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200 Indoor Activities for Kids

A couple of kids playing indoor obstacle course.

Do you seek some creative activities for your kids? Worry no more as we peruse some of the indoor engagements for kids of all ages. Kids get bored, especially during the winter seasons when they spend most of the time indoors.

You can entertain your kids in either an old-fashioned way or use a form of modern technology. The indoor activities range from simple to educational and fun crafts. Without further ado, let’s unveil some of the indoor activities for kids.

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Engage your kid in cosmic kids Yoga that focuses on a collection of videos.

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Jumping jacks

Let your kids engage in physical routines, legs apart and arms wide.

Bodyweight physical exercises like push-ups, squats, planks, and mountain climbers

Dancing to music

Search great music that will make your kid engage in the rhythm

Fit factor kids exercise

Let the kids engage in exercise routines.


Make indoor hopscotch using masking tape on the tiles.

Do a family chore together

Have a dance party

A family dancing in the living room.

Stream kid-friendly workout videos online

Play hot potato

Jump rope

Follow the leader

Crab walk or bear crawl races

Play Keep the Balloon up

Fill up a balloon, and don’t let it touch the ground.

Make homemade playdough

Create your favorite animals or favorite items.

Have a pillow fight

Make a zoo

Gather all the stuffed animals in the house. Make cages and fences using available items such as cardboard, string, and laundry baskets.

Build a fort

A couple of kids reading in a blanket fort with Christmas lights.

Make a fort with chairs, sheets, and light up the interior with Christmas lights.

Make fruit roll-ups

Make homemade gummy bears

Make ice cream in a bag

Make play mud

Make rainbow rice

Make homemade fluffy slime, rainbow slime, or clear slime

Make non-toxic slime using natural food coloring.

Make fake snow

Use ice cream.

Make a sensory bin

Use a plastic shoebox with hidden objects in oats or rice for younger kids to search and find.

Craft paper airplanes

This is a close look at a kid playing with a paper airplane.

Make leaf suncatchers or handprints

Make salt dough

Have a tea party

Make real tea and cookies, and dress up in a fancy outfit.

Salt painting

Grow an indoor herb garden

Let the kids identify the herbs to use in a particular dish.

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Make scratch art

Animal Dice Game

Make fun as you instruct your kid to act like or run like.

Make sponge stamps

Play hangman

This is a close look at a hangman game on notebook with a pen.

Uno movement game

Assign actions to each number, flip a card over and complete the task.

Make a cereal box aquarium

Make personal bookmarks such as trolls, minions, Olaf, toy story bookmarks

Paint pet rocks

Make recycled crayons

Make paper boats

Make a bird feeder

Finger painting

Make friendship bracelets

Make a scrapbook

Make paper bag puppets

This is a close look at a paperbag puppet show.

Make handprint art

Use paints to craft your favorite art.

Paint leaves

Play with water in a bin with toys

Play laser games

Step into the future playground.

Make a sock toss game: Using mismatched socks, fill them with beans or rice, then play and see how many scores you can get in a laundry basket

Set up a play store

Use a shopping basket and set up the merchandise.

Make a thankful jar

Decorate T-Shirts

Use craft paints or DIY stamps.

Make a sensory bag

Use dot markers

Write in a journal

A close look at a girl writing on her journal.

Use some notebooks and build a journal together you can look back on each winter.

Watch movies

Make some hot beverages like homemade hot chocolate and pop some popcorn to watch a movie together.

Bake muffins and cupcakes

Use toys for kids who like cooking or sign the kids for online cooking classes

Color in a coloring book

Use crayons or colored marker pens

Make a Time Capsule

Paint with watercolours

Place a piece of paper on the surface and add some paint, allowing the little ones to make less mess.

Make button art

Build a cardboard castle

These are a couple of kids making a cardboard castle.

You can make the following step-by-step tutorial showcased in kids’ books

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Make papercraft ,for instance, craft paper flowers and paper butterflies

Make tissue box monsters

Put on a fashion show

Make toilet paper roll crafts

For example, toilet paper roll butterflies, toilet paper roll flowers, and toilet paper roll monsters.

Make chalk ice

Play would you rather game

Make celery flowers with the stumps of your celery

Make puff sidewalk paint

Play I spy

Play board games

This is a family playing a board game in the living room.

Play a favorite game such as Carcassonne and sequence.

Play a Simon Says game

Scrape painting

Use rubber stamps

Stamp on old t-shirts or paper surfaces

Play with magnetic tiles

Potato sack race

Use pillowcases and let the kids step in, hold them up around their waist, and then hop to the finish line.

Paint a recycled jar

Play hide and seek

Wheelbarrow puzzle walk

Set up a wooden puzzle board and scatter the pieces around a room. Grab your child’s ankles and hold them up so they can walk on their hands to collect them.

