hazard-free. The Wooden Activity Cube is a toy that they can learn from up to the age of 3½+.

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Button Button Belly Button Color Matching Game

Peaceable Kingdom Button, Button, Belly Button Coloring Matching Game for You and Your 2-Year-Old

Click image for more info

The Button, Button, Belly Button Color Matching Game is the perfect toy for teaching your 2-year-old color recognition. The game feature a wooden board, 21 cards, and a wooden button mover. The seven bears in this game all have different colored buttons that teach children about various colors simultaneously.

 The child has to select a button card and match it up with the correct bear on the board that has the same color button as the card. The purpose of this game is to teach a toddler about differences and similarities, counting, and association.

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Toddler Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Toddler Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Chunky – (4 Pack with Extra Magic Wand) Educational Toys for Preschool Kids Ages 1 2 3 Year Old Girl Gifts with Matching Canvas Bag – Rainbow Unicorn Castle Set

Click image for more info

Any 2-year-old girl loves princess toys, and this beautiful 4-pack of puzzles honors the theme with puzzles featuring a fairy princess, a friendly unicorn, a castle, and a beautiful rainbow.

This delightful box of pretty puzzles also includes a magic wand so that a little girl can live herself into the role. Besides this toy’s attractive and inviting aspects, it also improves their concentration and hand-eye coordination as they build the puzzles.

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LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket, Pink

Click image for more info

Picnics and two-year-old girls go together like peanut butter and jelly! It is almost like little girls are designed with love for making tea, entertaining friends, and going on picnics with a basket packed with cakes and all things nice.

The LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket is a sweet treat toy for any two-year-old little girl. This 15-Piece picnic basket includes two forks, two plates, two cups, various food items, and more. It also features activities such as matching and colors, building fine motor skills, pretend play, and learning shapes.

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Toys For 2-Year-Old Girls Under $50

Learning Bugs Interactive ABC’s And 123’s Talking Poster And Musical Wall Chart

LEARNING BUGS Interactive ABC & 123s Talking Poster & Musical Wall Chart, Best Educational Toy for 2 Year olds and 3 Year olds. Electronic Toddler Toys for Boys & Girls.

Click image for more info

The Learning Bugs Interactive ABCs and 123’s Talking Poster is educational, musical, and fun! The poster teaches toddlers to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers from 1 to 10.

Every letter has a picture that teaches them association, and there are four fun modes they can play through: song, alphabet, quiz, and numbers. The quiz mode enables parents to keep track of a child’s learning stages and progress and ensures a great educational foundation for toddlers.

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Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

The Learn-to-Flush Potty from Fisher-Price.

Source: Fisher-Price

Learning how to use a potty is a whimsical time in a child’s life. They feel proud when they can show mommy and daddy that they are big and get a sense of accomplishment. The Fisher-Price’s Learn-To-Flush potty not only encourages healthy bathroom habits but it teaches them to flush the toilet when they are done.

This makes the transition from the potty to the big toilet so much easier and less frightening. It is a cute design that makes toddlers feel safe and excited to go about their business without any fuss.  The potty also makes flushing sounds, lights up, sings songs, and has a twirling water action.

Girls love the side handles, and the top can lift off, and she can use it as a regular potty, just in case she isn’t ready for all the fancy features. Parents will be glad to know that it is an easy-clean bowl, so little to no mess can be expected.

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Ultimate Hammering Pounding Toys 

rolimate Hammering Pounding Toys Wooden Educational Toy Xylophone Shape Sorter, Birthday Gift for 1 2 3+ Years Boy Girl Baby Toddler Kids Developmental Montessori Learning Block Ball Toy Fine Motor

Click image for more info

The Ultimate Hammering Pounding Toys entertains and educates small children, helping guide them through their developmental milestones.

The 4-In-1 toy features a shape sorter with different colored designs, colorful pounding balls and a mallet to hammer them with, and a colorful xylophone that can produce eight different notes.

The toy allows a 2-year-old to discover and express their musical side, and the hammering and pounding make it fun and exciting.

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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Click image for more info

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All little girls love to have tea parties. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set features a yummy pretend cake, and when they pour the tea into the cups, a light moves exactly like real tea.

That’s not all; even the tea set has sound effects and can play songs that teach your toddler important social skills and how to count and introduce them to all the colors.

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3-In-1 Kids Princess Play Tent

VOJUEAR 3pc Kids Play Tent for Girls with Ball Pit, Crawl Tunnel, Princess Tents for Toddlers, Gift for Girls Indoor & Outdoor Play (Pink)

Click image for more info

This massive 3-in-1 Kids Princess Play Tent is very popular amongst 2-year-old girls. The tent creates a place to explore their imagination, and there is plenty of space to play in and a long tunnel they can crawl through to get to the magical pool of balls and a basketball hoop to dunk the balls in (balls not included).

This multipurpose tent can be set up indoors or outdoors and assembled any way a little girl prefers (individually or linked). It takes up very little storage space as the entire set can be folded up and fits perfectly into a zippered carrying bag.

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Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn First Words Smart Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy

Click image for more info

The ways in which to introduce your two-year-old to shapes, numbers, words, and ABCs are endless. The Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn First Word Smart Puppy proves that it is designed with plenty of buttons to push and explore and can even have a scanning feature that scans a block and reads what is on it.

A 2-year-old girl can scan the blocks over the reader, and the toy will activate different learning activities for her to do. And best of all, the toy features three levels of learning that can grow with her.

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Vtech Care For Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier, Pink

Click image for more info

Every small child loves animals and loves taking care of them. The Care For Me Learning Carrier is a wonderful tool to teach toddlers responsibility and compassion for animals.

