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Free NEMO Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Nemo, the star of Disney’s Finding Nemo, is a clownfish. What is a clownfish? Clownfish are not clowns like circus clowns. They are very bright and colorful reef fish and are so brightly colored that they make you smile. Just like a clown does.

Welcome to our collection of free NEMO coloring pages. Click the Nemo pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What makes them really interesting, apart from their colors, is that they have a very close relationship with sea anemones. These are plant-like creatures that live on coral reefs. They have many arms or tentacles that wave in the current and are poisonous to every other creature except clownfish. How great is that? The clownfish live amongst the sea anemone’s arms and they act as caretakers by cleaning up bits and pieces of stuff that drift into the sea anemones.

When danger threatens the clownfish, like a bigger fish looking for something to eat, they hide amongst the sea anemones’ stingers for protection. The sea anemone’s poisonous stingers do not have an effect on its clownfish friend because the clownfish has developed an outer layer of what is called mucus on its skin. This layer acts as an insulation against the sea anemones’ poison so it is not affected.

No other fish have such a covering and that is why the clownfish and the sea anemones are such good companions. Clownfish come in many, many colors and are some of the best fish for coloring. Clownfish are such fun, they don’t care if you color outside the lines. Be daring and be colorful. Nemo and his friends come in pinks, reds, and blues; basically all the colors of the rainbow.

Maybe they could also be called rainbow fish. You would think that by being so colorful, clownfish would attract much bigger fish to eat them. But it turns out that orange is a signal to most reef creatures that whatever creature is the color of orange will not taste good and could be bad news. Since Disney made the movie Finding Nemo, clownfish have become very popular as pets.

However, they may look nice and colorful in a home aquarium, but they live longer in the wild. The average lifespan for a clownfish as a pet is up to twenty years. But, they can live up to thirty years in the wild.

The experts say you should always do a lot of research before making a pet out of a wild creature. It is important to study what their needs are and what care they require before you make the decision to buy. Clownfish live on reefs in tropical waters, mostly in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Tropical reefs are populated with many colorful creatures, making them interesting to color as well. The clownfish, though, seem to have the most interesting colors of all.

The famous Nemo is mainly orange, which is the most common color of all clownfish. Often, the clownfish will have colors that are similar to the sea anemones that they live with. For example, if the sea anemone is a pinkish color, its clownfish friends will be a similar shade. Clownfish are the best reef fish to color as you can make them any color you want. If you think Nemo and his friends are funny, you can make them funnier by experimenting with all the different colors in your crayon or painting set.

There are no limits to the colors that exist on the reefs where Nemo and his friends live. Coral is an animal like a sea anemone. It cannot move and has tiny tentacles which they use to grab food as it floats by. Coral comes in many different colors as well. So, when you are coloring clownfish, you can have a lot of fun coloring all the different animals, creatures, and plants that also live on the reef, the home where they all live.

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