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How to Draw a Shell in 11 Easy Steps

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When people are having a vacation on the beach, what do they usually bring when they go home? Yes, you got it right. Most of us will bring Shell or beautiful stone. Shells are found on the shore. When you are going to the shore you will see many kinds of a beautiful shell. All shells differ greatly in shape, size, color, and texture. The way a shell looks can help a mollusk avoid enemies. Bright colors or patterns may scare away enemies. Textures and colors that match the surroundings are hard for enemies to see. Shells have been used in many ways throughout history, from jewelry to money and animal feed. Mollusks are animals that live in shells for protection. There are between 50,000 and 200,000 different kinds of mollusks.

If you can’t draw from real life, try using this how-to-draw a shell tutorial to get some of the basic shapes in place.

Step 1: Draw the Shell

Begin your shell by drawing the basic shape, the triangle. Sketch an inverted triangle in the center of your paper. You can use a ruler to trace the inverted triangle. The size of your inverted triangle will be the size of your shell later. 

Step 2: Add more Details

In continuation of the shell, draw a small, inverted triangle to get the outer shell’s shape. Draw this on the left, bottom part of the big triangle.  This area will serve as the opening of your shell. Make sure that the two triangles are connected. 

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 Step 3: Add more Details

This time, all you must do is surround the big and small triangle with the irregular shape. Just simply follow the given image above on how to do it. But if you have an idea on how to do it then I’ll give you the freedom to draw whatever you want for your shell. 

Step 4: Remove Extra line

Now, erase the unnecessary line from your drawing. Erase the lines inside from the irregular shell and that is the big and the small triangle. Make sure to erase all the lines inside it because later, will add beauty to our shell later.

Step 5: Add Art

Now, it’s time to show your creativity in your drawing by putting art into your shell. All you must do is draw a horizontal curve line in the shell. Draw this until there is no space for more on it. Then, the distance between the lines must be observed. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 6: Draw the Opening

If you saw a shell, there is an open area wherein the mollusk will come there. So, now add that part to your drawing. Add another irregular shape to the right bottom of the shell. Make sure to occupy the remaining space in that area. See the reference above if you are confused about where to draw the irregular shape.

Step 7: Add Details

In this step, we will make the shape round. We do this by changing the edges on the back part by a curved line. Start this on the third horizontal line then finish it until on the top. Then, erase the straight line that serves as your guide in making the round thing for the shell.

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Step 8: Add Art

Let’s focus on the open area of the shell, and draw a small curve on the edges of the open area of the shell. Finish the small curve line until you reach the bottom part of the shell. The small curve lines must be connected to each other. 

Step 9: Remove Small Lines

This time we will erase some areas as your drawing looks good. Let’s erase some areas that are not good to look at. Erase the lines that are surrounded by the small curve lines. Make sure that you will not include the connected small curves on the side.

Step 10: Add Art Inside

Inside the opening, the area is very empty now let’s add art to it to look more beautiful. Draw some curved lines inside it. Or just copy our image above if you want to. But do not put too much to maintain the neatness of your drawing.

Step 11: Finish up!

Let’s finish this by adding color to our beautiful shell. So, the colors will all be up to you. Just pick colors that look good when you put them together. But you can also copy ours above if you want some girly shell thing. Congratulation on a job well done.   

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