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How To Draw A Panda in 6 Simple Steps (for Kids)

Many people enjoy coloring pictures of panda bears but you may have always wanted to learn how to draw a picture of a panda bear. If so, you have come to the right place because this video, along with photos and our steps, are designed to help you create a panda bear and are listed in detail below for your convenience.

You can use your black marker to draw your Panda bear or a dark-colored pencil to create the outline of your bear. You can then color your picture after you are finished drawing your panda bear so you can show it off to all of your family and friends.

Materials Needed:

Drawing Paper

Colored Pencils or Black Marker


Step 1: Draw The Eyes

To begin creating you’re amazing panda bear, you will want to draw a small circle with a small circle inside it for the first eyeball. You can trace the inside circle twice cutting over in the middle to give more distinction to your eyeball.

Step 2: Draw The Eyes

In this step, you will repeat step one to the left of your first eyeball but make sure the inside part of your panda’s eyes are beside each other in your drawings to give him the look that you want when your picture is finished.

Step 3: Draw the Nose

In this step, you will want to draw a circle that almost comes to a point at the bottom in between the eyes of your panda bear to create his or her nose. You can then add an oblong circle inside to finish forming the nose of your panda bear.

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Step 4: Draw The Mouth

You will now want to draw a line downward from the nose then make a U-shape that then comes to a point before bringing it down into a larger U shape and repeat the same thing on the other side to start forming the mouth of your panda. You can add a squiggly line in the middle with two small humps to form your panda bear’s tongue.

Step 5: Draw The Arm & Tail

You can now add to half-circles and connect them to the top of your panda’s head to form his or her ears. No panda bear is complete without a pair of ears.

Step 6: Draw The Legs And Body

In this final step in the drawing of your panda bear, you will want to form your panda’s body in legs by following the artist in the video so the European de looks more realistic than you ever thought he or she could. You have now drawn an amazing picture of a panda bear.


From Baby Panda to Super Panda, many cartoons have been made that star a little black and white panda and kids love it. Panda bears are adorable and are very interesting to watch at a zoo, for instance.

The Panda bear is native to South Central China and is known for its very bold black and white coat of fur as well as its very round and stocky body shape. Pandas enjoy munching on bamboo shoots and leaves which create about 99 percent of their daily food intake. They also like to eat a variety of different grasses along with birds, carrion, and rodents but when they are in captivity, they eat more normal foods, such as eggs, fish, honey, yams, oranges, bananas, and even specially prepared foods and the leaves from shrubs.

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Find the tutorial video here:


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