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How to Draw a Frog in 12 Easy Steps

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Frogs are amphibians, meaning that they can live in water or land. A frog has smooth, moist skin and big, bulging eyes. Its hind legs are more than twice as long as its front ones. Most frogs have webbed back feet to help them leap and swim.

To catch them is quite hard to do but to draw them is an easy thing to achieve. So, let us try it now. Grab your pencils and paper for an easy guide on how to draw a frog.

Step 1: Draw the Head and Eye Guide

To start with, draw a circle that will serve as our frog’s head. On the top part of the head, create another 2 smaller circles that will serve as the frog’s eyes.

Step 2: Erase Overlapping Lines

Next, erase the overlapping lines inside the head. This will pave the way to the other details that you will draw inside the head later.

Step 3: Draw the Eyeballs

In this step, let’s draw the eyeballs. Do this by drawing two similar-sized circles inside the head. These circles should be drawn on the upper part of the head as these will serve as the eyes of your frog drawing.

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Step 4: Complete the Eyes

Next, complete the eyes by drawing a shaded cookie shape that looks like it’s been bitten on one side. After that, put on a smiley face for our froggy.

Step 5: Draw the Body

Attach a body to our drawing by simply adding a circle under the head. This circle should be drawn a bit smaller than the head itself.

SStep 6: Add the Legs

Next, draw two opposite thin oblong shapes on the edges of the body that will act as the front legs.

Step 7: Add the Driver’s Side Window

In this step, remove all extra lines inside the body of your frog. This step will make your drawing cleaner and pleasing to the eyes.

Step 8: Draw the feet.

Next, let’s draw the feet. Draw three finger-like shapes on the lower left part of the leg. After that, draw another three finger-like shapes on the other side.

Step 9: Remove Overlapping Lines

Once again in this part, remove the overlapping lines to have a more proportional drawing. Because removing extra and unnecessary lines will allow you to have more space for creativity and finishing touches.

Step 10: Add Details to the Feet

Next, add on tiny circles on the feet that will look like their toes. These tiny circles will then look cute on your drawing. So be sure to draw these perfectly even though these shapes are tiny.

Step 11: Add More Details

You are almost done! Clean up those extra lines of the toes to achieve a cleaner drawing.

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Step 12: Finish Up

For the final touch, shade your craft the same color as you imagine a frog. Your artwork is done and you’ve done a great job! Keep it up! Show your drawing to your family and friends and let all of them celebrate with you in completing another masterpiece! Congratulations!

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