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How to Draw a Bird in 8 Easy Steps (for Kids)

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Did you know that one of the reasons why birds are chirping and singing is because they are finding a partner? Another thing is, to inform other birds if they are in danger and lastly, they also do it to scare predators away. Birds are seen everywhere; some birds are big, and some are small. Most of them are found on the branch of the tree. They make nests to keep their eggs safe and warm. Since birds don’t have teeth, they are swallowing their food whole. They have an organ called a gizzard, that will digest their food properly. All birds have feathers, and they are extremely useful for a variety of purposes. Feathers help them fly and these will help them warm their body most especially in the winter. 

We created this simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a bird in 8 steps.

Step 1: Start the Head

Let’s begin your bird’s tutorial by drawing the important part of the bird, the head. Draw a circle on the right side of your paper. You can use a coin for tracing a perfect circle for the head of your bird.

Step 2: Draw the Body

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the body of your bird. For the body, draw a circle on the left lower part of the head. The circle for the body must be smaller than the head of the bird. Make sure that the body is connected to the head.

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Step 3: Add the Tail

In this next step, we’ll draw the bird’s tail. The tail is a combination of two diagonal lines. These two diagonal lines form like a triangle, and this must be connected to the left part of the body. This now looks like a cone shape.

Step 4: Draw the Beak and the Eye

For the beak, on the right side of the head draw a long triangle on the upper portion and a small triangle on the lower portion. Make sure that the two triangles are connected to each other to look like the beak of a bird. Then, inside the head draw a small circle and add a shaded crescent shape on it. This will serve as the eye of your bird. Don’t forget to erase the curve line that separates the tail and the body.

Step 5: Add the Wing

You are almost done with your drawing. You are not a bird without wings. Wings are very important to them because it helps them fly and warm their body.  To draw the wings, draw a half-circle in the body, and half of it will be a triangular shape. Make sure that the triangular shape will overlap with the body of the bird. For the feet, add two small triangles that are pointing below.

Step 6: Add Details

To make our bird real, let’s draw a feather on the top of the head. This feather looks like a crown that you’ve seen in the movie. Just draw an up-down, up-down stroke and make sure to connect all the lines.

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Step 7: Complete the Beak

Let’s complete our beak by fixing some lines on it. By fixing the beak, you already help the bird eat their food properly. In the lower part of the long triangle change the diagonal line into a curve line. Same with the small triangle on the upper part of it change it into a curve line. Then erase the lines that separate the head and the feather and also the feet and the body.

Step 8: Finish up!

Now that you are done with the drawing, let’s finish this by coloring your cute bird. This time you are free to color your bird in your favorite color. You can follow the color in the given image. After you finish your drawing show it to your family and friend. Congratulations!

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