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How to Craft a LEGO Box Paper

A collage of how to craft a LEGO Box Paper.

If you love LEGO and paper crafting, this one is for you to unite your passions! This paper craft will result in a box you can use for your stationery or anything you’d like, even your little LEGO men! The LEGO box might take a little patience with the folding, but it is worth it in the end!

LEGO Box Paper Craft

A collage of how to craft a LEGO Box Paper.
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • One piece of colored paper
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Black marker
  • Different color markers (In this example, we use light blue and dark blue)


Step 1: Prepare the Paper

Holding a scissor to cut a paper.

Take your colored piece of paper and lay it in a landscape position. Using a ruler and pencil, draw a one-inch-wide line on the page's side. Cut along the line so the paper will be the correct size for the folding.

Step 2: Fold in Half

Folding a paper to craft a LEGO Box Paper.

In the landscape position, fold the page in half and then in half again. Make sure to press the paper in thoroughly as you're folding to ensure it makes fold lines.

Second step in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Open the second fold you've made.

Step 3: Fold Triangular Corners

Third steps in Crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

On the bottom half of the folded paper, press the left corner evenly to the center fold line to form a triangle, and do the same with the right side. Again, you should make sure to push the fold lines in properly.

Step 4: Fold the Triangles

Folding paper to Craft LEGO Box Paper.

Rotate the paper, so the center fold is parallel to you. Fold the bottom half in line with the edge of the guideline of the corner fold.

Fourth steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Open it after folding it, and do the same with the top half.

Step 5: Make Diagonal Guidelines

Fifth steps in crafting a lego box paper.

After you've opened the two new folds, you'll need to fold them again. Take your paper and place it so that the indented corners face you. Take the left side and bend the paper inwards to make a line from the top left corner to the bottom center of the page.

Making Diagonal Guidelines to craft LEGO Box Paper.

Open it and do the same folding inwards with the right side.

Step 6: Fold In New Triangles

Folding New Triangles to craft a LEGO Box Paper.

Now, you're going to make the indented triangles as in step 4, but only with the inside part of the paper. Leave the outer part unfolded. On the left side, take the corner, and fold it along the guideline to the previously indented triangle's corner. Do the same with the right side.

Step 7: Fold In Half

Fold In Half, Seventh steps in Crafting LEGO Box Paper.

Take the newly folded triangles' corners and fold over half the page guided by the center line. The other side of the page needs to be precisely inline to make one shape.

Step 8: Open the Pocket

Open the Pocket for crafting LEGO Box Paper.

The newly formed shape has a pocket between it and the outside of the paper. You'll need to open it using the folded lines as a guide.

Eight steps in crafting LEGO Box Paper.

Run your fingers over the existing fold lines, but leave out the diagonal fold lines to make the straight folds more pronounced. The paper will naturally pop out, making the beginnings of the box.

Step 9: Fold the Remaining Side

Steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

On the open remaining flap. There are diagonal guidelines on each side.

Ninth steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

On the right, grab the outside to make each side of the diagonal line meet, guiding it along the fold to point outwards. Do the same with the left.

Step 10: Tuck The Outer Triangles

Making a box to craft a LEGO Box Paper.

On the outer sides of the box are diagonal pockets between the walls. You need to tuck the outer triangle flaps into them. Do the same with the left and right. Now you have a box!

Step 11: Prepare the Box To Draw Your LEGO Man

Eleventh steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Untuck the triangles you've just folded. Don't worry; there's a method to this madness!

Eleventh steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Fold the triangle flap downwards to how it was, previously.

Folding a paper to craft a LEGO Box Paper.

Then, turn the paper so that the popped-up sides of the box face you. Guide the popped-up sides downwards along those outside diagonal pocket lines where you tucked-in the triangles.

Step 12: Draw Your LEGO Man

Twelfth steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Draw your LEGO man’s outlines with a black marker on the center square on the bottom half of the folded page. Here, you can be creative with how you draw, but for the best LEGO effect, make sure to have the drawing fit the entire square.

Drawing a face in the a LEGO Box Paper.

Color your LEGO man and add the finishing details with your color markers.

Step 13: Fold the Box Back Together

Thirteenth step in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Pop up the box sides as before, then fold the triangle flaps into the diagonal outside pockets. You can re-read the parts from steps 9 to step 10 that explain the process if you're feeling lost!

Final steps in crafting a LEGO Box Paper.

Voilà! Your LEGO box paper craft is complete and ready to fill.

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