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Fun Things To Do With Your Grandma

It is truly heartwarming to see the elderly and children play together. Sometimes, children even find it easier to connect with their grandparents than their parents. And why wouldn’t they? Grandparents have a treasure trove full of fun stories and helpful wisdom.

However, with our increasing proximity to technology, we might be losing touch with the people closest to us. So, if you are looking for things to do with your grandma, as the dad to two kids under eight, I have listed a few fun ideas.

Games And Puzzles

Be it Lego or Uno; games usually come to mind when we think of fun things to do with grandparents. Kids can pick from a wide array of fun games such as:

Card Games: Uno, Kids against Maturity, Memory, Go Fish, etc.

Board Games: Scrabble, Clue, Chess, Monopoly, Connect 4, Gravity Maze Marble Run, etc.

Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles, riddles, Labyrinth, etc.

If you want something educational for your kids, there are plenty of STEM games they can play with their grandma. Or if your kids are very young, playdough never really gets old.

There are also fun options, such as Pictionary or Twister. Okay, maybe the latter isn’t the best game for gamgam’s back. However, grandma can be the referee and give kids the instructions; so, even Twister cannot be ruled out!


In an age when audio and visual stimulations are so readily available, a simple pastime, such as reading each other books or simply talking about actual life experiences, might seem bleak.

However, grandparents are the most experienced family members kids can have. And, listening to stories of their lives might be one of the best things to do with grandma.

What was grammy’s school life like? Does she remember her first trip ever? What are some of the most fun experiences she has had? I loved to listen to those stories as a kid, and my little ones do the same. They could also get to know a lot about their family histories through this pastime.

Everyone loves a good book. Taking turns to read out to each other is a great way for kids to connect with their grandma and learn too (and often, this gives me some off time from reading to my kids). I’m sure both of them will enjoy classics by Oscar Wilde, Roald Dahl, or Lewis Carroll, or perhaps Goosebumps if they are in the mood for spooky stories?

Video Games

Nowadays, kids are adept at handling devices. Video games are child’s play (pun intended) to them. Grandparents might not be as deft at handling technology, which is why kids can teach them. So, kids, if you are wondering what to do with your grandma, this one might be right up in your alley.

Please give them a video game, and see your kid teaching gamgam how to play it. And who knows, they might get competitive and end up having the time of their lives!

Movie Night

Movie nights are one of the classic fun things to do with grandchildren. Besides, most animated movies created these days are just as fun for adults to watch. So, pick a Pixar movie, maybe, and watch the duo bond over the emotional rollercoaster it will take them on.

Arts And Crafts

Children are naturally curious and creative, and grandparents might have limited mobility. Hence, arts and crafts are naturally one of the most fun things to do with grandma.

Put on your creative hats and get some playdough or a rock painting kit or one of the numerous arts and crafts sets available online.

They can also draw pictures of each other – something that might stay as a lifelong memory. Or perhaps make something out of scratch. Whatever option you might pick, it is bound to bring kids closer to their gamgam. And the paintings or craft projects will make great keepsakes as well.


Is your kid into music? Then karaoke night could be one of the really fun things to do with your grandma. Children might also end up knowing about old-school music because of this activity.

Playing an instrument with grammy is another great pastime. Is the piano sitting still? Is no one using it? Well, let your little one get at it with their grandma. And who knows? Your kid might be a budding musician, waiting to be discovered.

Outdoor Activities

I know that grandparents usually have limited mobility. They might not engage in outdoor activities as much. On the other hand, kids being balls of chaotic energy can easily run around the most. If you are a grandmom looking for fun things to do with grandkids, let’s discuss a few outdoor activities you can both engage in.

Blow Bubbles: No matter how old I get, bubbles still ignite that childish joy in me. And speaking of bursting bubbles, every time my five-year-old blows bubbles around me, it reminds me that I cannot be a child ever again. However, if grandma cannot move around a lot, she can sit and blow bubbles with the little ones.

Walk: The elderly might not have as much mobility, but walking is healthy for everyone. If gamgam needs a little help to walk around, kids can be that support.

Gardening: If you are looking for long-term activities to do with your grandparents, what can be better than gardening? You do not even need an elaborate setup. There are plenty of compact gardening sets for children. Let them plant seeds, water the plants, and watch their connection with their granny bloom along with the flowers in the garden.

Bird Watching: This is one of those outdoor activities for grandparents that would not strain their backs. Get your little one a pair of mini binoculars, and with a little help from gammy, they can learn to identify all the local birds.

Summing Up

Apart from everything we have mentioned, there can be a bunch of other fun things to do with grandma. Learn her recipe to make those delicious choco-chip cookies, or teach her how to use a gaming app. Your imagination is the limit! And the memories made will last a lifetime.

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