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Free RAPUNZEL Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Imagine having the longest, luscious, and beautiful hair ever? Rapunzel doesn’t have to because she has all of that and more. She is one of the most interesting Disney princess characters that we know.

Welcome to our collection of free RAPUNZEL coloring pages. Click the Rapunzel pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. EveryRapunzel coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What other secrets do we know about this daring princess? Let’s find out more before we start with our Rapunzel coloring pages. 

She is Multi-Talented

We all feel terrible for knowing that Rapunzel was locked up by the villainous Gothel. Yet, there are some surprising things that came out of this entire situation. We all know that she is a responsible and dedicated daughter. But, there’s more to this Disney princess than meets the eye. For one, she can play the guitar really well. She also makes pottery and can even paint. We all know that she is a remarkable singer as well. When we think of a princess with many hidden talents, we should always consider Rapunzel to top our list. 

She has Fascinating Shadowing 

According to sources, her dress was initially red. It was then changed to pink. However, the creators finally settled for a purple dress. The thing about the color purple is that it emphasizes that she comes from royalty. And this is the only color that she wears throughout the movie. As a result, this has become a recognizable trademark for her. From our Rapunzel coloring pages, we can see just how cute her dress is. 

She was the First to Appear in a Memorable 3D Movie

I remember how huge the transition from 2D to 3D movies was. This generation of Disney movies is just too spectacular. We get to see our favorite Disney characters come to life. The visuals are just truly breathtaking. While Rapunzel’s story wasn’t the first 3D movie that Disney ever created, Tangled was surely the one movie that we all remember the most. The ones that were made before this one were either not so great or it was too easy for us to forget them. We can thank the advancements in technology for giving us Rapunzel in this light. We got to enjoy better animation with the most gorgeous visuals ever. 

She has a Favorite Treat

One of the many things that we can agree to love about Disney is their specific attention to details. They know how to take a specific item in a movie and turn it into a phenomenal part of the story. Let’s take the many dishes that they’ve made in the movies over the years. These haven’t only stayed as food favorites in the movies, but they’ve found a way to become exceptional food creations in the real world. And in true Disney style, we have the Hazelnut soup that is Rapunzel’s favorite from Mother Gothel. 

We get to see this soup recreated in many ways. Besides seeing it in our coloring pages, we can access food channels on the internet to see how others have recreated it. There are lots of recipes that we can enjoy. 

She has Green Eyes

This might come across as a common thing. Yet, when it comes to our Disney princesses, this is a unique trait. Not only do her eyes shine like beautiful emeralds, but she is the only princess who has ever been created with green eyes. It’s something that we should consider when we use our green colored pens to highlight her eyes. In addition to this interesting fact about her eyes, it’s important to note that they sparkle differently according to her mood. They are just so pretty for us to look at, no wonder she comes across as one of the most interesting princesses we’ve ever gotten to know.

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