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100 Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kids birthday party with balloons, cake, pastries, candies, and confetti.

With so many beautiful children’s birthday party themes, you will never run out of ideas! Over the years, parents have become more creative in collaborating on the perfect birthday parties for their kids. There are themes to suit every child’s needs and interests to ensure that their birthdays are memorable!

100 Kids birthday party theme ideas include;

  • Unicorns
  • Princess
  • Barbie
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Masha And The Bear
  • High Tea
  • LOL Surprise Dolls
  • Moana
  • Rainbow
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Pirate
  • Outer Space
  • Hot Wheels
  • Circus
  • Superheroes
  • Under The Sea
  • Train
  • Trolls
  • Farm Barnyard
  • Baby Shark

If you want your children to have a birthday that they will never forget, you’re in the right place! This article will provide you with a list of fabulous birthday party ideas that your kids will love!

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Birthday Parties Ideas For Girls

1. Unicorn Party

Unicorn-themed parties have become one of the most popular choices for girls. It is playful, colorful, soft, and magical, and most girls are familiar with the beautiful mythical creature.

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2. Princess Party

Once in every girl’s lifetime, they should experience a princess-themed party. A day on which every girl can feel like a princess!

3. Barbie Party

Barbie is a classic theme for a girl’s birthday party that has been celebrated for ages!

4. Minnie Mouse Party

Turn your little girl’s birthday into a Minnie Mouse cartoon!

5. Masha And The Bear Party

Every little girl wishes for a best friend like Bear! So, let your little girl be Masha on her special day, and she will have a blast!

6. High Tea Party

Pastel high tea set up featuring Royal Doulton tea set and an assortment of sweet and savory pastries.

No matter her age, any little girl in the world loves a high tea picnic, and there are so many exciting things you can do with this theme!

7. LOL Surprise Dolls Party

Make your girl’s birthday as popular as the LOL Dolls themselves!

8. Moana Party

Journey to the sea for an unforgettable magical Moana-themed birthday experience!

9. Rainbow Party

Make your little girl’s birthday as colorful and lovely as she is!

10. Alice In Wonderland Party

Go down the rabbit hole to experience the party of a lifetime! The magic at this party never ends!

11. Carnival Party

Kids in a carnival-themed birthday party with wands, hats, and confetti.

Every kid loves going to a carnival with all the rides and snacks, so why not make a whole day of it?

12. Tik Tok Party

The Tik Tok craze has made its way into all aspects of life, and it has also become a prevalent birthday party theme for kids and adults!

13. Garden Party

Having a birthday party in the garden is a great idea to get kids outdoors and into the sunshine! 

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14.  Spa Party

Give your little girl and her best friends a relaxing and pampering spa birthday experience!

15. Disney’s Frozen Party

Little girl wearing Elsa costume in a Frozen-themed birthday party with snowflakes cake, popcorn, and sweets.

Frozen is one of the top birthday party themes for girls. The décor available for this theme is out of this world!

16. Flamingo Party

This beautiful tall pink bird theme has become somewhat of an obsession as a theme for birthday parties!

17. Donut Party

Let’s face it, donuts are delicious, and there are so many creative ways to play with this theme at a birthday party!

18. Mermaid Party

There is something so magical about mermaids. Give your child a breathtaking mermaid-themed birthday party!

19. Girl Dinosaur Party

Boys aren’t the only ones that love dinosaurs. The birthday girl will have a roar-some time with this theme!

20. Parisian Party

Girls love all things fancy and glamorous, making the Paris theme the perfect choice for her birthday!

21. Horse Party

Hot to trot! Give your daughter a ride of a lifetime on her birthday with a horse-themed party.

22. Fairy Party

Little girl wearing a fairy costume is surrounded by decorative flowers.

Little girls are fairies! Let them celebrate their birthday in a magical fairyland!

23. Fairy Tale Party

Fairy tales will never go out of style and will never stop being the perfect theme for a little girl’s birthday party!

24. Karaoke Party

Girls just want to have fun, and there’s no better way than with a karaoke-themed birthday party!

25. Teddy Bear Picnic Party

Little girl in a teddy bear costume eating cake outdoors.

Throw your daughter an adorable teddy bear birthday party to enjoy with her best friends!

26. Origami Party

Origami has become a rather popular choice for kid’s birthday parties, and it is easy to understand why! Have a look at all the fun things you can do!

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27. Beach Party

Let your kid have a beachy time with a fabulous beach-themed birthday bash!

28. Glow In The Dark Party

They glow up so fast! Light up your daughter’s day with a glow-in-the-dark-themed birthday party!

29. Ballerina Party

A ballerina theme is a perfect choice for a little girl’s birthday party, and the décor is stunning!

30. Obstacle Course Party

An obstacle course may just be one of the most fun themes for birthday parties! Give your kid the gift of fun on her birthday!

