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How To Draw A Zebra (8 Easy Steps)

Drawing, especially when doing it with kids, is always a fun activity to engage in. This is because it helps them translate what they have come across in books into a drawing. The most important thing you need to keep in mind when drawing with kids is to make sure that you incorporate some teaching skills to ensure that they recall all the steps should they be called upon to draw again. One of the animals that kids are fascinated in drawing is the cartoon zebra. This is because of the beautiful stripes it bears on the body, making it appealing.

How To Draw A Zebra (Easy Steps)

Below are easy steps that will help you come up with the best zebra drawing.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Craft Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 Sheet Paper White
  • 1 Marker Black
  • 1 Pack Crayons


  • Draw the zebra's head on the upper part of your drawing paper. The head should resemble an egg. If you are drawing a baby zebra, ensure that you do a smaller oval shape than you would do for a giant zebra.
  • Below the first oval-shaped head, draw another oval that will join together as the zebra's body.
  • Two parallel lines should be drawn between the head and the body. This is where the neck will be positioned. To come up with the zebra's face, draw two ears at the top of its head. To the lower left side of the head, draw a curved line on it; ensure that it is a sharp, simple line. It is always important to consider the size of your zebra before drawing each part.
  • Make two similar circles on the zebra's head. Put a dot in each of the circles to make the zebra's eyes. Under the curved line that you made, put two dots as well to symbolize its snout. This makes you have a full zebra face just below its body; draw a curved ponytail with a tip at the end to come up with the zebra's tail.
  • From the eyes to the zebra's body, draw a curved line and make four rectangular legs from the bottom of the zebra. Just right at the end of each leg, position a rectangle to show the zebra's hooves. Just below the zebra's head, we came to a curved triangle running close to its body to come up with the zebra's mane. It is always important to have the appearance of the zebra's appearance to ensure that it has the required appearance.
  • Draw stripes along the zebra's body. It is advisable to start almost close to its tail to ensure that you have a uniform pattern. The black stripes should reveal the whole idea of the zebra drawing.It is important that you use a sharp drawing material when making the zebra stripes.
  • After you have finished drawing, color the zebra and ensure that you use the right colors for the vital body part. You can use brown for the hooves, gray for the tail, and black to make stripes on the body. It would be best not to worry about the white coloring, since the watercolor paper is already white.
  • You are now done with your cute zebra, which you may decide to have as a zebra print or even attach your piece of art somewhere else.


If you follow this step-by-step guide, you’ll master drawing a zebra in no time. 
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Interesting facts about zebras that you should know

  • The zebra is an endangered species.
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One of the endangered species of zebra is the Grevy’s zebra, and it is said that one of the threats facing this type of zebra is competition for resources, poaching, disease, and loss of habitat. The zebra exists in three different species.

  • Zebras do not have stripes on their bellies.

Zebras do not have stripes on their bellies; the stripes are not similar even when the zebras belong to the same species. Each zebra has its own unique stripe pattern, making the zebra one of the most extraordinary wild animals.

  • Zebras are the most social animals.

Zebras, especially from the Grevy species, are the most social wild animals; this is different from other animals that tend to charge towards human beings without being provoked. The animals are also social with other animals, making them easy prey to animals such as lions.

  • They have different forms of self-defense.

Zebras have different ways to protect themselves from predators. This includes kicking, biting, and pushing them away.

  • The zebra coat

The zebra coat is regarded as a giant code that can be scanned. The zebra’s skin is also regarded as a unique one compared to other animals.

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