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How to Draw Iron Man in 12 Simple Steps (for Kids)

How to Draw Iron Man in 12 Simple Steps (for Kids) 30

How to draw iron man.

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Do you read graphic novels and comic books that feature Iron Man? Maybe you have watched the Iron Man movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. His character, Tony Stark, created a fancy, tough costume to wear while fighting crime.

You can easily learn to draw Iron Man, so you can create your own stories featuring this smart, tough superhero. Our Iron Man may remind you of Skylanders or Lego Super Heroes, but he’s still Iron Man.

When you glance at a graphic novel of Iron Man, he may seem complex to draw, but we will explain how to create Iron Man on paper line-by-line. You need to know how to draw a straight line, a curved line, and the basic shapes. You can easily draw Iron Man by following the instructions in this drawing lesson. You need a pencil and paper.

How to Draw Iron Man

How to draw iron man.


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Step 1: Draw Iron Man’s Eyes

Easy steps on how to draw iron man.

Turn your paper long ways, called landscape orientation. This offers the best orientation for long or wide items.  Draw a small horizontal line at the top of the page and draw two rectangles as eyes under it. This defines the width of his head.

Step 2: Draw Iron Man’s Face

Draw iron man's face.

Draw a straight line along the side of each of the eye line you just drew. This line will go up and down, and you should have about a quarter an inch of the line beneath the eye line and the rest above it. From the top of each line draw an angled straight line that goes inward,.

These lines should not meet, but each should finish at even points, leaving about an inch and a half between them. Draw a line angling downward from each, then add a horizontal line between them to connect the two lines. From the bottom of the mask lines, draw an angled line of approximately one inch, with the angles pointing inward.

From the lower end of each of those lines, draw an eighth of an inch line downward on both sides, then angle another short line upward from its point. Draw a final line to connect the two.

Step 3: Complete Iron Man’s Head and Neck

Draw the head and the neck of iron man.

You have created the face. To add his neck, about an eighth of an inch from the right flap of his mask, draw an eighth of an inch line downward. Add an angled line from it, about an inch in length.

Duplicate the process on the other side of the mask. Draw an eighth of an inch-long line upward from the outer endpoints of each of the necklines. Connect these with a one-inch in length horizontal line.

Draw an oval around the outside edge of the mask. You’ll add angles to this later. Draw a semi-circle around the bottom of the neck. Draw an angled line beneath each of the eyes, about half an inch away.

Step 4: Add a Triangle Coming off of his Neckline

Draw the shoulder of iron man.

His shoulders consist of nothing more than a triangle, a rectangle, and a rounded corner square. Draw the triangle coming off of his neckline. Cover the tip of the triangle with the rectangle.

Draw the square onto the end of the rectangle with about an eighth of an inch sticking out at the top. You can round the shape to match the picture now or wait until the end of the drawing.

Finally, add a front gate by drawing a keyhole-type shape that is much larger than the windows on the towers in the middle of the castle’s front wall. This door should be centered and end at the bottom of the tower wall.

Step 5: Draw The Right Arm

Draw the first arm of iron man.

Inside the large square, draw a circle about one-eighth of an inch in diameter just above the center of the bottom line. From the top of the square, draw a line down until you almost reach the middle of the circle, but about an eighth of an inch to the left of it. Draw a straight line downward on either side of the downward-facing square point about an inch from the point.

Draw a half-circle from the endpoint of one of these lines to the other. Add the top of an S-shape to the half-circle, then continue the top line of the S-shape downward about five inches. From the semi-circle shape, about an inch from the left endpoint, draw a slightly curved line down one and a half inches.

Draw a squiggly line to connect the two endpoints on either side of his arm. Draw a circle off of the end of this. You can erase the part of the circle that falls inside the arm now or later.

Draw a rounded tipped triangle about half an inch from the top of the outer left side of the circle.

Step 6: Draw The Left Arm

Draw the second arm of iron man.

We’re repeating the right arm process on the left side, starting with his shoulders. Draw the two short lines connected by a two-inch vertical line, then from the tip of the top short line draw a slightly curved line of one inch in length. Draw a rounded corner square, then add the small circle opposite to the one on the right side.

Draw the straight line downward from the center top angle of the square, on the inside. Curve the top of this line.

Step 7: Add The Rest of His Arm

Complete the arm of iron man.

We’re repeating the right arm process on the left side, starting with his shoulders. Draw the two short lines connected by a two-inch vertical line, then from the tip of the top short line draw a Let’s add the rest of his arm.

