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Kids Baseball Bat Sizes (Charts)

Back profile of a kid playing baseball on an outdoor field during a game.

My key to enjoying a comfortable and pleasant baseball game is to have the right bat. A bat determines the strength of impact, swing velocity, and how far the ball travels. You want it to feel right in size, weight, and during a swing. So, how can you identify the right pick for your child?

Here, we present different aspects concerning children that influence bat length. Our guide can help you better understand and interpret charts when surveying kids’ baseball bat sizes.

Baseball Bat Anatomy

Kids baseball size anatomy chart.

Before delving into the children’s factors that determine a suitable bat length, it is necessary to know a baseball bat’s anatomy. I find that understanding the components of a bat helps improve communication with other baseball lovers and service providers when shopping. It becomes easier to advise new buyers since they can comprehend your reference parts in your guidance.

A bat incorporates a knob, the section at the end of the handle. The handle typically features a rubber covering and precedes the tapered part. After this section, you find the thickest part of the bat called the barrel, followed by the end cap at the end. The bat length refers to the distance from the tip of the knob to the end cap tip.  

Bat Length by Age

Baseball bat length by age chart.

Age is a number that matters when determining the right bat length for your kids. It is among my easiest ways of finding the right bat size for a child since I can use it when kids do not accompany me on a shopping trip. The chart typically divides the ages into seven categories, including 5 to 7, 8 to 9, and 10-year-olds. It also includes 11 to 12, 13 to 14, 15 to 16, and 17 to 18-year-olds.

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The youngest group is compatible with bats measuring 24 to 26inches, whereas the older ones beginning from around 13 years old can use 31 to 34inches. 28 to 29-inch bats are perfect for 10-year olds, while 30 to 31-inch options are compatible with 11 to 12-year old players.

Bat Length by Weight and Height

Bat Length by Weight and Height

The right bat length lets you maintain the perfect stance to deliver a quality swing in a strike zone. You do not want your bat too short since a reduced length prevents you from hitting all the balls in your strike zone. The shortness might cause you to reach for the ball instinctively, throwing off your rhythm, stance, and the skill to hit the ball with real power.

I advise measuring your kids’ weight and height and getting a bat length compatible with your findings. Bat lengths by a child’s weight and height generally range from 26inches to 34inches. The 26-inch is ideal for kids weighing 60lbs or less with a height of 3ft to 3ft 4inches.

Bats measuring 33 to 34 inches suit the tallest and heaviest children, standing over 5ft 5inches and weighing more than 121lbs. Notably, the bat length increases by around an inch the heavier a child is, leaving you room to find the perfect length for your little one’s body type.

Bat Length by Weight

Bat Length by Weight

I suggest checking the bat weight to ensure you get the right size for your children’s age and height. Bat weight involves three categories according to age, letting you fit your children in the little league, youth league, or high school college. The little league incorporates 8 to 10-year olds standing between 4 and 5ft, with the best bats weighing from 16oz to 19oz.

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The youth league has 11 to 12-year olds with player weights ranging from 70lbs to 150lbs. Suitable bats for this category weigh between 18oz and 23oz. Lastly, the high school college group features players’ heights between 5ft 6inches and 6ft 4inches, with the best bat weighing from 27oz to 30.5oz. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the correct bat size for a child?

I find two ways you can easily use to know whether the bat size you pick is the right one for your child. First, place the bat’s knob in the middle of your chest, facing outward while keeping your arm out to the side. Next, reach out your arm and try grabbing the bat’s barrel. If you can grab it, then the bat is the appropriate length.

The second method requires you to put the bat up against your leg’s side. You know it is the right length if the bat’s handle can reach the center of your palm. The bat is too short if it needs you to bend and too long if you have to curve your elbow.

How can you tell when a bat is too heavy?

My recommended test to determine if a bat is too heavy for your child involves holding it out straight. You want your kid to use his or her dominant hand to perform this test, maintaining the bat in a straight line parallel to the ground. The bat is too heavy if your young one cannot hold the position for 20 seconds.

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Another test you can rely on is the soft toss test, especially if your child is already familiar with baseball. Generally, the bat is fine if the player hits mostly line drives. If he or she does not hit it well, you might want to try a lighter bat.

Is there a difference between using an aluminum or wood bat?

Yes, aluminum provides lighter bats than wood, enabling you to swing faster and easier. A lightweight aluminum bat also offers convenient freedom to let you make last-minute adjustments to a swing. Nevertheless, wood bats have a higher density and weight, enabling you to hit the ball harder and farther.

Comfort is the most critical aspect when selecting a bat size. Hence, you want to try out multiple bats before picking your favorite. Our piece above can help you begin your shopping venture by knowing the different elements in kids influencing bat sizes. This knowledge makes your search easier and more accurate when seeking the perfect length for your child. 

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