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How to Draw a Rhinoceros in 10 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a rhinoceros.

Did you know that the word “rhinoceros” comes from the Greek word “rhino” which means nose and “ceros” means horn? Their horns are occasionally sold as trophies or decorations, but they are more commonly ground up and used in Chinese medicines.

There are some people who are collecting the horns from the animals. Some hang it on the walls of their house, others place it in their room but most of them hang it in front of their door.

This kind of animal is familiar to the kids who loved animals, most especially boys. They love watching movies about rhinos and some of them buy for collection purposes. 

If you love to draw your own rhino, this step-by-step tutorial will help you draw your favorite animal.

Easy steps in drawing a rhinoceros.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head

Drawing an oval for the head of a rhinoceros.

The head of the rhinoceros is a very important part of it. To draw the head, draw a not-so-perfect slanting oblong shape on the left side of your paper. This shape will be the foundation for drawing all the body parts of the rhino.

Step 2: Add the Horn and the Ears

Drawing the horns of the rhinoceros.

Start drawing the horn on the top, and lower portion of the head. We will be drawing two horns for your rhinoceros. Draw a big curvy Letter V and beside it, add a small curvy letter V. The tip of the horn must be facing upward. For the ears, draw two half small oblong shapes on the top of the head.

Step 3: Add Eyes Guide and Remove Lines

Drawing the eyes of the rhinoceros.

This time we will draw the eye guide of the rhino. Draw a big circle on the upper right part of the head. Then, draw a smaller circle on the upper portion of the first eye guide. The second circle will overlap the upper portion of the head and to the other eye guide.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the eyes.

Before we proceed to the next step, let’s give some time to erase the lines that are not important to your drawing. Erase the line that separates the head and the ears. For the horns erase the small line that separates them from the head. Lastly, erase the lines inside the eye guide.

Step 5: Add the Nose and the Mouth

Drawing the mouth and nose of the rhino.

The nose and mouth are important parts of the body. Draw two small circles in the lower portion of the head. For the mouth, draw a curved line from the lower right side of the head. Then, inside the eye guide draw a shaded crescent moon shape on it.

Step 6: Draw the Body

Draw the body of the rhinoceros.

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the body. To do this, draw a half oval shape on the right side of the head. Start drawing it from the upper right side of the head going to the lower part near the mouth. Make sure that the body is smaller than the head.

Step 7: Draw the Feet

Draw the feet of the rhinoceros.

In this step, we will draw the feet of the rhinoceros with the use of a very basic shape. Draw the two small half oblong shape below the body. Make sure that the two legs must be half-inch apart. Draw the feet properly so that your rhinoceros can walk properly.

Step 8: Remove Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the feet.

Removing extra lines will really help a lot to improve your drawing. Just make sure that you will erase the lines that said. Erase the extra line that separates the body and the feet. The body and head are already connected.

Step 9: Add the Tail

Draw the tail of the rhinoceros.

Hurray! We are on the second to the last step of your drawing tutorial. Now, it’s time to add a tail to the rhinoceros. Rhinoceros has a cute small tail located at the back portion of the body of the rhinoceros. Just simply draw the half small circle.

Step 10: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing the rhinoceros with color.

To finish your drawing, let’s color your rhinoceros. This time, the will all be up to you. Make sure that your rhino will be handsome/beautiful as you. After you completed the drawing, show it to your family and friends. Congratulations!

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