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How To Craft A Paper Fortune Teller (For Kids)

A paper fortune-teller is a fun craft and activity for kids of all ages. This was a favorite activity of mine as a kid. Creating a fortune-teller to find out if the boy I liked, liked me back or if I was going to get A’s on my test. Of course, this is all fun and games and didn’t actually predict anything, but it was always fun to do with friends. Now you can make one with your children and see the joy as they predict their future, as you once did.

Paper Fortune Teller Craft

How To Craft A Paper Fortune Teller (For Kids)

Very simple and fun craft for all ages. This craft shouldn't take a long time, all you need is paper, markers, scissors and your imagination!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Craft Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 Sheet Paper White
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Marker Various colors
  • 1 Pair Scissors


  • Take one corner of your sheet of paper and fold it to the top. This will create a folded triangle. Next, cut off the excess paper outside the triangle – as shown.
  • Unfold back into a square. You will now begin making the creases of your paper fortune-teller. But, first, fold the square into another triangle, making a different fold than before.
  • Unfold back into a square. Now fold the square in half, from bottom to top. Next, unfold the paper and refold it in half from left to right.
  • Unfold into a square. You will now notice all the creases you have made. Next, make a small triangle by folding a corner into the center of the paper.
  • Repeat this fold – folding the corner of the paper into the center – three more times. You will now have a square with four corners folded in – as shown.
  • Turn square over, so the folds are facing down.Then, fold the right corner into the center, as you have done previously.
  • Repeat this folding three more times. Your square will now be smaller, and you will notice each fold has two halves.
  • Writhe the numbers 1-8 on each corner. You can also write any number you want on each corner, like your favorite numbers, as long as they are different numbers.
  • Now that you have filled out the numbers, open each fold and write something positive underneath. For example, "You will have a great day today" or "luck."
  • You now have your fortunes. Another idea is to write a different fortune behind each number. So instead of four fortunes, you will instead have eight.
  • Flip the paper over to where the paper is folded in four sections. Color each fold in a different color. You can use your colored markers or pencils to fill in the entire fold or color a circle or square on each fold. You can use whichever color you want. I would suggest your favorite colors.
  • Flip the paper over to make sure you have all of your numbers, sayings, and colors on your paper fortune-teller.
  • Flip back over to the color side. Open the folds of each color.
  • Fold the paper so that the corners are inwards, and you can fit your fingers in the folds you made in the colors. The inside folds, with the numbers and sayings on them, should lay flat.
  • Put your thumb and pointer finger of each hand into the four corners. You are now ready to play with your paper fortune-teller! What fortunes does your future hold?


This craft is a DIY activity that your child can make their own, using their favorite colors and thinking of positive thoughts they wish for themselves. Let’s get making!
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