Draw a self-portrait

Make a personal superhero costume

A kid wearing a cape playing superhero in the bedroom.

Write a story

Retell a famous fairytale or write about yourself in the future.

Play bingo

Play card games

Integrate different easy card game ideas for kids.

Make dinner together

Let the kids help plan the dinner menu.

Build an obstacle course

Use pillows, chairs, or stack up blocks. Compete to see who can complete the course fastest.

Build a stack of cards

Compete to stack cards as high as possible

Write a letter

Think of a friend or relative and practice your letter-writing skills.

Play stacking cups

See how high you can stack the cups. Make a castle using cups.

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Do a treasure hunt

Put on a puppet show

A family doing a puppet show in the living room.

Make sock puppets using old tube socks.

Craft something with Lego

Find all Lego and blocks in the house and create the tallest structure possible.

Learn to draw

Have an indoor scavenger hunt

Make penny spinners

Hunt for pennies around the house and make penny spinners.

Draw a puzzle

Egg and spoon race

Grab a spoon and any small round object that will fit on top. Let the child navigate along a set course without dropping it off the spoon.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Make your own indoor bowling

Use a paper towel roll as your bowling pin and a small ball to bowl. Make plastic bottle bowling pins and bowl using a bouncy ball.

Play charades

A family playing charades in the living room.

Pretend to be your favorite animal, as the rest of the players guess who they are.

Play freeze dance

Figure skating

Clear an area on your floor and pretend you are gliding across the ice.

Build your own game

Play dominoes

Indoor soccer

Use two cones, a chair, and tape to set up a playing area and goal post. Use any softball.


Tape some plastic cups lying on their side to the ground to use them as holes. Use a long roll wrapping paper golf stick.

Mission Impossible obstacle maze

Create an intricate maze in the corridor and let your kid navigate their bodies through it.

Play marbles

This is a boy playing with marbles on a carpeted floor.

Make creative costumes

Use newspaper and tape to dress up as knights or animals. Color with markers and crayons.

Read books

Read your favorite storybooks.

Learn Origami

Target practice

Set up targets such as paper towel rolls and let the kids try and knock them down.

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Do a science project

Learning to knit

Wiggle jar

Integrate activity cards and place them in a jar for whenever your child needs to let the wiggles out.

Play dress-up in old Halloween costumes

Kids love any chance to dress up.

Learning about a new animal

Learn to sew 

A couple of kids learning how to sew.

ABC Hunt

Let your kids move around the house with a basket, collecting items that start with each alphabetical letter.

Learning a new card game

Do brain teasers

Paint chip color hunt

Pick up some brightly colored paint chips and ask your kids to find items that match each color.

Learn about a country

Learn a new language

Scavenger hunt

List out items and have your kid hunt around the house, collecting various items.

Make a memory book

It’s ideal for older kids to organize pictures and artworks saved from previous years into a binder.

Write a play

Work with other siblings, assign parts and perform the play.

Paint a picture

A little boy on a work table making a painting.

Use craft paint. For toddlers, place a piece of paper inside a gallon size ziplock bag, add some paint and allow them to paint.

Make instruments

Use available items such as rubber bands, tin cans, wooden spoons, and toilet paper rolls.

Make potato tamps

Stamp on a variety of things, such as newspaper, copy paper, or old t-shirts.

Make some kid-friendly DIY bath bombs

Invest in a kinetic sand kit

Play at the beach indoors. Use surfaces such as sheets for less mess.

Make popcorn garland

Pop some popcorn and string onto the thread with a plastic needle.

Build a marble run

Use toilet paper rolls, paper cups and duct tape.

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Make paper snowflakes

Using varying templates, cut paper snowflakes to decorate the house interior.

Act out a scene from your favorite movie

This is a mess-free idea that parents would appreciate.

Make a snowglobe

This is a big homemade snowglobe on a wooden table.

Let the kids add on objects in the snowglobe and will love playing with them repeatedly.

Make macaroni necklaces

Color the macaroni noodles with available markers and string onto the yarn.

Make your favorite photo albums

Cut pictures from magazines of your favorite items with your favorite color and paste on a piece of cardboard.

Indoor fishing

Use a fishing pole, gummy worms, and paperclips.

Readout loud

Some kids find pleasure in being read to.

Host an Open Mic Night

It doesn’t necessarily require official karaoke.

Top your own pizza

Let the kids get involved in making pizza dough and add their own toppings.

Try fashion design

Use spin art or fabric markers and wear your creations.

Play Mad Libs and word games

Without Mad Libs books, kids can juggle words as the first person writes the first sentence, the second player adds the next sentence and the game proceeds until the final story.

Tape shape game

Use the tape to put a variety of shapes, numbers or letters on the floor. Let the kid select favorite letter and give them instructions to follow, such as hop like a frog to letter T.