31. Magic Party

A magician performing in front of the kids in a birthday party.

Let your daughter and her friends wonder what tricks you have up your sleeves with a magic-themed party!

32. Stars Party

Let your daughter shine like a star on her special day!

33. Butterfly Party

Butterflies make the prettiest theme for a little girl’s birthday party. With all the beautiful decorations, your little princess will have a magical time on her special day.

34. Ice Cream Party

If your child’s birthday falls in summer, an ice cream-themed party is a perfect choice to have a chill time!

35. Bubbles Party

Kids playing bubbles outdoors.

Bubbles are fun at any party! There is something magical about bubbles floating around, and there are so many great bubbles party decorations to make your girl’s birthday a popping sensation!

36. Llama Party

The Llama theme is growing into one of the most popular choices for children’s birthday parties. Click on these links to see why.

37. Baking Party

Allow the little ones to have fun baking their own cupcakes with a baking-themed birthday party!

38. Unicorn Slime Party

Unicorns and slime are two of the most fantastic things, but combining them is a match made in heaven!

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39. Art Party

Allow your little artist to express her creativity with an art-themed birthday party. There are so many fun art activities to choose from that kids will love doing!

40. Cotton Candy Party

Cotton candy is a lovely theme idea for a birthday party. The beautiful soft pastel colors create a pleasant atmosphere, and who doesn’t enjoy melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy?

41. Pajama Party

A pajama party may just be the most comfortable birthday party ever! This theme is especially great for birthdays that fall on rainy days or girls who love slumber parties.

42. Fancy Hat Party

Dress-up-themed parties will never go out of fashion! With so many different types of fancy hats available, it is sure to be a show-stopping birthday bash!

43. Disco Party

Kids dancing in a disco themed birthday party.

A disco theme is so fun because it reminds us of a simpler time when Friday nights were spent rollerblading with friends and drinking slushies! Check out all the fun disco party ideas below.

44. Outdoor Movie Party

Create a kiddie’s drive-in party for the kids with popcorn and boxcars! Click on the links below for more fun ideas.

45. Bunny Party

Bunnies are adorable and also an excellent theme for a hopping birthday party filled with fun!

46. Flower Party

Girl celebrating her birthday outdoors with rose cake and flower decors.

Throw your angel a magical flower-themed party for her birthday to make her feel as unique as she is!

47. Glitter Party

Girls love things that sparkle, so you cannot go wrong with a glitter-themed birthday party for your little girl!

48. Hello Kitty Party

The Hello Kitty theme has been there for years and will be there for many more to come! Celebrate her birthday with this classic theme to make her day one for the books!

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49. Candy Crush Party

If you have a little Candy Crush fan in your midst, there is no better choice than throwing her the sweetest party ever! Check out all the cool Candy Crush decorations and ideas below.

50. Hearts Party

A hearts-themed birthday party is a beautiful idea for any little girl close to your heart’s birthday.

Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

51. Pirate Party

Woman painting the face of birthday boy in pirate costume.

Ahoy matey! Throw your kid an arrrg-some pirate-themed birthday party with treasure hunts and sea creatures!

52. Outer Space Party

Allow your kid to experience a birthday party that is out of this world!

53. Hot Wheels Party

Boys love Hot Wheels! It’s the most fantastic toy ever, and it makes a perfect theme for any boy’s birthday party!

54. Circus Party

If your boy is into the clowns and magic tricks, he will love having a circus-themed birthday party!

55. Superhero Party

Back profile of kids wearing superhero costumes.

Every little boy is a superhero at heart. Allow him to express his powers with a super cool superheroes-themed birthday party!

56. Under The Sea Party

Dive into the deep and give your kid a theme that comes from under the ocean!

57. Train Party

Stay on track and choo-choo choose a birthday party theme for your kid that is off the rails!

58. Trolls Party

Who said boys don’t like dolls? We mean fantastic troll dolls, of course, and kids love it as a theme for their birthday parties!

59.  Farm Party

Throwing a farm barnyard-themed birthday party is another great way to get your children out into the fresh air!

60. Baby Shark Party

Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo, do I need to say more? This is such a cute and fun birthday party theme!

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61. Dragon Party

What boy doesn’t want a fire-breathing dragon-themed birthday party!?

62. Dinosaur Party

Boy in eyeglasses celebrating his birthday with a dinosaur theme.

“I don’t want a dinosaur birthday party,” said no kid ever! Dinosaurs may be extinct, but their legacy will live on forever!

63. Airplanes Party

The fun is ready for lift-off! Let your little man pilot his own party with an awesome airplane-themed birthday!

64. Robot Party

Boys and robots do mix, especially at a birthday party! Let the robotics fun begin!

65. Kite Party

A group of children playing kites on a field.

Take flight with an excellent kite-themed birthday party that your kid will love!

66. Hulk Party

The boys will have a smashing time will this amazing Hulk-themed party.

