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How to Draw a Car in 12 Simple Steps

how to draw a car

You’ve most certainly been in a car since you were a small child. Cars have undergone numerous transformations over the years. Passengers are transported in an automobile or car. It’s estimated that there are over 1 billion passenger cars in the world. Over 12 million cars are recycled in the U.S. every year. Just over 85% of a car’s material can be recycled. 

And now, it’s your time to learn how to draw a car with 12 easy steps!

How to Draw a Car

How to draw a car.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Body

How to draw a car.

What if you can create your very own unique car? With this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a car, you can make your dreams come true! Take this opportunity to customize a car and visualize your imaginary car onto paper. Have you seen a shell of a turtle? Now, I want you to draw the shell of a turtle and draw a line to connect the edges of that shell. That will serve as the body of your dream car.

Step 2: Draw the Nose

How to draw a car.

We are done with the body so this time, let’s draw the nose of your dream car. From the right side of the body, draw a small curved line going down and draw a horizontal line to connect it with the horizontal line from the body.

Step 3: Clear Extra Lines

How to draw a car.

To see the improvement of your drawing erase some parts of the curved lines that you make earlier. Erase the curve line that connects to the body and the nose of your dream car.

Step 4: Add Pattern for the Window

How to draw a car.

Have you seen the improvement of your drawing? You got it right! Keep moving! Let’s make more lines to see more improvement of your dream car. Draw a horizontal line in the middle portion of the body.

Step 5: Add the Wheels

How to draw a car.

A Car without wheels won’t bring you to other places. This time put some wheels in your dream car for A CA Car without wheels won’t bring you to other places. This time put some wheels in your dream car for you to travel from other places. You can always use a drawing tool that helps you draw a flawless circle quickly and easily. In preparation for your window, draw a curve line starting with the right edge of the horizontal that you did going to the edge of that horizontal line.

Step 6: Add Details on the Window

How to draw a car.

You already have your whole window in step 5; let’s divide it into two. One for the front seat and the other for the back seat. Draw two vertical lines in the middle of your whole window. The vertical line should be ½ inch apart. Lastly, erase the lines in the circle.

Step 7: Add Details on the Wheel

Add details for the window of the car.

We are done putting circles for the wheels of your dream car. To make it more realistic, draw a smaller circle in the circle that you’ve drawn earlier. Do this process in both two circles.  You can use a tool to trace a smaller circle. Wow! Your wheels look like real ones.

Step 8: Draw the Wheel Cover

How to draw a car.

We are done with your wheels, now let’s make wheels cover. This wheel’s cover will help you prevent your car from dirt and sunlight away from the wheel rim and tire. You can draw a wheel cover by drawing a half-circle in the center of the wheels.

Step 9: Add the Lights

How to draw a car.

Lights are very important in the car. Especially if you are traveling far away. These lights allow the driver to see the road in the dark, it will also give signals to the other vehicles if you are going on that side. To draw the lights, in the nose area, just draw a half oval shape same with the back part of your car. Draw some small rectangular shapes below the front window of your car. This rectangular shape will help you open the door of your car. In your cover wheels, just draw another curve line at the center of your wheels make sure to connect the curve line to the first curve line that you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 10: Draw the Bumper

Draw the car bumper.

After completing the fingers on the top, let’s finish the other leg near the tail. Follow the outline which is Another important part of the car is a bumper this will prevent physical damage to the front and rear of vehicles in low-speed crashes. To prevent this incident let’s draw a bumper in your dream car. In front of the lower part of your car, draw a semi-rectangular shape and at back, a semi-square shape for your bumper.

Step 11: Clean up!

Remove extra lines on the car.

You’re almost done with your dream car, let’s remove some unnecessary lines in your drawing. Try to check your bumpers, erase the line inside the semi-rectangular and semi-square shape to make your bumper more realistic.

Step 12: Finish!

How to draw a car.

Hurray! Your dream car is already done. To make it more attractive, color it with your favorite color. If you are still confused about what color do you like. Try to take a pose and imagine the favorite color of your dream car. You can freely show your creativity towards your drawing.


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