Create a race-car track

Make a road system for kids’ cars and let them crawl all over while engaging.

Penguin waddle

Place a balloon between your child’s knees and then waddle across the room without dropping it.

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Balloon taps

Hang a balloon by a string from your doorway so it is a few inches higher than your child’s arms reach. Challenge them to tap it with their hand.

Balloon Blow

Set up a course and see if your kid can blow a balloon all the way to the finish line.

Backhand balloon balance

Challenge your kids to balance a balloon on the back of their heads and see how long they can do it.

Balloon paddle ball

Use a paper plate to make your own paddle, then use it to play with the balloon.

Balloon volleyball

Tie a piece of string between two chairs and let the child hit the balloon back and forth while keeping it off the floor.

Sticky spider web

Use tape to make a web-like design on a doorway opening. Give your kids some newspaper to scrunch up and throw up at the web. Count how many objects stick.

Floor Bop

Let your kids toss an object to land on pieces of paper on the floor.

Ping pong ball catch

Have your kids toss the ball to a partner and try and catch it in the cup.

Alligator Alley

Scatter some islands or boats across the floor using pillows or available objects. Let the kids jump from one to the next without falling.

Cotton-ball crawls

The activity involves moving a pile of cotton balls from one room to another using a spoon.

Indoor Croquet

Use toilet paper rolls to make your own indoor croquet course.

Movement chain

The interactive game involves at least two players. The first player performs a particular move like jumping, and then the second player performs the move and adds another.

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Potato drop

The kids place a potato between their knees and race to a finish line where they have to drop it into a designated bowl. Failure to drop the potato appropriately calls for a return to the start.

Airplane landing

Make an airplane using cut paper and throw it away. Collect landed plane without walking.

Mirror Mirror

Stand face to face with your kid. Let the kid attempt to copy all your movements. Make it fun as you copy your child.

Crib mattress slide

Crib mattress and prop it up on a bed or soft chair, so it creates a slide to the ground. Let the kids climb up and slide down.

Hula hoop

A little girl playing with a hula hoop.

Have your kids use the loop around their waist or use it as a steering wheel to drive an imaginary car.

Pillow case race

On the tiles, sit on a pillow case and use your arms and legs to scoot around.

Three-legged race

Tie your kid’s ankles together with something soft and stretchy. Let them coordinate movement from point A to B.

Jumping Limbo

Let the kids run around and jump over the stretchy band or rope.

Twister game

Make your own by taping construction paper circles on the floor.


Grab a sheet, and everyone takes a side, rapidly moving your arms up and down. Put some balls or balloons on top and try to flee them.


A father and daughter playing with bubbles in living room.

Blow some bubbles with a wand and challenge your kids to pop them before they touch the ground.

Play a moving game

Ask your kids to engage in a one-leg flamingo balance for 45 seconds or bunny hoops for 15 seconds.

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Animal action dic.

Engage in creative animal movements like scrub like a squirrel.

Move like an insect’s gross motor dice

Let your kid’s blast crawling moves such as flapping like a butterfly.

Gross motor action dice

Teach your kids to skip, hop or jump.

Create a show

Let kids create their personal favorite show, such as a circus show.


Let your child practice moves.

Play a bear hunt

Hide a bear somewhere in your house and have your kid find it.

Play Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Fanny pack dynamic duo for your kids

Learning station

Let your kids engage in educational, healthy music videos.

Learn Saskia Dansschool

This is an excellent dance school for skilled kids to hit.

Vacuum, sweep or Swiffer

Open a cleaning closet and let your kid pick their favorite tool.

Play with active toys

Invest in indoor gross motor toys.


Create an area for pretend role-play using their toys.

Play a Smartphone game

A girl playing on a smart phone in the living room.

Let the little one play their favorite game on handset gadgets.

Engage in phone apps

Let your little one scroll through Instagram or tailor-make an app for your kid.

Engage on the Groovedance channel

Let the kids engage in how to make dance videos with mini workouts.

Indoor hockey

Use balloons and pool noodles for young kids.


Train your kid with a lacrosse ball and tether strap.

Indoor basketball

Hang a laundry basket on a door handle.

Indoor archery

Invest in a toy bow and arrow and let your kid hit targets

Life-size book maze

Challenge your child to find their way out of household obstacles.

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Flashlight scavenger hunt

If you have a dark room, turn off the lights and let the kids use a flashlight to scavenge and hunt for hidden items.

Color toss

Create your own point system and let the kids match the bean bag color.

Tape lines

Make separate lines of tape about a foot apart. Have the kids compete on how many lines they can jump.

That’s a wrap up for today’s topic fun indoor activities for kids. We hope these collared ideas will spark the imagination in your home.

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