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Free KING KONG Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Does your kid love jungle animals? Action characters? Well, why not foster their love of both with these King Kong coloring pages? Coloring is a great way to keep kids occupied. They can be creative, artistic, and they can learn about new things while having fun at the same time. Coloring pages are a classic way of keeping children entertained for hours on end. And King Kong provides a great coloring subject. King Kong is one of the most famous fictional characters in the history of cinema, whether you prefer the original movie or the remake. So take a look at these coloring page options, print them off, and have fun!

Welcome to our collection of free KING KONG coloring pages. Click the King Kong pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every King Kong coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What Makes King Kong a Great Character?

King Kong is fascinating. And why shouldn’t he capture the imagination? He’s gigantic, powerful, and deadly. He’s also quite intelligent, but not always in a good way. (He does often get himself into some tough spots). But he has the ability to care for other life forms, and he protects the ones he loves. And don’t forget about his legendary roar!

Share Your Favorites With Your Child 

Many parents wonder how to keep their children entertained. Coloring is a great way to occupy kids for hours at a time. When kids are coloring, they have a fun way to express themselves and unleash their imaginations. No two coloring pages ever look the same once your children have added their own artistic flair. And King Kong coloring pages make a great coloring choice. When you print off a King Kong coloring page and share these images with your kids, you can bond over your own love for the original movie. As an adult, you may have seen the movie in the past. Having shared interests is a great way to connect with your child. You and your child can express your creativity together while you tell them about your memories from the movie. 

Coloring City Scenes with King Kong Coloring Pages

The right coloring pages can also help develop your child’s imagination and creativity. It’s very easy for kids to stay in their comfort zone when engaging in activities like drawing or coloring, which limits their ability to express themselves creatively. So why not add some new scenery into the mix? When they color city scenes, for example, children are exposed to different scenery all while using the same medium — crayons and paper. It allows them both mental and physical stimulation, which boosts not only creativity but also confidence. Plus, they can see the contrast of a giant animal against the backdrop of a city. These images can show children all kinds of creative possibilities. 

A Fun and Entertaining Activity

You already know that coloring can keep your little artist entertained. Coloring provides a great way to have fun without a phone screen. But again, the same coloring pages over and over again can get a little stale. But has your child ever colored a King Kong coloring page before? If not, this brand new subject can keep the coloring fun going for hours. Sometimes, you just need to introduce some new characters. 

Phonics and Alliteration 

King Kong can also help your children learn more about letters and sounds. Think about the alliteration of “King Kong” and “coloring.” For younger kids who are still learning about the hard “k” sound, these coloring pages provide a great way to reinforce those lessons. The best kind of learning comes with a side of creativity, so why not give your kids a fun way to learn? 

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