Draw a two-inch from the bottom mid-point of the square. From the right-hand side lower angle point draw a two-inch angled line with the tip pointing outward. From the point of this draw a straight line downward and slightly angled outward.

Draw a very short line outward from that and from its endpoint, draw a slightly curved S-shaped line upwards so that its upper endpoint meets the far left-hand line you dropped down from the center point of the square. You can quickly form the forearm with an oval or rectangle. This is rare, but cartoon Iron Man has rounded arms.

Let’s pick the oval. Draw it overlapping with the shape above it. At its bottom left side, draw a smaller oval. Overlapping with the bottom right side of the larger oval, draw a circle.

Draw a tiny half circle on the right side of the circle. About a half-inch from the small oval, draw a straight line about to the top of the circle. Angle the center of it and draw a half-inch line from the mid-point outward and slightly curved at the end toward the tiny half-circle. Erase the overlap from the large oval and the circle.

Step 8: Draw Iron Man’s Heart and Torso

Draw the torso and heart of iron man.

We’re repeating the right arm process on the left side, starting with his shoulders. Draw the two From just left of the midpoint of the neckline, draw a short line downward. This will be about an eighth of an inch.

From this point draw a circle. Inside that circle, draw another circle. Tony’s heart can beat now because you drew his power pack! From the center bottom of this, draw another short, straight line.

From the endpoint of this line, draw an angled outward line pointing toward the left. Curve it at the end and draw it up to meet the shoulder pad. Return to the midpoint of the chest and repeat that process on the right side.

Draw two angled inward lines, one on the right, one on the left, then connect them with a curved line that has a slight C-shape with the C opening pointing downward. About an inch from the right edge of this, draw a straight line down one inch.

Repeat the process on the opposite side but begin the downward line about half an inch outside the breastplate. You make the line a little smaller on this side to create perspective. When you’re done, it will seem that Iron Man is standing at an angle.

Step 9: Add His Abs and Hips

Draw the hips and the abs.

Continue the midpoint line down another two inches to touch the bottom of the breastplate. From each bottom point of the breastplate, draw an inch-long line. You just gave Tony his abs!

Now, he can fight. Next, let’s draw in his briefs because even superheroes need to wear clean underwear. Draw a straight line downward from the outer body line for one of the hip lines. Repeat the process on the left side.

You’ll make the right one inch long, but the left one three-quarters of an inch long. Angle a line downward and to the center from the left and make one from the right. Stop the lines about an inch and a half from each other.

Now, reshape your two lines to curve with the C-shape of the curve pointing down. Join the two lines with a horizontal line. Now that you have the whole shape, curve the two hip lines.

Step 10: Draw The Left Leg

Draw the first leg of iron man.

From the center point of the underwear, draw a three-inch, slightly curved line downward. On the left side, make a line downward form the edge point of the briefs. Close this with an angled line that forms a rectangle with a smaller left side.

Draw a curved top line from the bottom left point of the leg. From this draw another, longer line with a curved top. Make this five inches in length. Extend it inside to the right about an inch at the top.

From its lower point, draw a very short, barely an eighth of an inch line. Draw a curved C-shaped line from the mid-point of that line. Draw a three to four-inch line from the outer C-edge to the right.

At its endpoint, draw a straight line that slightly angles backward to the right. Draw a two-inch line upward from the endpoint of the line. Now, draw a squiggly line that begins at the back of his ankle and travels upward. It should slightly V, then angle to the left.

You’ll then draw a straight line up to the meeting point of the left side of the leg. Beneath this line, draw an angled line that points downward and to the right. From its rightmost point, draw another three-inch line down, then draw another line the same length, but horizontally until you reach the outermost point of the boot.

Draw an angled line on the top of the boot, almost to its toe. Draw a circle for Tony’s ankle joint.

Step 11: Draw The Right Leg and Done!

How to draw iron man.

You repeat the left leg drawing process on the right side. The essential shapes consist of a long rectangle and an almost triangle to add depth by creating folds of the boot. Do the lines to mark the toe of the boot last to make things easier on yourself. 

Clean up your drawing by erasing overlapping lines. Round any corners to match the drawing.

Explore the rest of this site to learn how to draw many other objects and animals. With practice, you can draw anything. As you develop your skills, you can move from the instructions and drawings for children to those for youth and adults. Sharpen your pencils, grab some drawing paper, and get started.


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