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How to Draw Pikachu in 7 Simple Steps (for Kids)


Easy steps on how to draw pikachu.

How to Draw Pikachu

Easy steps on how to draw pikachu.


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Step 1: Start with the Eyes

Draw the eyes of pikachu.

Pikachu is always staring up at Ash with shining eyes full of love and adoration for his trainer. Getting a good pair of eyes for him is fairly simple. Draw two circles that are slightly offset, then draw two smaller circles inside of them. The smaller circles should be towards the upper and inner portions of the circle to show Pikachu looking up and focusing on Ash in this picture.

Step 2: Add a Happy Smile

Add the smile on pikachu.

Seeing Ash makes Pikachu feel happy and warm inside. Use a slightly curved triangle that’s upside down with a wavy line across the top to add one. A small line near the top of the mouth shows his teeth, and a little oval above the mouth is all he needs for his button nose. A small line at the upper corner of his mouth is enough to show where his teeth would be while he’s got such a giant smile on his face.

Step 3: Outline Pikachu’s Head

Draw the face of pikachu.

Next up is the outline of Pikachu’s head. While most of it is a vague circle around the eyes and mouth you have already made, the ears are one of the most unique features of the little thunder mouse. They are narrow and long, rising up to a point. The tips are a different color, so be sure to put a line across the ears to set them apart from the rest.

Step 4: Draw Rosy Cheeks and a Waving Arm

Draw the arms of pikachu.

Pikachu loves attention, so he’s throwing up a cute paw to try and get Ash to look at him even harder. His rosy red cheeks amplify his cuteness for even more attention-grabbing power, so don’t forget to include big circles on his cheeks for those. The arm is a bit trickier since some of it is hidden behind his big, chunky cheeks. Come up and to the left from just above the rosy circles, then add a few little triangles for his fingers. After the last one, bring the line down with a gentle outward curve to form the rest of his arm.

Step 5: Add a Leg and Bottom

Draw the legs of pikachu.

Add a short line that comes down from above the bottom of his arm to just a bit below it. A second line with an upward curve will form the top of his right leg. His foot is primarily a long oval with a small gap where it joins the leg, but be sure to include the three toes. The bottom line is easy, coming across from the bottom right curve of the foot to where a straight line down from the outside of the ears would touch it.

Step 6: Complete the Body

Draw the other legs of pikachu.

Add another foot and thigh at the bottom, then finish the outside of his body with a line between the thigh and cheek. His other arm comes down across his body with the same chunky shape and triangular fingertips. Add a couple of small triangles against the line of his back.

Step 7: Finish the Tail

Easy steps on how to draw pikachu.

Aside from the ears, Pikachu’s tail is iconic with its lightning bolt shape. Draw a line out from the lower portion of his back, then sharply bring it upwards. After a short distance, take another sharp turn to the right for the broad section at the end. When you’ve got it the right length, give the end some thickness with an upward line, then go to the left and reverse the zig-zag pattern while narrowing the tail as you approach the base.


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