67. Spiderman Party

The Spiderman-themed birthday party has stood the tests of time. Boys love pretending to be the web-shooting crime fighter, and Spidey will remain a classic forever!

68. Avengers Party

The cool Avengers gang of superheroes makes a perfect birthday party theme for your little man! 

69. Alien Party

Give your son an unforgettable extra-terrestrial experience with an alien-themed birthday extravaganza!

70. Monsters Party

Little boy in a monster costume surrounded by colorful dotted balloons.

With so many different cool monsters out there, having monsters as the theme of a birthday party will never be boring!

71. Baseball Party

Boys and sports will always go together, and a baseball-themed birthday is a fun way for boys to have some sporty outdoor fun!

72. Obstacle Course Party

This theme may just be one of the most exciting entries on this list, and with so many possibilities, it’s easy to understand why.

73. Paw Patrol Party

If your boy is a fan of this awesome k9 gang, allow him and his friends to have a paw-some Paw Patrol-themed birthday party!

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74. Harry Potter Party

Make your kids levitate with excitement by throwing them a Harry Potter-themed birthday party! Create a Hogwarts setting inside or outside to make this experience unforgettable!

75. Percy Jackson Party

Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, has become a prevalent theme for boy’s birthday parties. With all the fantastic mythical creatures in the story, it isn’t hard to see why.

76. Spongebob Squarepants Party

Throw your boy a birthday party in a pineapple under the sea with this awesome Spongebob Squarepants-themed birthday party.

77. Slime Party

Kids hands playing slimes.

Whether it’s playing with slime or making slime, all kids are into slime these days. So, why not use it as a slimy theme for your kid’s birthday that you know he will love!

78. Lego Party

A Lego-themed birthday party is incredible because you can make everything look like Lego, from the cake to the decorations; your kid will feel like he has stepped into Lego land!

79. Star Wars Party

May the force be with you while you plan a Star Wars-themed birthday party for your son he’ll never be able to forget!

80. Scavenger Hunt Part

Send your boy and his mates on a treasure hunt with this excellent scavenger hunt-themed party!

81. Firefighter Party

You won’t be able to extinguish the fun with this blazingly fantastic firefighter-themed birthday party!

82. Mickey Mouse Party

Birthday reception with Mickey Mouse theme featuring a large plush toy, candies, and cake.

Mickey Mouse is a kid’s all-time favorite classic and makes for a brilliant birthday party theme!

83. Water Party

Throw a splish-splash birthday bash for your kid with this super fun water-themed birthday party!

84. Football Party

Touchdown! Let your kid experience an all-American football birthday party that he will never forget.

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85. Willy Wonka Party

Throw your kid the sweetest birthday party ever with a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory theme!

86. Soccer Party

Soccer themed birthday party with custom cake against a net and soccer ball.

Give your son a cool soccer-themed birthday party for an action-packed outdoor birthday experience!

87. Minions Party

Minions love to party, so why not use them as the theme for your little man’s birthday party for some mischievous fun!

88. How To Train Your Dragon Party

Any party with Toothless the dragon as their main attraction is sure to be an unbelievable adventure! Check out all the cool ideas for this magical theme!

89. Batman Party

Birthday reception with Batman theme showcasing a custom cake, cupcakes, and macaroons.

Bring justice to your home with a cool, crimefighting Batman-themed birthday party!

90. Carnival Party

Life is a party, but wouldn’t it be great if it was a carnival? Well, it can be by throwing your boy a fun-filled carnival-themed birthday party!

91. Outdoor Movie Party

Adults aren’t the only ones who should get to experience an outdoor theatre! Host an outdoor movie-themed birthday party for your boy and his best friends.

92. Pokémon Party

Top view of Pokémon character cookies over lace coasters.

Pikachu and his Pokémon buddies are a big hit as a theme for birthday parties.

93. Dr. Seuss Party

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” – The Cat in the Hat By Dr. Seuss –

94. Ninja Party

Bring out the chopsticks and throw the best ninja-themed birthday party your kid could ever wish for!

95. Winnie The Pooh Party

Let your child celebrate his birthday with Winnie The Pooh and his friends, deep in the Hundred Acre Woods!

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96. Octonauts Party

Throw your kid an adorable Octonauts-themed birthday party! Click on the links below for some amazing party ideas!

97. Paddington Bear Party

It’s everyone’s favorite Bear, and you could invite him to help celebrate your boy’s birthday, one he will never forget!

98. Minecraft Party

Minecraft fans will adore having their very own Minecraft-themed birthday party! Check out the awesome ideas below!

99. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

Allow your kid to be a Ninja Turtle for the day with this awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed birthday party!

100. Kung Fu Panda Party

Little boy in a monk costume posing beside a panda bear.

Po fans will love this theme! Click the links below for some stunning ideas to make your little one’s day special.


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