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How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone in 9 Simple Steps

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Ice cream is a frozen dessert typically made from dairy products, such as milk and cream and it is combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. Did you know that Vanilla ice cream is the most popular all over the world? Yes, you got it right! But chocolate ice cream is the first flavor invented in America.

This very cold, sweet, and flavored Ice cream was the favorite dessert of everybody. Most of the time this dessert is one of the foods that our parents prepared when we celebrate our birthday. I remember when I was still a kid, my father will always buy me some ice cream when he came after work and when I’m sick. I know your mommy and daddy are also buying you some ice cream on your special day.

Are you excited to learn how to draw your favorite dessert? Now let’s get started.

Step 1: Draw the First Scoop

To draw our favorite dessert. Let’s begin with a big circle in the middle part of your paper. You can use an object or a plastic cup to draw a perfect circle. This circle will serve as the first scoop of our flavored ice cream.

Step 2: Draw the Second Scoop

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the second scoop of our ice cream. Use an object to draw a perfect circle and the circle should be smaller than the circle that you made earlier. Draw the circle on the upper left part of the big circle you have drawn earlier. Make sure that the two circles will intersect with each other.

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Step 3: Draw the Third Scoop

This time let’s draw the third scoop. The circle should be smaller than the two circles that you made earlier. Find another object that is smaller than the two. Draw it on the top of the two circles. The three circles should intersect with each other.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Lines

Try to check your drawing, which line do you think must be removed in the three circles that you made earlier? Yes, you got it right! Remove the curve lines inside each circle. Please be careful in removing the extra lines you might remove the import line in your drawing. 

Step 5: Add Some Details

To make it more like real ice cream. Draw three small circles that intersect each other on the left side of the big circle located on the left side. Add another three small circles that intersect each other on the right side of the big circle located on the right side.

Step 6: Remove Unnecessary Lines

On this part let’s clean our drawing by removing some extra lines in our ice cream. Remember the six small circles that you’ve drawn earlier in each big circle located on the right and left sides. Erase those extra curve lines inside the small and the big circle. Take note do not remove the curve line from the small circle that connects to the big circle.

Step 7: Add the Cone

Are you excited to draw the cone for your ice cream? Now let’s begin by drawing the cone shape. Draw a cone shape below the ice cream. Connect the cone shape to the left ice cream scoop going to the right-side ice cream scoop to hold your ice cream.

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Step 8: Add More Details to the Cone

Have you seen an ice cream cone? I’m sure you already saw it. Now Let’s add some details to our ice cream cone. Draw one curved, horizontal line across the upper portion of the cone. Then, use diagonal lines to draw a checkerboard pattern across the bottom of the cone.

Step 9: Finish up!

Make your ice cream colorful! What is your favorite flavor? Chocolate ice cream is often brown in hue, while vanilla ice cream is white, strawberry ice cream is pink, and mango ice cream is yellow. Choose your three favorite flavors and enjoy coloring your ice cream. Good job for a job well done little ones.

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