The toy features activities such as taking the puppy for a walk, combing its hair, and also teaches colors, letters, and much, much more! It is perfect for a two-year-old girl, with over 100 sounds, songs, and phrases to listen to and learn.

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Scoop And Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

Click image for more info

The Scoop And Learn Ice Cream Cart makes learning fun and delicious for a 2-year-old girl. What child wouldn’t want their own ice cream stand? Not only is it an exciting toy, but it also teaches small children critical thinking, to follow directions, colors, and counting.

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Jollito Baby Balance Bike

Jollito Baby Balance Bike, Adjustable Toddler Baby Bicycle 12-24 Months with 3 Silent Wheels, No Pedal Toddlers Walker Bike Riding Toy for 1 Year Old Boys Girls, Best Birthday Gift

Click image for more info

The Jollito Baby Balance Bike is available in various colors for your 2-year-old girls to choose from. This brilliant little bike strengthens a child’s core and teaches them to balance. It features non-slip handles, a soft, comfortable adjustable seat to accommodate your toddler’s height and growth.

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Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher-Price  Laugh & Learn  Servin  Up Fun Food Truck

Click image for more info

The Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck is literally fun on four wheels! This wonderful toy features various types of food such as pizza, hamburgers, smoothies, and tacos that a two-year-old girl can “prepare” for her friends and family.

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The food truck even comes with a cash register to teach her how to count and a trash bin that is a shape sorter perfect for her to learn all the different shapes.

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Toys For 2-Year-Old Girls Under $100

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Click image for more info

Every little two-year-old girl loves a day at the beach to play in the sand, so why not bring the beach to her? This lovely Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table has an elevated design which is ideal for small children.

It includes a lid that allows you to close it while it isn’t being used, and it keeps the sand clean and dry. The sand table includes two claw rakes, a bucket, and two shovels. The lid has molded-in roadways for some extra fun.

Buy It Here

Paw Patrol Water Table

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Water Table with Accessory Set & 4 Characters

Click image for more info

Any Paw Patrol fan will absolutely adore this toy. Two-year-old girls love playing with water, and what better way to splash around with some of her favorite friends! The Paw Patrol Water Table is packed full of fun features such as a water launcher, a whirlpool spinner, a waterslide, and more!

The water table also includes three adorable Paw Patrol heroes to save the day. This toy is a non-stop water adventure that she will love!

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Vtech Touch And Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink

Click image for more info

The Vtech Touch And Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is absolutely genius! It comes with five different activity mats, each one with a different lesson. You can convert the desk into an easel and a chalkboard. The desk also features a toy telephone and some really fun tunes.

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Activities include ABCs, numbers, music, and more. Placing an activity mat on the desk activates it. Your 2-year-old can learn the lessons one by one, and there are additional activity mats included to broaden their outlook and enrich their minds.

Buy It Here

Laugh And Learn Pull And Play Learning Wagon

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon - German Edition, interactive toy wagon with shape blocks and learning content for baby and toddlers

Click image for more info

Any little girl needs a play wagon to explore the surroundings, picking up things along the way and learning as she goes. The Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon allows children to take their toys for a joyride while learning letters, colors, shapes, numbers, and more.

The wagon is also great for a toddler’s gross motor development as she walks and pulls the wagon along. The toy also encourages regular movement because while she is pulling the wagon, it rewards her with fun sounds and lovely music.

The wagon is a fun station on wheels that includes a rattle, musical keys that play sounds, phrases and songs, a bat, and a press.

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Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk With Stool Easel

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

Click image for more info

Time for an art lesson! The Step2 Flip And Doodle Desk With Stool Easel is the perfect addition to any young artist’s collection. Two-year-old girls love to draw and paint, and with this all-in-1 Doodle Desk, she can practice her skills to her heart’s content.

This fold-up easel converts to a desk and allows toddlers to experiment with textures and colors on a large-scale canvas. With this lovely art station, your little girl will have a fantastic colorful experience!

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Buy It Here

Toys For 2-Year-Old Girls $100+

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse with Working Doors, Windows, and Shutters - Pink

Click image for more info

This lovely princess playhouse is the perfect hideaway for any 2-year-old girl. It resembles a traditional cottage, is bright pink, and has its own address number below the roof. The playhouse features two working doors and windows that can open and close.

The inside of the playhouse can store any toys they choose, or you could help them set it up like a little home with a stove and small furniture. There is even a built-in slot for their mail. This all-in-one funhouse is the perfect addition to a 2-year-old girl’s toy collection, ensuring endless hours of role-playing fun.

Buy It Here  

OiOiooi Alphabet Play Blocks

The OiOiooi Alphabet Play Blocks from The Tot.

Source: The Tot

OiOiooi Alphabet Play Blocks are handcrafted walnut and beech wood wooden blocks that teach toddlers the alphabet, associate letters with their corresponding shapes, and fit into each other like a two-piece puzzle. Every little girl deserves a set of fancy blocks that she can pass on to future generations. It is a classic toy that will never go out of style.

The blocks come in a sturdy cardboard box with handles for easy carrying, and the blocks are in a fabric pouch inside the box. The set also includes a hardcover booklet with illustrations of every letter of the alphabet and its matching shape.

Buy It Here

In Conclusion

With so many different toys on the market to choose from, two-year-old girls will never run out of fun things to do. What makes each and every one of the toys on this list so great is that each of them has different lessons and different functions that are designed to stimulate the educational development of a small child.

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The sensory playlist is endless, and these toys are like electronic teachers, educating your children when you have to take care of real life.

The toys on this list are only a few small drops in the ocean. There are thousands and thousands of other magical toys to choose from, but we will leave them for the next time.


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