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Free Educational and Fun Games and Puzzles (Online)

Welcome to our collection of free online games for kids. Most are puzzle style games. Our games work on all devices. Enjoy.

Word Search Game (Online)

Yes, this is the classic Word Search in digital format as online game. Many different puzzles to play along with many themes. Kids love Word Search and playing on line is easy.


Memory Art Game (Online)

Young kids love memory games. They’re very simple but challenging at the same time. This memory game requires players to remember the order of things.


Flip the Bottle

Flip the bottle is a digital version of the real-life-game flip the bottle which is where you have a plastic bottle with some liquid in it and you flip it so that it lands upright. The online game version requires timing the flip just right.


Miner Block Puzzle Game

Miner Block is a fun but challenging puzzle game where you have to move items around so that the miner’s cart can proceed down the track. Many levels… each getting more difficult.


Brick Out

Brick Out is similar the Pong but it’s more colorful and you can play with one person. Your goal is to keep the ball from hitting the floor while at the same time breaking up colorful bricks above.


Lights Skill Puzzle Game

Lights is a puzzle game that requires figuring out how to configure wires among lights so that the lights can light up. Takes spatial reasoning to figure out the patterns.


Straight 4 Puzzle Game

Straight Four is an online version of Connect Four… the iconic board game where you must be the first to connect 4 chips in a row. Play the computer or someone else.


Four Colors Card Game

Four Colors is basically an online version of Uno. Yup, it is and it’s really fun. Play by yourself or another person.


Memory Game

Memory game is the classic flip cards over and try to match them from memory. This is our online version and is great for young kids who love memory games like this.


Reversi Puzzle Game

Reversi is an online version of the Othello board game that has been around for decades (I remember when it was launched… and then bought, played and loved it). Well, here’s a digital version. Challenging puzzle game.


Fun Sorcerer Game

Super fun game where you have to shoot colored balls into the same color to shorten the line of balls before they reach you.


Hexagon Fall Game (Shapes Strategy Game)

Unique puzzle game where players have to remove cubes but do so in a way so that the ball on top doesn’t topple over the side of the tower. Takes spacial reasoning to determine how best to remove blocks to keep the ball in play.


Online Maze Game (Free)

Here’s a classic maze game where you have to solve the maze. Many maze puzzles included as players finish them.


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