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Free MAZE Puzzles for Download (PDF) & Print

Welcome to our collection of free MAZE puzzles. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page. Also, play our online maze puzzle game here.

Our maze puzzles are unique (custom created by us) and as you can see include many shapes such as hexagon, triangle, square, circle and rectangle. They’re somewhat elaborate but not so challenging that young kids can’t do them. The objective is to help the character find their treat at the end of the maze (located in the center).

On each maze puzzle page there’s a link at the bottom to the solution.

Mouse and Cheese Maze Challenge. Help the mouse found its way to the cheese.


Princess Maze Challenge. Help the princess find her way to her lost shoe.


The Amazing Knight Maze! Help the Knight go home to his castle.


Dog Maze Challenge! Help the dog find its way to the dog food.


Cute Cat Maze Challenge! Help the cat find its way to the food.


Turtle Maze Challenge! Find the route for the turtle’s food.


Fun Bee Maze Challenge! Help the Bee get to the Beehive.


Monkey Maze Challenge! Help the Monkey get his bananas.


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