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How to Draw a Toy Rocket in 9 Easy Steps

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A rocket is a projectile used by spacecraft, aircraft, and other vehicles to generate propulsion from a rocket engine. Rockets are very important for space exploration and this could be the reason why kids love them.

Luckily, even if we never get to see a rocket up close, we can always create one! You can make a simple rocket out of odd household items. You can also show the process and principles of a rocket using paper and your art materials. In this article, we’ve put up a step-by-step guide on how to design a rocket in just 9 simple steps. Be excited! you’ll have a nice rocket at your fingertips soon. 

Step 1: Draw the Mainframe

 Let’s start your rocket by drawing the mainframe shape of it. In this step, simply draw a big slanting perfect oblong shape in your paper. This big oblong shape will be the foundation of your drawing. You can use a drawing tool or a material to make you’re oblong more perfect. 

Step 2: Add more Lines

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to add some lines to make it more like a body of a rocket. Add some cone shape on the upper part of the oblong and another cone shape on the lower part of the oblong. The cone shape must be connected to the edge of the oblong. You can check the given image for you to be guided. 

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

This time let’s remove some lines in the body of the rocket. Erase the two curve lines in the middle, that connect to the cone shape that you’ve drawn earlier. Again, make sure to erase the curve lines so we can proceed to the next step. Your drawing must be oblong with a sharp edge.

Step 4: Draw the Body Tube

After you perfectly draw the body of the rocket. Let’s work on the body tube of your rocket. Which is located at the bottom of the rocket. Draw a curve line enclosing the bottom part of the rocket. Then, erase the spiky thing in the lower part connecting to the curve line that you’ve drawn earlier. 

Step 5: Draw the Left Fin

The body of our rocket is perfectly done, and we are also done with the body tube. Let’s work on the fins of your rocket. To draw the fins, draw a curve V-shape on the left side of the body. Make sure to connect your curve V-shape from the lower left part of the body.

Step 6: Complete the Right Fin

To complete our fin, Let’s draw another curve V-Shape on the lower right part of the body. Again, make sure to connect the curve V-shape to the body to look more perfect in your eyes and the eyes of everybody. Then draw a curved line inside the body near the spiky thing to enclose the top part of the rocket.

Step 7: Draw the Windows

Now, Let’s begin drawing two windows in your rocket. You can start by drawing a small perfect circle near the top of the rocket and followed by a big perfect circle. Make sure the distance of the two circles must be 1 inch apart.

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Step 8: Then draw an Exhaust Flame

This will be the last part of your drawing, after this, you will see your output. Exhaust flames appear once the rocket takes off into the air. This is found below the body tube of the rocket. Let’s start drawing our exhaust flame, this looks like a fire. Just draw an up, down, up down line with no particular size of the lines. Make sure to connect all those lines, then double it to make it more like fire. See the given image for a guide.

Step 9: Finish up!

It’s now time for the most exciting phase now that we’ve successfully drawn a rocket! In this step will be choosing the colors for your rocket. The colors that you will be using for the rocket are entirely up to you! Feel free to use any color you like. If you want to make it colorful, you can do so. Enjoy and Good job kiddo!

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