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How To Draw A Castle in 5 Simple Steps (for Kids)

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As a kid, I always thought it would be awesome to live in a castle. To me, a castle was like a step up from the billionaire mansion. As an adult, I think I would take the mansion now. There is just something about modern construction that is far more comfortable than a drafty old stone castle from medieval times. However, castles are incredible fortresses designed to withstand sieges and provide a tactical advantage to the residents. So, in many ways, a castle is still a very incredible building.

Naturally, you have a desire to draw a castle, or your kids cannot complete their picture of magic dragons without adding a castle. So you need to figure out a way to draw a castle. Fear not; castle drawing has never been easier. With these five steps, you can impress your kids or teach them how to add a castle to their artistic creations. And, what is fantastic about these steps, they are done through the drawing of simple shapes and vertical lines your toddlers know.

Step 1: Draw the First Tower

Start this picture by drawing a rectangle standing vertically. On top of the rectangle, draw a triangle with its base centered on top of the rectangle. You should have a triangle with its tip pointing to the top of the page resting on top of a rectangle. This will be your first tower.

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Step 2: Add a Banner and a Window

On your tower, add a banner by drawing a vertical line towards the top of the page from the triangle point. Next, add a triangle pointing horizontally with the triangle’s base attached to the vertical line you just drew.

For the window in the tower, draw a keyhole shape toward the top of the rectangle just below the base of the triangle that makes up the tower’s roof. The window does not have to be a keyhole shape. It can be circular, square, or whatever form you desire.

Step 3: Draw a Second Tower

This is an easy step. Draw another tower identical to the first tower you just drew. Start with the vertically standing rectangle with the triangle on top. Next, add the banner on top and the window on the rectangular tower body.

At the end of this step, you should have two identical towers standing apart from each other. Make sure to have your banners pointing the same way for realism because the wind generally blows in one direction at a time.

Step 4: Connect the Towers with Battlements and a Gate

Connect the base of the towers with a horizontal line that is a centimeter or two above the bases of the two towers. This will create the impression that the front wall is set slightly farther back than the bases of the towers. Connect the two towers on the top with a zipper-like line that looks like a bottom set of teeth. This line will represent the battlements. This zipper-like line should start just below the triangles sitting on top of the rectangles of the towers.

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Finally, add a front gate by drawing a keyhole type shape that is much larger than the windows on the towers in the middle of the castle’s front wall. This door should be centered and end at the bottom of the tower wall.

Step 5: Add the Final Tower

Finally, add a third and final tower extending up behind the battlements by drawing a vertical rectangle and topping it with another triangle. Make this tower reach higher than the others. Finally, add a window to the tower this time in the triangle portion  and a more sophisticated banner with two triangular flags. Now you are ready to start coloring your castle with your crayons. Have fun!

Learn how to color a castle with our awesome castle coloring collection

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