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How to Draw a Heart in 9 Easy Steps

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The heart is one of the most important parts of our body. The heart is an organ of our body that is in our chest. When we say organ, it is a special group of tissues that do specific jobs in your body. The heart’s job is to pump the blood through our body. So, we must take good care of our heart because the heart has a big role in our body.

On the other way around, a heart shape is a way of expressing your love for others. We express it by giving letters and drawing a heart shape. We usually cut the paper and turn it into a heart shape and put some sweet words on it. We also give letters to our family members or anyone we love.

Are you excited to draw your own heart and give it to your family, friends, and teachers? Then this tutorial will help you step-by-step on how to draw a heart shape.   

Step 1: Draw the Guide

I know you are now excited to make your own heart. To make it simpler we decide to base some basic shapes for you to draw a heart perfectly. Now draw a big horizontal shape in the middle of your paper. You can use an object to draw it perfectly.

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Step 2: Draw a Cone

Now that you are done doing your perfect oval shape, let’s work on the lower part of it.  Draw a cone shape and connect it under the oval shape. Make sure to balance the cone to both sides of the big oval shape to get a perfect heart.

Step 3: Remove the Line

We are done connecting the big oval shape to the cone shape. Let’s erase some lines that are not important to your drawing. Erase the lines between the big oval shape to the cone shape. Make sure that oval and cone shapes are still connected.

Step 4: Add Extra Shapes

This time let’s draw two big circles. Find a circular object that will perfectly fit the big oval shape. Then trace the object inside the oval. Make sure that the two circles overlap with each other. Then, erase the lines that overlap.

Step 5: Remove Some lines

In this step, we will erase some lines that are not included. Erase the line on the upper part of the two circles that is in the middle. Do not include the two circles. Does it look like a heart now? Let’s add more shape to the next step.

Step 6: Remove Unnecessary Lines

Let’s remove more lines from our drawing to make it more perfect. Erase the lines inside the two circles that you’ve drawn earlier. Be careful about erasing lines, you might erase the important lines for the heart.

Wait, we’re done with the basic heart shape, but we’re still not done. Let’s go to the next step!

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Step 7: Draw the Eyes

The heart shape is almost done. Now let’s add some eyes to our hearts. Inside the heart, on the left side, draw a small circle, and on the right side draw a smaller circle than the first circle you’ve drawn earlier. 

Step 8: Complete the Eyes and Draw the Mouth

To complete the eyes, draw a shaded crescent shape inside the two circles that you’ve drawn inside the heart. Then, from the lower part of the eyes, draw a letter C that is facing upward. Ohh… your heart is happy because you are doing a good job!

Step 9: Finish up!

Hurray! You made it. Now let’s color your heart by picking your favorite color. You can also follow the color of the given example. After that, don’t forget to show your heart to your family. Congratulations! You can make more hearts to show your love to others.

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